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  1. I appreciate the gestures gents......there are really not too many options left at this point. I have a can of stripper that I bought back when I built the Nordkap........when I found out what would happen if I didn't cement between the planks. never did that again.........don't think I'll do this again either. I have a whole jug of what Pledge is called now in the sink cupboard......I tried it and didn't care for it. I'll simply chalk it up to listening to that clown who sits in my right shoulder.....didn't know he was Murphy's cousin I do have a few pictures to update you on where I am with the car, and the UN - heavenly body. the interior is done now...the dash is painted and installed, along with the steering wheel and tac. I didn't get any pictures of the body, aside from the red.............this is what it looks like now. if you don't have a chup bag.......any plastic lined bag will do landau roofs didn't look this bad.. I'll see what I can do with it tomorrow.
  2. hello all just a brief update on the General. yes.......the cab has been cemented in place...I just need to touch it up a little. I did touch up the badge and cement it in place as well. it's not a great picture.........but it looks good in person. I also used up the last bit of soot on the stack.......before it dried up and blew away. I need to make some more.
  3. very nice progress so far Jack. the prop is interesting.........never saw a kit with decals like that. you'll have this one finished in no time
  4. I stand corrected..........I might have done a less than stellar job on the body chrome. it was when I painted the roof, and then decided to give it a clear coat, that I knew I had played one card too many I was trying to cheat, by not painting the white......using the clear coat {lacquer} to lay a coat on the white for decal purposes. I did not foresee what would happen to the other painted surfaces. I do have a couple pictures, but they are in the camera at the moment. I will post them presently, but for the time being, I offer this description of the results. the painted surfaces raised and puckered, as though Jack Frost blew it a kiss ❄️ the red fared better than the blue.........that you haven't seen yet........this I attribute due to the age of the paints. the red is a fresh bottle I just got........the blue paint, I have had for quite some time {it may even have come from the paints that Lou sent me}. it has had time to fully cure, and some of it has settled down....but the roof still resembles alligator skin. I'll post the pictures tomorrow....one more day of work >sigh<. on a much different note.......this house must be cursed or something. the bathroom is done........the fact that we can finally get back to normal, is a welcomed feeling indeed. a couple of days after they had gone, we discovered that the sewer pipe in the cellar, has rotted to the point of leakage.........small rot spot, but it wasted no time in getting bigger! of course, this means that assorted waters is collecting on the floor......small at first, but has gotten larger. we contacted the landlord about the situation.......so far we haven't heard or see anything in the way of having it repaired. after work the other afternoon, I went down there with a coffee can and some duct tape and patched it for the time being......I haven't been down there to see if it has slowed the leakage { I suppose I would have heard something from second floor.......she has her washer and dryer down there}. I got home today to see a woman walking up and down the street, handing out pamphlets........the city wants to replace sections of the sewer pipe that services the block! this will be happening in a couple of weeks when it rains it pours.........anyone got an umbrella? ⛱️ ...I already have the boots
  5. very delicate.........amazing in the way you kept the shape! the nose ring is a perfect circle awesomely done!
  6. you could build up the stone wall on both sides of the cannon, leaving the front of the cannon open, or with a torn away portion of the wall. either way......you have a very nice plan of it's display it coming along nicely.
  7. have a friend of mine that is building the Guillow's version of the stearmans...a very popular plane interesting choice of paints......I have another friend in Canada, that did a Duke's of Hazzard model with Jo Santos paint....I think something similar to what your using . looks good well done on the other kits........like Lou said........it's good to stay busy
  8. don't tell me that J..........he might get insulted with my paint job! I goofed it up no return either!
  9. tagg'in along as well I had the pleasure of building Werner Voss's triplane {1:28 scale} when I was younger....got these two from a fellow in England several years ago....... laughed my butt off as to how small they were.........darn description on E-Bay they are old....been with me for a couple moves been wanting to do a couple brit planes....but my budget has been put on hold since my last purchase {only temporary }
  10. I'm trying to con the admiral into getting our fishing licences. I think back to my younger days and how much I used to fish.......all I ever used was a drop line superb gallery shots.........
  11. the macro is pretty cool.........in the earlier post, there is a chair with the back upside down. no kidding.......I can see that! {the table with ten place settings} no matter........this is still by far, the greatest feat that's a super job on the model boat.........to make one at this scale.....WOW! you did say you were going to make it........you made good on your promise

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