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  1. could be another chigger in the armor........I do believe the olive drab is ka-put..........wouldn't mix when shaken, and when stirred looked very chunky and crumbly. let ya know more soon.
  2. really nice job on her Craig.......did you need to put any weight in ? I recall mine being sort of a tail dragger. I made up a base and painted it flat black...cemented it to it
  3. I've seen so many pictures of B 17 damage....the movie was no exception. Imagining being in the three most vulnerable { I changed the two to a three due to the belly turret....wouldn't want to be in that position either} areas of the plane...............I'm sure it was a sick feeling. the ability of these planes to stay in the air, in spite of heavy damage was astounding. when I built the Nine o Nine, I watched a documentary on the 452nd Bomber Group.......even though the Nine was with the 303rd, I watched anyway.........horrific footage in that one too.
  4. yea........I must have a book mark list that's over three feet long I've not tried toothpaste though........simple light rubbing with a soft cloth usually does the trick for me {my hulls love me for it}. in my younger days, I enjoyed listening to stories the residents had about their normal lives.......I worked at a nursing home while in school. there were fewer brands to choose from and most of the things they bought, were drawn from bulk barrels and made fresh {pre invention of the refrigerator}. your list Lou is a sterling example of having too many brands to choose from. my teen years were the 70's mostly.......even back then, life was simpler. but we won't go into all that.............I'm not a confirmed 'tree hugger' or anything......but one can't help but think of the implications. this knowledge makes one think by now, the yellow paint has had ample time to cure. it will need to undergo another round of masking. I've run into a slight problem concerning 'mixing bottles'.......I'm running out of them. usually, I'll buy the 1/4 oz bottles of thinner, along with the 3/4 oz bottles and airbrush tins {larger size}........empty out the 1/4 oz and I have the bottles I need. I can buy them empty and ready to use, but I think it's more economical this way. I'm going to look into Amazon and the like, to see if I can acquire the 1/4 & 1/2 size bottles. been meaning to do it....but now I'm finding myself backed into a corner
  5. there is the confusion between the movie and the army versions.........the movie was about the 25th mission. John Lithgow is the PR guy in the movie. the army version, which was released during the war, was about the every day life of the B 17 and her crew. that was a compilation of missions and places. the Memphis Belle was front and center in that piece as well. there were a couple of other B 17's that were flown in and altered to look like F's to Co star in the movie version........the Swoose was one of them........the Sally B was another. we had more than one flyable B 17...........sadly we lost one of them Memphis Belle (aircraft) - Wikipedia Memphis Belle (film) - Wikipedia the movie did point out one thing......that the fighters weren't carrying a belly tank during this period.
  6. not crazy at all..........it makes for an awesome display! very museum quality
  7. wow John.........you've made some really good progress since I last checked in. superb job on the hull frame and stern!
  8. I'm sure they are........as your video attests. not having knowledge of Huey blades or any other types, I can only go by the story as told to me.
  9. the weather played in my favor yesterday.........I think it will be good for today too {hurray}. for the underbelly, I picked out a Humbrol color. when I got all those paints from Lou, I looked up a color chart for the Humbrol paints.......came up with a gloss and matte chart. I picked out Humbrol matte #24, which is Trainer Yellow according to the chart. as I though further, I began to think it was too much of a mustard color, so I almost chose another color........but I stuck with it. as mentioned, the Olive is really good, although it looks a bit grainy on the parts. I think adding colors relating to the fading might smooth things out......I though about rubbing down the parts lightly, but I am concerned about scratching. I may not do it. when I did the olive color, the parts that I had painted flat white {primer} was too close to where I was working, and they got some over spray.....I though I might need to repaint them. at this time, I sprayed the trainer yellow, crossing my fingers that this wouldn't be an issue. to my relief, it wasn't I am not at all disappointed with the color either. opening the tin, I found that this was new.........it had never been opened! took a bit to mix it........made a bit of a mess transferring it to a Testor's bottle. I wish I could get hold of some 1/2 oz bottles.......shame that the airbrush I'm using depends on the 1/4 oz bottle. the caps fit on them alone.......I might look into that other siphon feed that I have. they are still a bit wet. I misjudged the lines on the fuselage halves and did some adjustments with the 'yellow line' light seemed to hinder the true color shown.......I used very little thinner in the yellow. this morning I took this picture to show the true color....I hope....
  10. I believe the plane had a couple close calls before the Bradley crash. the original Nine o Nine went to scrap after the war.......the plane that was to be the Nine, was not as old, and was a transport plane before the transformation. chances are, you read about an earlier crash.......understandable I got to watch the movie "Memphis Belle". it was pretty good........but the air force video included in the DVD debunks the movie.......the waist gunner wasn't injured, no dead engines, no landing gear problems. the plane landed without incident to celebrate their 25th mission. I did see a few small details that I hope to add.
  11. throw a Gatling gun their way and they would be the angel of death
  12. the mechanical part was really interesting.........amazing how they function. still pretty scary concerning the air frame........really not much that protects the pilot and crew. my brother and a few of his companions {when he was stationed in Korea} used to sneak out with one of the locals to go duck hunting. he told me one time when someone shot the rotor by accident.......no one got hurt, but it stung when they had to get the chopper out of the rice paddy
  13. sad about the crash John.......refer to my earlier log for the whole story. it was the reason why I picked the Nine o Nine for the subject.......... I hope your doing well and welcome........I have the Wulfe Hound project in the works as well, if you'd like to look in hopefully I can get some paint done.......cold has put a damper on my ventilation system in the spare room {can't open a window }

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