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  1. thanks Ed and Mark......this one was kind of a filler. I still have the Stuka too.........I put that one back in the box for some reason {I forget}. I'll be working on it I haven't even looked where the Clotilda or the brigg {Agilis} ended up in the new arrangement yet Ed. the Fokkers are next thanks to all who hit the like button!
  2. great job so far OC.........they look very good I'm taking notes on the horses........I have a bunch of them to do at a much larger scale
  3. nice save on the body paint castors look great too !
  4. they do have a B 25B kit out there.........I forget who makes it. the early production of this aircraft was perfect for the mission........the weight was less than the future variants, it's size, and how little modifications would need to be done. all of the guns were removed........due to a miscalculation on the weight for take off. I was looking for decals......I was going to do the Ruptured Duck Pacific Wrecks - B-25B "Ruptured Duck" Serial Number 40-2261 I was hoping to use the kit I have, but it won't work.......I'd have to do too much to it. it's a J variant.
  5. WOW! great job on the dio all the pieces fit really well, and you did a great job on the figures too! simply superb!
  6. hey there folks! I didn't have anything really to report last week. the big L got in the way......I also got more info with my leg issues. I need to have both legs done...just waiting now for the OK from the insurance and scheduling the date. I think it will be sometime in August, since this is the end of July. the good thing is that it's a low impact procedure and it won't lay me up for any real length of time. the only restriction will be no heavy lifting for a week, and I hope I can follow the plan I've devised in the best interest for home and work. if this is all I've had to deal with....then I consider myself to be one lucky guy I did get this model finished yesterday.........I was able to clean up the mess with the interplane struts and cement the cabane struts in place. they still need to be painted. from here, the struts were painted........the touch ups were done, and the rest of the decals were added to the tail. the model is now finished! while browsing a Hobby shop yesterday, I came across a Spad kit that also supplies decals for the German Luftwaffe. interesting to think that even in WWI, planes were being captured and used. I hope you enjoyed watching this project. Glenco kit are Ok.......not much in the way of fit issues............... some holes and locators needed to be drilled out thanks for all the kind comments!
  7. Awesome model.........always wanted one but never pulled the trigger I be watch'in this one!
  8. gee......if there was a way to eliminate the turret, with the right decals, you could have done one of Dolittle's planes I have found a kit that has the option to lose the turret.......but every time I try to hit the buy button, the admiral alarm goes off "it's designed to go off before you do!" I've done that with a few tail heavy models.....glue the tires to a home made base.....one good solution I've got a larger scale B 25 J......under the cockpit floor is a great place to put the weights. I normally use either tire weights or derby cars {if they fit}. I'm not familiar with the access you might have with this one though. she came out great........looks really neat!
  9. sorry I missed the second attempt........even sorrier that it didn't work out. I'm not familiar with the use of wax, but it's been my experience to know that metallic paints do not harder like other paints. I've stayed away from doing 'silver birds', but I would have if I built another B 17 if there is a method.......I'm sure you will find it. I do wonder if it might have been better to lay the other paints before the metalization. your admiral sounds a lot like my admiral. I saw this in my travels........I thought of your project
  10. you get questions like.......what do you do with it when your done? my two boys........if they can't endlessly manipulate it, they're not interested the old days before the internet....and TV........of course saw the biggest influx of modelers. crafting today is foreign.......why make it when you can buy it already made. it goes for other things too......like farming, and things we took for granted, but were sustaining {I'd give anything to be back on a farm } I hope they know what to do when the word goes to snuff that would be a matchbox thing.........most companies illustrate the painting as the model is built. here they figure that this would unclutter the process. little do they realize that it's all the same I haven't built a Messerschmitt in eons......I'd love to watch
  11. making great progress with the Sea Harrier very nice work!
  12. other plants have latex qualities.......it was said that the extracts from Dandelions were also experimented with. it was later abandoned due to them having lesser amounts to work with. I believe that they would look sort of an ashened gray. I came home from work the other day......it's been quite hot lately, and I couldn't help noticing how bright the room was from the natural sunlight. so I grabbed a few more pictures....I also added the lower interplane struts. I finished painting them. the upper struts were fitted, but I haven't added them yet.. I was thinking on how I wanted to do the top wing. Revell kinda drops the ball in regards to this bit of rigging. instead of having molded holes for the control cables, there are holes in the upper cabane strut roots, to thread the rigging through. I would try and drill the holes, but I could never be able to copy the detail aspect of the pre molded holes, so I will live with it. rigging for the upper and lower aileron cables needs to be cemented in place, before I can close up the top wing.

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