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  1. I read that about Jimmy Stewart........loved him as an actor mentioned that to the admiral Lou.......should have seen the look on her face thanks all for the good word........sadly, no new update at the moment. I hope to get more done.
  2. thanks Dan..........although advice I would give anyone who wants to dabble in the old kit arena.......remember the kit your dealing with. I wish there was a way to shrink the decal sheet a bit more. my printer is ka-putt at the time being, and even if it was running, it won't do white. sure, I could use white decal paper, but that'll mean I'd have to trim along the edges of the images. I don't consider it fun I did see another Revell kit........it's of a PBJ, but it's also a B 24D. I haven't gotten too much further with this one........I'll need to order decals for it. actually, it's not so much the model, but the subject. if you should even see a copy of the KG 200 .....grab it.........it's a great read
  3. I believe there is a kit of a Japanese plane on a catapult.........don't recall the maker though.
  4. coming along splendidly Craig thanks for the head's up on the Mr Surface.......I thought it could have been used as a top coat. good thing I didn't try using it like that........of course with my track record on stuff like this....oh impending doom !
  5. your progress on the Hood Craig looks very good ! the deck came out super as well I just bought a can of Mr Surface......having never used it before, how would it be best used........before or after paint?
  6. I cleaned up quite a few of the parts .......so far the kit is very nice to work with. I've started to paint the fuselage interior and under belly . I made a slight change to the title........when I build the other 1:92 kit, I'll continue the Atlantis log with it. it won't be too hard to make the distinction ....just the Chromate green on the wing interior that will be seen. the window panels have been added to the fuselage halves.......I have the clear parts to fill them. note the open area in the underbelly for the installation of the belly turret. more painting was done yesterday........more chromate green and the wing under surfaces. this kit is a lot more detailed than the other two. it's a very nice kit, should one chose to build it
  7. I went a bit further with this model.......unfortunately, real life called and I had to obey as mentioned, the fuselage was cemented together allowed to dry. the seams were touched up and the nose bubble was added. I then realized that I had forgotten to add the stand button, but was at ease, seeing that it could be added after the fact the wheels were painted....terrible to paint because the rims aren't raised enough to make the distinction. this was where I ran into the fit issues with the glass and the nose turret. even the clear plastic is soft.......trying to be very careful with trimming the parts. here it is in place on the fuselage... this was when I got the idea to compare the Revell kit. hopefully, in these pictures you can see the difference. the clear parts even look clearer in the Revell kit. the flat black detail was done on the wings....the starboard wing was done first. the port wing was done this morning.......still need to touch it up I still need to do the stabilizer and rudders, but I needed to deal with the fit issues first. one half of the fuselage was thinner that the other half, and it caused the assembly to sit on there lop-sided. the port side half was sanded to remove the extra material.....I think I got it looking half way decent. errands are looming.........I'm gonna try to do more on her before we go. I've done a bit of painting to the B 24D kit......it's a lot easier working with that model, the parts are so much nicer, without having to do all the extra clean up. I haven't done anything to the Pacific Raiders kit. it has the same problems as the Atlantis kit.......the landing gear vs the closed gear doors being the biggest issue. I'm sure the fit will be better, but I noticed that there is no slot for a stand.......makes me curious if the original Buffalo Bill model had one. I was thinking of taking the stand from the B 25 kit I have {another Atlantis kit}, bit I'd still likely end up making one for it, so I'll just make one for the Pacific Raiders kit and leave the other to it's own more to come!
  8. it's a wild west subject Bill........they are portrayed in motion. I think Sjors had some horses made for the model he built some time ago. you could check with him to find where he got them. they are an interesting subject though, as some were very ornate.......lots of gold trim and lanterns
  9. that's a pretty interesting idea.........to have a rare model kit, prepaint the parts and curio it. instruction sheet and decals as a backdrop........not too sure about the resale value though cool idea!
  10. The Concord Stage Coach Gallery-The Overland Trail--10/04/01 Tombstone Times - The Stagecoaches - Their Origin and Place in History by Larry Noyes here's a couple of articles I dug up in my research. I started to do a little on the stage coach, but I wanted to do something with mahogany, so I tabled it till I figured it out. also thinking of subbing in some leather and cloth window sashes. the Lindberg model is over 30 inches long with the horses here are the Clydesdales articles I've read on these two models {the lindberg especially} stated that the horses were really hard to assemble.....poor fit. I didn't think so....not with the proper clamps gotta clean them up and paint them. now your making me wish I bought wood ones the Bud wagon is rare though. I've seen it before but never got a chance to pull the trigger on one. got one before I boarded the long black train
  11. my grand kids would love to see this
  12. we had a tractor when we were kids........primarily used to cut and rake hay. my older brother usually drove unless our dad wasn't working. I recall many a time being on the cutter or rake.
  13. Wow Kevin.......your progress on the Hearse looks super! when I first started reading, the first thing I thought of was Dracula ......you know......Egor at the reigns..... are you gonna gussie up the pine box? I have two wagons.......I have the Budweiser Clydesdale wagon and the Lindberg stage coach. both came with horses and figures. I'm sure you could find horses for yours. great job so far
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