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Billing Boats NR.452 Bluenose


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Hi there, everyone. I have experience building models, but have never attempted a wooden ship. I came across the above mentioned kit in a thrift store and bought it on a whim. It looks to be a vintage model. The fittings box wasn't included, sadly. (I may have to go back to the store and see if it's there!) The wooden parts appear to be complete and are in excellent condition.


I am tempted to try to build it, but I think it's best to ask about it first. Would this be something of sentimental value to someone? If this is something someone has been trying to find, I'd rather have it go to a good home, to someone who can build it correctly. Also, hey, if it's some sort of rare collector's item (doubt it), then I'd like to know before mangling it.


Thank you in advance! 

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Hello Thalassa,


You can go back to the store and ask if they still have the fittings.

Or you might contact Billing Boats. Maybe they can help you.


Billing Boats has a service in Canada:

Service Canada

P.M. Hansen Ltd.

4-11191 Horseshoe Way

Richmond, B.C.

V7A 4S5


Phone: 604 271 1213

Fax: 604 271 2296


I don't know if it is a rare collectors item. But it is an older model of the Bluenose.

As far as I know the recent models of Billing Boats Bluenose II models have the numbers BB576 and BB600.


What sort of wood are the parts made of? Maybe you can show us a picture of the box and its content?


Thanks and good luck. I hope you will receive some more answers.



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I sort of doubted it was a "rare" model. It's a pretty common boat people build. There isn't anything really special about it. I just wanted to make completely sure.


It looks like sheets of solid balsa and plywood balsa. 


Here are photos of the box and contents. Yikes. They're fuzzy! I drank too much coffee this morning.







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Good news! I spoke with Frank at P.M. Hansen, the distributor of Billing Boats for Canada. Turns out that the older kits don't come with a fittings box. They can make one to order, which is going to cost me about $100. I can deal with that. He says he receives calls on a regular basis about this model. He said people buy these kits and sit on them for 30 years, finally decide to build them and realize there are no fittings. 


Yay! I'm very excited now. I'll have to collect a few tools to start this because I haven't built anything from balsa in years. 

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well that good news that u still get the parts if its your frist time building the wood boats take a look at the model shipways kits that thay do sell at cast your anchor thay are in canada where u live lol soild hull is the best for some new to ship building nice boat u got there good luck to u  if u start one ples start a build log 

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It looks like it has the bulkheads already cut. A plank on bulkhead model is not that difficult to build. There are booklets in the Article Downloads section that can tell you most of what you need to know about planking. And a build log is a handy place to get all the tips and pointers you may need to get you through the build. Don't be afraid of it, you will do fine. I wish that any of my Bluenose kits had been even Plank On Bulkhead. I did two during my navy days.

Walter Biles

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