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  1. Yes I would have to agree with the tilting arbor by Byrnes. I have a tilting table but have never used it. I am now looking for a tilting arbor saw just for ease of operation.
  2. Please could someone tell me, I would like to order Domanoff rope walk. Irt says send an "Inquiries" does this mean I am ordering and paying for the product? Thank you Tom
  3. This is what I did simple. With full extension slides.
  4. When I try to use the typical centering tool I'm all ways fumbling with the two pieces and finally put the square or round stock in the vice and mark the end. Frustrating. Well problem solved and I would like to share with you what I have found, it's new to me and may be not to new to others. I do not represent Woodpecker tools nor am I advertising for them, but this is great spendy, $29.99+ shipping makes it $39.89 a lot for such a little device just to draw a line. What do you think. TJ
  5. A long long time ago this subject was addressed some what and one molder had pic of what he did. He made a stand ( two vertical poles) rigged the sail as if it were on the ship ( spar in place) tied the four corners to the poles with a short line from the pole to the corner of the sail, turned on a fan, filled the sail to desired look sprayed with hair spray (final net ) or applied deluded glue. I thought this was a grate idea. TJ
  6. Thank you Anja forgot. Sent files today. Hope you got them as there are several emails. Tom
  7. I Still have copy of the files and be glad to download them or what I have on the disc. Now to figure out how? I keep crashing. File too big. If you you would please send me an email to ********.com Ill send it that way. Guess I don't know what I' doing hear. Tom
  8. Thanks Erik too late I had ordered it and without looking at my library list now I'm thi proud owner of the old and new version. Don't know werther that's bad or good. Tom
  9. Please what makes this book so expensive? A long time a go I put off buying it a big mistake, just ordered (New 2005 edition) it for a hefty price but satisfied. The book is by Portia A Takakjian. Tom
  10. I tried but couldn't download the clip but should be easy to see. May be someone has all ready done this. 1 1/2" hole saw and arbor, cut a piece of paint roller to size, (the fluffy ones) slide it over the hole saw and mount it in the drill press. High speed of course. Now you can puff ships bells or ????? Tom
  11. Nice work wished mine was half as good. Is this what your looking for. TJ InnerPost@48-1.pdf
  12. Richard I have one from Home Depot and Harbor Fright. Put one on each wall and screwed brackets on the end of the benches then glued and screwed two pieces of 3/4" mdf together to fill in the corner. Works for me. Tom I like that I don't even have a kitchen table, that's where I model. Tj
  13. Came a cross this add for work benches. I can see two of them in the corner of my work space. A little out of my price line but what the heck I can wish. TJ

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