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  1. Welcome, Colin! Not sure what kind of morality question plays into it, but you are certainly welcome to post your log here, and based on your previous models I expect that your Le Superbe will be, well, superb!
  2. I lived in Rincon Valley for four years as a kid, and my dad taught at SRHS.
  3. Hello, Bob. Which foothills are we talking about? I grew up in Humboldt County, and before I moved to South Carolina five years ago we lived in the foothills east of Mariposa. Sadly, for me at least, they are expecting snow over the next couple of days, while here we have seen none so far this winter, and the window of opportunity will be closing soon. Cheers!
  4. That brings back some great memories. Cardmodels.net was the first card modeling forum I got involved with in a big way. Zealot proved to be a textbook example of how NOT to run a forum -- they killed it stone dead in just a matter of a few months. I deleted all my content and left. Not your fault -- how could you possibly have known how events would unfold? I can't remember now what the exact issues were, but it was exasperating. Never got past the outer cockpit skinning. A shame, too, because the He 51W was a cool plane. Thanks, but I'll pass. At t
  5. Wow! That looks very impressive -- well done! I hope you will create an album for her in the gallery.
  6. Yes, I did, thankfully. I built Marek's PZL-50 years ago for the Marek Marathon at Paper Modelers, then attempted his He 51W, which I tried three times without success -- ran insto some insurmountable problems with trying to get my printer to size the parts correctly. I still have his Bloch Mb.152, Hawker Fury, and Curtiss P-6E in my stash, along with Emil's Avia B-135. I may have to build the Fury, in Spanish Republican markings, as a companion to the PWS-10. DN's V108 is the subject of a tutorial I wrote for MSW. So tell me, did you do some of the other Marek repaints that were a
  7. Excellent work! I'd like to see the list of subjects and publishers. I think I recognize the Pfalz D.III as a Marek Pacynski design. P.S. See the PWS-10 link in my signature if you haven't already -- you'll then understand my enthusiasm for your work!
  8. Sorry to hear that, Shipman. Over-regulation stinks. Today I finished the remaining seams. Some touch-ups will be needed in a few spots where the epoxy has seeped down into some of the larger previously unfilled areas. Touching them up while the epoxy is partially set is just too messy, IMO, so I will wait until after everything has cured. It all looks a little messy at this point. Part of the messy look is actual mess, and part is due to the touch of color that results anywhere the resin touches bare wood, even if it is cleaned up afterwards. All of this will eventually be hidden
  9. More progress. The second rail was added -- had a bear of a time installing it by myself. Ruined a t-shirt in the process when the epoxy-slathered 1x1 sprang back on me -- TWICE. Now I have a dedicated epoxy-work shirt. 🙄 The manual recommends using a Japanese pull saw to make a neat joint where the rails meet. I don't have a pull saw and am not going to buy one just for one project, so I made the joint as best I could with a regular hand saw and then filled in the gaps with thickened epoxy. It was then time to flip the project over and continue work on the
  10. One thing (well, two actually) about these kits from MarisStella is the doweling of the bulkheads, which should produce a rock-solid substructure and eliminate alignment issues (unless the laser cutting is ever off for some reason), as well as the number of bulkheads supplied. The kit appears to have about half again as many as one normally sees in a PoB kit.
  11. The doors are items that you could very easily replace with scratch-built parts made from wood or card, if you choose.
  12. I think it's a fantastic story that you've got your father's model back. It's a great connection to your past, and that will remain true no matter how much of the original is ultimately retained. I wish you every success on this journey!
  13. Indeed! I'm always aghast at the little mistakes and boo-boos on my card models until I take off my magnifiers and step back to a normal viewing distance.
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