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  1. Richard, I'm still unclear on what you are hoping to achieve by revisiting a help topic four months later and posting a vaguely worded complaint. This topic instructs users on how to start and name build logs, not "index" them. What do you mean when you say "index"? What "little arrow" are you talking about? Do you assume that Model Ship World is only accessed by people who use Windows 10? Do you have a specific question?
  2. Only four of them are wooden kits. Card kits take up far less space -- and they're waaaaay cheaper, too! For the price of a wooden kit, I can buy dozens of card kits.
  3. Once I finish my current projects and then decide whether I should start the SB2U or one of the dozens of other kits in my stash. 😂
  4. Sweet! I have a card model version of this aircraft, albeit in wartime camouflage.
  5. I'm not familiar with the various Vasa (Wasa) kits on the market, but this subject has come up in the past on several occasions, for example here (note: I only searched for "Vasa," not the "Wasa" variant spelling). Hope that helps get you started.
  6. Welcome! Many of us ship modelers are also closet aircraft fans (see signature below). Cheers!
  7. Hello, Spooky. Welcome aboard! Your project is looking good so far. It's true that Polaris would have been easier, but not greatly so. Albatros (if I'm thinking of the right kit) is a topsail schooner, so the rigs will be similar, except that Albatros will have one or two square-rigged sails -- not too much to worry about. Rigging can be daunting, but no more so than double-planking a hull for the first time. Make sure to read through all the instructions and diagrams, and think of the task as a series of concrete steps. OcCre's photo instructions and diagrams are usually pretty go
  8. Hello, Tomek! I for one kind of find it reassuring that someone who designs such elegant models describes his work as "average" -- it gives hope that truly average modelers may make something presentable upon completing one of your kits. Kind regards!
  9. While waiting for paint to arrive (no ETA yet), I took care of a few miscellaneous bits. First, I trimmed the thwart to fit. Then I wiped out the remaining resin dust with a damp rag, followed by a start on taping up the rails. No pics of the last item -- just tape, dontcha know.
  10. As far as I can tell, it's a collaboration between an as-yet unnamed Chinese manufacturer and Zoltan Szemak, who was banned from MSW for building a pirated model kit and is now an admin at Ships of Scale. With that in mind, they won't be getting any of my $$$, and I suggest that you don't send them yours, either. There's plenty of good-quality blocks on the market from more worthy sources. Zoly couldn't even come up with an original name for this venture -- Dry Dock Models was the name of an old modeling forum that many of us were members of back in the day.
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