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  1. Well, that is a bummer. I have had to bin my fair share of card models, but they typically have consumed less time and monetary effort.
  2. This is simply an alternative method for modelers who are less concerned about authenticity or who perhaps lack the skills for spiling planks. If a neatly finished hull is painted, planking seams may not even be visible. BTW, your first layer turned out very nice!
  3. Which is partly why, as nice as Chris' kits are, I'll not be buying one in the near future. After all, I've still got HMS Fly on a shelf, started in 2006 and still waiting ...
  4. Welcome aboard! Your progress so far looks good.
  5. And that is what one sees, for example, in pictures of Star of India before she recently got her decking replaced. Prior to that, her deck was a muted grayish-tan.
  6. If you search the Internet for images of POB II, you'll see that her decking is dark reddish-brown. I don't know what kind of wood is used on the real ship (you can probably find that online somewhere, too), but if you are gunning for authenticity, then a dark stain such as red mahogany would be in order. Personally, I don't care for dark-colored decks on models and would be tempted to replace basswood deck strips with something like holly, but again that's a personal preference.
  7. Are you staining the deck only or the entire hull?
  8. Hello, Alexander! This is a great time to be a fan of Mediterranean ships, especially with all of the excellent kits coming out of MarisStella in Croatia. Cheers!
  9. Welcom, Jack! Tell us a little about yourself and your modeling interests.
  10. Nazir, one of the best tricks for rigging tasks is to make yourself a set of homemade rigging tools. There's two that I use frequently. Both are made using a bamboo skewer and a sewing needle (purloined from the wife's sewing kit). I used a Dremel cutoff wheel to cut half of the eye from one needle, creating a Y-shaped fork. On the other needle I cut a notch into one side of the eye, creating a C-shaped hook. Then I used CA glue to insert each needle into a pre-drilled hole in the end of a skewer. The Y-shaped tool is used to push lines into tight spaces; the C-shaped tool is for grabbing and pulling lines. These tools are indispensable for tasks like belaying lines.
  11. Welcome, Ben, from a former resident of the Real Northern California (Humboldt) but currently hanging my hat in the Land of Hot Rain.
  12. So pleased to see someone else using "push pin clamps" -- I use them, too!

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