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  1. strange they didn't call them that in the book. there is a glossary in the back of the book listing every type of plane that the Germans had, as well as the ones they captured and lost. they had short range bombing capability at the time. I'll have to read through the chapter about the B 17 again to see if I missed this.
  2. the structures look very good........especially that house .........lots of progress since I last looked in.
  3. considering they are laid out like that {as they all would be}, they'd be the first thing seen. they look good though......nice
  4. really great progress Yves......the sleeping quarters and galley looks awesome
  5. thanks John........it may not be the exact replica of the Clotilda that I was hoping for.........I think this isn't a good basis for the model. but, I'll try to get her as close as possible
  6. I told you so........nothing is over until YOU say it is! very pleased to hear the news...now I gotta go find that log before the seats are all taken
  7. the start of the rigging........looks good I'll have to fix the anchors in my kit.........they are loose and the banding is beginning to peel. I don't have a rope walk.........I usually rely on different size thread
  8. I'm not sure J........but that is what is under the fore deck.....no raised deck at the stern { I'll save that for the other one}. it may not be that far under either.....it's just a dry fit. if I were to guess, it's probably a ratchet/pawl set up operated by a lever of sorts. it might be too modern as well.....I may need to scratch build something to this effect. thanks Ed
  9. Richthofen test flown the D VII himself and didn't like the way it handled, so it halted for modifications........he later flew the Dr 1 and loved it. little did he know that there was a flaw where it would lose a wing.......for those it happened to, they never lived to tell about it. I have a Guillows Dr 1 waiting for tissue at the moment........when I lived in Florida, I built Fokker D VIII....best flying model I ever built
  10. you misread my post Thomas........I'm aware that they are all separate companies.....I've read about most of the info you listed. in the book, they mention the Stuka.........haven't seen the full name for the plane on any model boxes...I don't think it would fit very nice pictures of the pink lady {can't believe I spelt Focke wrong.......} nice to know someone else like the FW Ken........I built a lot of them in my youth. I also built a large scale Stuka.........sadly it was destroyed by my brothers and sister { only one sister was involved in nose diving it into a stump}. there are eight of us you'll have to enlighten me on the Do200........don't think Dornier built one.........I've never built one. not having done any research on her Mark...I'd have never picked up on any mistakes. the secret is safe with me .........still a beautiful model in my eyes.
  11. looks like an interesting helo Jack......should prove to be a fun build! errrr, I'm not familiar with that number that's been float'in around ....what type of helo is it? {got that much out of the conversation}.
  12. youse guys...........your baiting me aren't you! that looks to be a Revell kit........the deicing panel on the rudder fin is interesting I'll have to keep this one in mind {yea......you peaked my interest}. you did a superb job on her Mark ....super detail paint! my two favorite German planes of WWII are the Foke Wulf and the Stuka....WWI ......anything built by Fokker. you must have this book in your library Thomas? the Luftwaffe studied the B 17.......at one time, the KG 200 had around twenty of them. check out the Wulfe Hound log.......I have a soft spot for obscure subjects. I had fun build her hey Jack.........Gibbs is an American eskimo. he's kind of a half pint.......may have been the runt of the litter. that's his usual station when I'm at my desk...other than that, he goads me into the living room, and we sit together on the couch. sticks to me like glue

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