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Which kit to start with


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I've aquired two older kits that I would like advice on as to which to start with.

They are:

The Swift by Artesania Latina


The Bluenose by Amati


Years ago I did a couple of POB ships and have a fair understanding of the processes.

So now I want to do it again.


I'm thinking that the Swift might be the best choice for a semi beginner to help me develop my skills, but I would love to read your comments.



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you seem to already have a good game plan.........sounds like a good choice.


.............how can I say this,  without getting bombarded by fruit........... :huh:


the Swift has more of a bash factor.  yes,  there's a lot of information out there on them,  but in my mind,  the Bluenose is more of a replica build than the swift.   I think you'd also have an easier time of it.   good luck with your getting back into the hobby....start with the swift.  I'm going to duck now..........I'll peek from time to time.  :)   good luck !



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The only ships I had done long in to past were solid hull (and I only did about 3 or 4 of them) so I am hesitant about plank on.  Is it that time consuming and are there books with which to begin?  Oh, I know patience is the name of the game.  But any advice would be appreciated.

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