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  1. Overall not too bad things are starting to go well and now got the keel in place still need a bit more sanding and stuff otherwise I think I've done pretty good so far let me know what you guys think
  2. From bow to stern there is now I want any gals all the way along for the rail cap which now when I did that took most of the damage away as you can see in the pictures so now I have to do is sand and start adding the Keel and Stern post wish me luck here's some pictures
  3. Popeye along the Edge from the stern to the bow is to be 1/8 inch and the 1/32nd depth I have to cut all the way around right where the damages but that may help I now have the solid Hall to its proper length that's what I've done
  4. It seems that I have found my problem I got a hold model ship ways they say that they've added wood to the Keel into the stern extra wood during the manufacture process so I have to adjust and make ensure that the hull is the same length and width with the templates that I have I'll have to take some off some areas at the front and in about an eighth of an inch at the back will bring it down the size and the width so when I'm done everything should look fine see how it looks when iam done in Popeye the scale is 1/8
  5. I have the templates so I will go through that first but and if I have to use wood filler well that's what I'll use thank you very much for the reply Grandpa
  6. Does the whole look okay or should I call them and try to get a different hole this one looks like a bit of a mess and I don't know if I can save it
  7. Okay here is some of the pictures of where I'm having trouble I got this kit in the pictures I'm going to post is what it was like gouges on the side and just down the back not really sure if that's how it comes but I think there's something wrong I've been trying to figure it out but with no luck if someone could please help me it would be very appreciated
  8. So far the process was not going to good I think there may be something wrong with this whole I'm going to have to put some pictures up this for you guys to get some help
  9. Well this is the build that I'm actually going to complete the Phantom New York pilot boat a solid Hull looks like simple Construction I do have a lot of frame on bulkhead boats I put them aside and decided to start this one and take it right to the end it's much more simpler I should be able to gain a lot more experience stay tuned
  10. hi popeye i took a break i might get back to work on my uss constitution all been well and your self bud
  11. I have a question about the blue nose again can anyone tell me the length of the bow Spirit and the size cuz it does not say it in the book or the plans I just don't see it
  12. thanks cpddet i will have a look at your log this not fun little bit of time allways works in the end thanks again

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