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San Felipe Mast Shrouds, Ratlines and Tackles Size of Thread

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Color of line gets debated a bit but its safe to say the shrouds should be black or very dark brown. In fact all standing rigging will be black or very dark in color since on the real ships they were repeatedly painted with pine tar, which was used to keep water from penetrating the rope fibers and causing rot. The ratlines ( the horizontal foot ropes the sailors tread upon to ascend) are also dark in color but there is some debate about weather or not they were just as dark as the shrouds, some modelers leave them "natural" colored. I tend to think they were slightly lighter but still darker than the running rigging.As for the "bindings" you mention I assume you mean the lashing holding stuff together. This would be dark too but I like to use it as an opportunity, on the model, of introducing some variation of color and I use a different shade-slightly lighter or slightly darker than whatever it will be viewed against but not too contrasting- to suggest a different material in use and to allow it to catch the eye.

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