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  1. This is the airbrush I will be using for my ships the is the iwata hp-th2 valt with .06 needle this works great
  2. Rjl thay look just fine to me As long as everything lines up on the decks when they're glued down that's a good thing
  3. hello rgl welcome to my build yes the decks sit flush test fitted the decks two times so it all good there
  4. I now have the Hull braces Installed on the hood hopefully I will have on white sealer primer on it tomorrow here some pictur
  5. Been there done that to many time old Collingwood just have to do lot of test fit is all
  6. This is the brace for the hull of the hood all 6 of them are to tall so the decks dont sit down right when people are building this kit watch out for that
  7. hello shipman and for me pe parts that u can get for the hood can cost just as much as the model itself this just might be out of the box build for me i will take out all the mold lines and get as much detail in as i can .thank you for your info shipman
  8. hello popeye its not to bad i went thu the box of parts late last night there a lot warp parts that i might to fix. i will try some tape see how it goes and let you all know hows it went
  9. thanks shipman i will just work on it day by day its all work just fine in the end
  10. This is not what I want to see on the hms hood model the forward deck almost looks like a banana the rear deck is just as bad the center deck has a small warp here a pic
  11. oldcollingwood i looked at that site wow what a site iam not to sure where a can get all the pe parts for that the hood 27 sheets of pe parts lol
  12. hello popeye not to sure about pe stuff and the wood deck will cost me 125.oo in canada thats a bit much for me i will try and get as much pe as i can for it hello thank you for following my build log nirvana old collingwood welcome to my build log and yes i will look into the link for mods thank vary much
  13. So as of right now I'm starting to get rid of the mold lines on the hull as you can see in the picture so far things going well
  14. hi popeye how have u been doing 

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