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Need help with the shrouds on Revell - Santa Maria


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I have attached a picture from my directions booklet.  I understand the spreader part in the middle for pulling the thread/rope through, but I do not understand the large circle things pointed to the top of the other masts that show the bundle of thread/rope being pulled though.  Nothing in the picture is in my parts.  Do I create it them with the rope?  Also, on the chainplates on the bottom.  I have attached a picture of those too.  Exactly how do I attach each rope for the shrouds onto these?  I sure hope I got those terms correct.





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Yes, they are made from rope and part of the "standing rigging" so you will use black colored rope, thye should have some type of sizing guide.


The circles are blown up larger details of the mast connections


Regarding the chainplates and deadeyes, the shroud rope should wrap around the circumference of each deadeye.


You want your shrouds to lie alongside each other without any crossovers, tapering out the the chainplates.


You might consider doing them in pairs rather than all-at-once, to help keep them neat.


Go back n forth, attach 2 portside, then the same 2 on starboard etc...


Also dont trim off the excess until all standing rigging complete, so you can do fine adjustments to the tension and angle of the masts.



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They do not have any sizing guide.  There is no black colored rope.  The rope it came with will not tighten up at all.  It is like stiff and a little waxy.  I attempted to do the one of the back side, but it is not going well.  I just can't get the rope tight.

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I found the clove hitch to be pretty easy once I tied a few and got into it.

They were a lot easier for me by clipping one end and tying with the other end using tweezers, they were easy to align and tighten to the needed spacing.


Check out my build log of the AVS, as I just finished doing these.



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