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  1. Whew! All landing gears and ailerons complete. I can't hardly fit both of these birds in one frame together. All that remains are skids, radiators, and propellers -- the radiators might be tricky.
  2. That is a candidate for Understatement of the Year -- he is a master! This caught my eye. Rounded parts with petals are one of my card-modeling kryptonites. Any idea what that tool is and how much it might cost? Of course, there has to be a pressing tool for each size of mold.
  3. I have used double-sided tape, too, but I'm not familiar with a brand that has any peel-off backing. What I did was apply the tape to the canopy frame, cut the panes out while the tape is laid over a sheet of glass, and then stick the frame to the canopy material. The problem with that method is that inevitably too much of the adhesive on the second side would rub off on the glass during the cutting, which adversely affected the frame-to-canopy bond. But tape with a peel-off backing might do the trick.
  4. No. Despite whatever interest has been on display here, card models are still a tiny fraction of what gets shown at MSW. Anyways, ships would just go in the general ship builds area, and aircraft fall under "non-categorized." This area is more or less a bonus area, offered as a courtesy to our members; offering more than this would conflict with MSW's primary mission. But there are numerous dedicated card-modeling forums on the internet. Some of our members are active on one or more of those sites.
  5. Brushes come in a wide range of quality, and their prices reflect that. Avoid packaged sets that sell for like $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. But neither do you need to lay out the dough for top-end brushes (though they are nice). I have found mid-priced white sable brushes work quite nicely for me. I use large-ish square-tipped brushes for doing large areas, like hulls. I use an assortment of medium- to small-sized round-tip brushes for detail work; I use such brushes for applying PVA glue as well.
  6. Yep, considering that they cater primarily to crafters, they do have a decent selection of modeling-specific supplies. Every time I stop by there, I see something to make a mental note of for later.
  7. Well, gents, I stopped by Hobby Lobby to find some Pacer/ZAP 560 -- couldn't find it, and staff said they'd never heard of it. Oh, well. In the meantime, I am plugging away. Got one set of ailerons done today and finished up the second set of wheels. I will probably post a pic once I get White Tail's gear done (for which I picked up some music wire while I was at Hobby Lobby).
  8. Bummer, Paul! Storage space on the forum isn't a problem, so we'll just mark it 'terminated' and hope the next project fares better. Chin up!
  9. I have a Mk. I and a Mk. V both buried in my card model stash. Of course, I have a lot of other kits buried there, too, so no telling when I will ever get to any of them. 😋
  10. Further to my observation about my hometown's rodeo, here's some images from this year's follow-up event, the "Hit 'n' Miss Engine" show.
  11. I think one can easily see the family resemblance between the P2Y and the Catalina.
  12. Parts are sprayed with matte clear acrylic before construction. Finished models are kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. None of my models have fallen apart yet, and the oldest are going on two decades old. I'll get back to you if they start disintegrating at some point. 😉
  13. Spanish Nationalist now has her landing gear. No skid yet -- they tend to break off easily, so that will be one of the last bits.
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