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  1. could be......the revision date on mine was 2009. I did a log on the model....feel free to use it if you see anything useful
  2. he must have an older kit, if he doesn't have any of this info.......the kit has been reissued a couple of times. heck......I likely have some other info on the ship.......I'll look through my stuff.
  3. she is look'in super with a coat of paint Mike........quite a bit of PE, that's for sure very well done! I have a 1:350 I have yet to finish........I wouldn't go smaller than that
  4. here are steps 42 and 43 in case you need them......... really not a difficult kit, if you have knowledge of how these ships are rigged. as I recall, there were a couple of problems with this kit........the decks have a problem lining up and the absence of hawse holes for the anchor. I just drilled a couple of holes at the bow and called it good. what I ended up with was this........ now, I didn't use those silly rings.......I used blocks that I had saved from a 1:96 ship kit I though I had a picture of
  5. you have a free hand......no real proof that the Jolly Rogers existed. the term Jolly Roger was the name for the flag that they flew.......it was also a mystical ship found only in Disney movies. you could easily do her as the Flora....as a matter of fact, I may have some info on her. at one time, I had all three kits.......the Jolly Rogers, the Flying Dutchman {glo in the dark version}, and the Henry Morgan...this kit could be bashed into the Wappen Von Hamburg. see if you can open this.......shoot! can't do that I'll PM you I'd be happy to post the rest of the rigging
  6. your done with the 'bug eyed bandit' does look neat though and the paint and added details fill out some of the gaps. I do see what you mean.....it doesn't look realistic. if the body was the normal size and shape, it might look probable. the engine compartment isn't closed off from the interior, so that may be the source of a turn off. it is a nice model though......a scratch builder's dream
  7. looking very good Ed.......nicely blended colors looks like your on the home stretch.......looking forward to your next armor project!
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