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  1. revell and Aurora put out animal models back in the day.........likely used the same type of flocking. it's a nice touch
  2. thanks to all for the kind comments and the likes. the best thing, was that there are no extras........I kept piling till it was all gone I still have to get rid of a few branches in the spare room though..........and even the admiral likes how it looks. I'd love to get another one and do it in a different color. a couple more work days........then I perhaps put the finish on him
  3. look'in good.....are you able to purchase replacement parts? for a model this large, it's worth looking into
  4. superb job on the awning.......perhaps you can use the template to mark out the posts, for drilling...
  5. hi there Carl no, the part was for the deck catapult......I think I subbed in another part, but if I still need it, at least now I have it! I haven't given up on the Vendetta.......she still resides on the table. I'm using the Arizona to give me a little more practice with PE, before I continue on her. I went a little further.......after painting the funnel, I filled the windows in with the window maker. there's still more to go before the funnel is finished. the third level was added to the structure. I touched up the red on the turret tops.......here's a cheeky picture of one on deck. the part for the turret catapult and the catapult itself were painted. gotta get this in place........handling it, I already had to repair it once. the planes were painted with light ghost gray. the catapult bar was cemented on the turret...........the catapult will be next. I've been painting other parts as well........gotta get back to the deck though. I need to do the railings, so I can see if I have enough to continue with the structure. painted the top wings on the planes.......needs another coat they got the second coat.......they look much better
  6. thanks Lou.....I am too the plastic parts were tossed in the trash.....after filling in the front area, I knew there was no going back thanks Mark......yea, I only painted around the water fill and the edges. I had that thought too, but as I filled it in, I worried about it less and less. I made sure that the first layer covered everything thanks to everyone for the likes.......I am so glad I went this route .....and to think, I was going to use that pseudo plastic thing. it took about eight rows to fill it in.......I even had to cut more wood. I did get a couple small cut from the first batch.........the second batch, I could have done some damage, but I only took a sliver of skin off the side of the knuckle of my index finger. the blood sacrifice to the modeling god four rows into it........as the wood is stacked, it totally hides the platform. another two rows will bring me to the row that will begin to encircle the water fill.. add another row......it can be seen that I didn't quite catch all the firewood pieces that were longer than the others. I just blended them in as I went along. once reaching the water fill, there was a row that met the sides........one more beyond that, and I couldn't make another row. I just fitted them as best I could at the back of the tender. so what the results are I am very pleased to show you deserve a hug Ken! .....brotherly though, 'an not that lovey dovey stuff I was hoping to get the tender hooked up to the loco........next and possibly final update perhaps.
  7. thanks Ken was going to start painting the plastic parts...but I just couldn't do it......I had to see how this would work out.
  8. your right about that..........I never had a stash, until I picked the hobby back up in my later years. you have a nice work space..........I have three tables, counting my desk as for my unfinished kits.......let's just say your not alone
  9. thanks Rob I'm getting better.........it's practice. the more one does...thanks for the good word
  10. thanks Kevin........I'm only doing some of the railings. I've seen models that have different degrees of modification. I want to make sure I have enough for the hull, so I'm being selective.
  11. simple fix........just cut out the square you'd be going a light gray anyway.......if it sticks to the frame, it will aide you when you sew it to the frame. the support posts can be white. coming along nicely!
  12. like everything else......it takes practice I'll be 63 come August.......not too late to teach an older dog new tricks it's not the easiest....but I like the outcome. I prefer painted though, although the unpainted models look great too. the effort really shows in the finished model
  13. thanks John swear?!?!.....me..............nawwwwwwww! there are no bibles around now.......if you were referring to cuss or curse.........well then.........I guess I'm gonna burn for it

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