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  1. bombers are neat........I recently bought a B 25 and a B 17G look'in good so far.
  2. nicely done Danny........I see the trucks move as well. you did a super job with this one
  3. nicely rigged for the scale..........very nice dio.......did you bid on it? check your fire!........check your...fire! ready the aft battery {it was just a flesh wound}
  4. thanks gents I think if I study the pictures @ Battleship Photo Index BB-39 USS ARIZONA more, I might see more to add. what I'm using is some really thin electric cord wire.......I stripped an abundance of it a while ago.....it will look better than thread, I think once it is run, a little bit of primping will straighten it out, although I have it in a bag to keep it from getting all kinked up. thanks for the kind word, and thanks to those who hit the like button would a drowning man refuse a life preserver?.........PM going your way Craig thank you for the offer!
  5. yes........there are pictures! looking at the PE, I saw these parts that might be of use..........I'm sure there are more. I made up the larger davits.......these are related to the boat booms, so I will try and do some rigging too. I added the boarding ladders......still need to touch them up. the port side only has one....and as I mentioned, I began to start the rigging. the stern mast is a lot easier than the main mast....there more rigging associated with it. more soon.........thanks for look'in in
  6. with what I have so far, the screw pile really needs to catch up. for that, I need the main deck, so I can run the other section of braces. on the other hand, if I'm going to paint and run the wiring through the base, the beginnings of the 'pile' needs to come off the base. there was some CA leakage to the base of the posts, as this much was being assembled. there was also instances where joints came apart as I progressed, so I had to re-cement those joints, compounding the problem. this thing may very well be cemented to the base.....could be a challenge to remove whole it actually came off rather well. some of the post were a tight fit, but pushing them from the bottom, little by little.......and equally, worked. only one joint broke in the whole process........it's already repaired. the base, on the other hand, needs a ditch dug under the perma frost . this will be for the wire as it comes out from the center. I have an abundance of the wooden cast off hole plugs from laser cut kits........I will plug off the holes at the bottom, so that when the posts are put back in, they will only go in so far. otherwise I will have to trim the center post. since this will be a display, I decided to simply paint the base gray, like the decks. one thing I did not see, was that the squares for the spacers were 'cut' into the board. this is only one coat of gray primer. here's a shot of the structure as it sits right now
  7. yea......I hear you on the time thing Piet........my vacation was broken here and there still managed to have a good time....and the seafood festival was awesome {ate my weight in clams}! if your like me, I'll play around with something, till I discover that it's turned into a doable project. problem here is.........I have quite a few projects that are like that patience is a virtue my friend.......I'll keep my eyes open for a new project of yours...or the revival of an old one. gives me something to look forward to. I did a little today on the Arizona. at first, I wasn't going to use the boarding ladders........I've changed my mind since. I've also run the first bit of rigging at the stern. to be honest, I haven't done the rigging on too many of these types of ships. my main stumbling block is how to terminate the lines on the deck{s}. do folks drill holes, or just cement them to the walls or deck floor? the hood PE may have some means to help me with this...I hope it does. I will also add the davits Lou.......our talk this past conversation was helpful. I have the large and small ones. sadly now.......I have to go back to work tomorrow......the normalcy is going to kill me. I think I have a picture or two......I'll check
  8. checking in to see your progress.........sorry to see your suspending the build. must have taken a lot of work to get the starboard side look'in like that all for the best I imagine. I've never looked into a group build before........it should prove quite interesting hey....what the heck.........tinker in your spare time.........you may be able to save her
  9. yes Ken........that is what I thought too I have a couple of alternative types of wire I could use.......I even picked up a roll of wire along the side of the road while walking Gibbs. I had passed by it on a couple of occasions, but this time I stopped to pick it up.......I'm in the habit of picking up trash during our walks {I absolutely hate littering}. it had been run over a few time, but it's still good.......there quite a roll of it......very thin gauge wire. I am using what is supplied in the kit though......it cuts well and is pliable enough to shape any way I need it to. I played around with the Arizona a little today.......with errands to run, there was no sense getting into anything too involved. thanks for look'in in........thanks to all for the likes
  10. I found you through a Google search for The General Steam locomotive.  I'm trying to get information on a couple parts that don't show where they ate supposed to go.  Can you help me since you've completed the model?

  11. congratz on the finish of your model! she looks great on display, along with your other ships. truly wonderful job on her....the paint is extraordinary.......such detail
  12. checking on your progress Eric....and boy.....you have done some amazing work! such wonderful detail the second level really looks nice........I have Northeast scale Lumber bookmarked. I found it when I was doing some research on the Ambroid company, which is what they were called back when they made model train kits, along with the scribed wood. Arabia is coming along nicely.....the history is really interesting too great job!
  13. one of these days I want to buy a house, so I can join in your misery I miss it like you wouldn't believe! love the chair........sorry.......no alien jokes here. what.....no cup holder?

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