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  1. thank you cpddet took me a long time but iam proud of my work iam glad my log has help u out its on to a new ship for me
  2. Well all iam now calling my Bluenose by model ship ways Finished there are some minor details to be done but other than that it's full complete and finished its been a long haul but it is complete and proud of my work and my frist Complete wood ship model here some pic
  3. now its going to be time to do the rigging doing blocks and tieing knoxs and doing all that i dont want to do not good at doing that part plans dont show me where all the blocks go and where to tie them and stuff this is not going to be fun for me this might not come out as well
  4. I now have the booms and gaff done took me a bit got them done getting Closer to worst part of the build lol here pic
  5. thanks popeye and yes the bowspirt is a dry fit and just so u know there will be no sails on this ship just rigging thank you for looking in bud
  6. And I have been working on the main and the for mast this is where iam at now it looking good so far
  7. Ok so for the chain plates mistake I now got that fixed I think I did a really good recovery compared to what it did look like
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