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  1. I have been a (long suffering) fan of Everton FC for years now, but I only recently heard some of the Liverpool club's fans being interviewed on TV. They speak the local dialect known as "Scouse", and like Rocky the Rooster said of Babs in Chicken Run, I swear they weren't using real words. 😄
  2. Hello, Trident Model! If you are copying and pasting your English text from a translation service, look for the "copy as plain text" option; that will eliminate the background color.
  3. Dirk, this is quite the burst of activity! Glad to see some progress being made on this outstanding model!
  4. John, I have a story for you. When I first moved to Greenville, my cubicle was right across the hall from a Greenville native. One day the topic of local eateries came up, and this fellow says that "all you Yankees and Westerners think we have good restaurants around here, but we don't." Feigning indignation, I replied, "'Yankees and Westerners'? I'll have you know that my ancestors were originally from Gaffney" -- which is true (Gaffney is about 50 miles up I-85). He says, "Gaffney, eh? (long pause) You might be all right then." Turns out our great-great grandfathers were in the same Confederate infantry regiment.
  5. That's pretty much a build log -- and we have an area for that. 😉 Seriously, though, I have turned a blind eye towards minor bending of the law (e.g. extra photo, no link), but I will hold fast to the no chit-chat rule.
  6. That's a wonderful idea. And I'm pleased to finally know your real name. 😉
  7. In California, we pronounced it with a short 'a' as in cat. Here in Greenville we have people from all over the country, so we hear many different accents (including foreign, since we have plants for both Michelin and BMW nearby). The word that makes me cringe now and then is when folks from Eastern Kentucky or West Virginia say on, but they pronounce it "own". The typical Deep South accent around here doesn't affect me too much, since my Granny Coyle (Granny -- never "Grandma") grew up in rural East Texas and had the same sort of twang.
  8. And you have my respect for that! I only joined FB in order to stay in touch with my adult children, who have since migrated to other social media platforms.
  9. Interesting subject, but there is some confusion on the scale. 1/4" to the foot is actually 1/48th scale. 1/25th scale is closer to 1/2" to the foot (1/24th). Judging from the size of your construction, I'm guessing the latter scale is the correct one.
  10. To everyone, just a gentle reminder that this thread is reserved for brief updates only (please see guidelines in original post). Comments are encouraged but should go in the builder's original build log -- which is why we ask that all posts here include a link to the current log in the builder's signature. Thank you!
  11. Not sure why two five-year-old comments are being reposted at this particular point in this build log?
  12. Personally, I think it takes a measure of real skill to build a plastic model and have it be indistinguishable from wood. You did very well!

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