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  1. If you're genuinely curious, I can set up a topic in the Shore Leave area.
  2. Baby has new shoes. Each main gear has 15 17 pieces, and the tail wheel has 9. I left off the brackets that normally would hold the gear doors to the struts, because the diagrams were very vague on their placement, and they are tiny parts in any case.
  3. Witam, Adam! Hope you will enjoy your time here.
  4. 1:1 firearms are a niche within the card modeling community. I don't build them myself and have little interest in them, so I'm not super-familiar with the sources. But there are examples of them here and there for sale, such as here.
  5. Hey, there. This post is for those who may be new to card modeling and might be thinking about buying one. Here's some advice: unless you know what to look for, avoid eBay as a source for card models. Why? To answer that, let's look at the following eBay screen capture, showing page one of the results obtained by searching for "paper models," with the search narrowed to aircraft and sorted by newly listed: Anything jump out at you? That's right -- nearly all of those models are originating in China. And you know what else they have in common? Every kit coming from China has been illegally scanned and copied from a legitimate kit. In many cases, I know who published the original design. Sadly, it is extremely easy to scan a card model and make copies of it, and a quick survey of eBay shows that nearly 80% of the card models listed there are illegal copies. This is an example of IP infringement. It's theft, and it's wrong. Same as for wooden kits, pirated card model kits are not welcome at MSW. Help support card model designers and publishers by only purchasing models from trusted sources -- think of it as an investment in the future of card modeling. If you have a question about a particular model, feel free to shoot me a PM. Cheers!
  6. Lots of good stuff to see there -- thanks for sharing!
  7. Go to the top of this page, click the "card" tag, and prepare to be amazed. 😉
  8. Well, no pictures of landing gear today. Why no pictures? Because yet again, the diagrams in an Orlik kit leave much to be desired -- namely clarity. There's parts that aren't shown, parts that aren't numbered, parts shown in one perspective but not another, and even parts shown in locations that they cannot possibly be physically located in. Ah, but who doesn't love a challenge? 😑
  9. Whew! Both sides done now. The starboard side, while not a perfect fit, did not require as much surgery as the port side, e.g. no paper mache -- was able to fill in the gaps with glue. Next step will be the landing gear, then the fuselage will be set aside for a bit to work on the engine and cowling. I love building radial engines out of card stock. 🙄
  10. Ah, I forgot about Dom Bumagi. This log can stay in the kit section -- it's still the same kit, just bigger.
  11. When you say "from the Ukraine," I'm guessing that this is the Orel kit?
  12. Radiation was still a novelty back in those days. The military did a lot of wacky things with nuclear tests back then that make little sense based on what we know now.
  13. Yep, and so were USS Saratoga and IJN Nagato. Personally, I think all three of them would have been priceless museum ships, especially Saratoga.
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