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ID or Heght Measureing

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  I'm not part of this company and am not selling any thing. Just showing a poetical modeling tool for hull construction and other thing in ship modeling. What do you think. 


When I saw this just had to have it. You know what I'm talking about, good for something even if it go's in the you know where drawer.  I think with a little bit of modification it will come in handy and quick.


It's made like an auto antenna with ends that are screwed on and that's where the modification comes in, put any thing on you would like. All though the 3" is still too long for measuring from deck to deck or stanchion height as it is. I'm sure something can be done. May be points on the ends or some kind of piece to go down to the base with a pointer or something to measure the height of a stanchion.  It pulls in and out snugly and stays in place. Just received them yesterday. Not tested yet. 

  Part of the add.

 The large EZ Story Stick captures measurements from 7 inches (collapsed) to 45 inches (expanded). The mini Story Stick captures measurements from 3 inches to 8- 1/2 inches.

I bought both for $25 U.S. that included shipping





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