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  1. I'm gonna call her finished.......if I mess with 'er any more, I might ruin her. life preservers, flags, and general touching up enjoy! I photogged her on the new table for the PT boat.......it's a bit low.......might serve well for sailing ships.
  2. hey-ho gents!.......getting caught up with the goings on here.....thanks for all the kind comments yepper......strange events going on.......we saw snow, but you would hardly know it. the flakes were as big as dimes.........really wet stuff. it's over now I think.......haven't seen any more precip since lunch. I knew I wasn't going to get another coat on the hull.......I haven't touched it either. I did put her on the stand though, and now I'm thinking of what goes on the deck. I'm thinking of how many dead lights are on the deck......so I pulled out the Revell kit of the PT 109 an
  3. hey there OC.........superb job on the tank! love the weathering job and what you did with the tracks. you've really gone all out
  4. sadly, the master of card has passed away, but I'm sure he's smiling, knowing that his logs live on
  5. I do apologize that I haven't gotten back.......life can be so involving. good you fixed the garboard......it looked as though you were in the process of removing it. as with all planking, it goes all the way back to the stern stem. as you notice, the bulwark strips are not the same thickness as the planking. the planking is 1.5 mm..the thickness of the bulwark panels is about 1 mm. when I built mine, I looked at this and that is why I decided to do away with them and plank the bulwarks. sanding the planking to match the bulwarks would substantially thin the planking, and rai
  6. ..........now that I've had time to clear my head....... ......sorry.........lost my mind for a minute there...... my sense of humor does require some getting use to the mast had been broken before. pulling the rest of the mast out, the overall length was taken and cut from fresh rod. the yards were removed from the old one and added on, then the look out basket. I too some of that thin wire and also did the yard rigging. the ladder was added and then the mast was painted. I also rigged the aft mast. still need to do some touchups around the deck ar
  7. chocolate? love Dutch chocolate! I was going to post a small update yesterday, but I got carried away.........no......not by the white coat people. more reno to the spare room........ had a small mishap with the fore mast...it's being reworked. I dozed at my computer and crunched it with my head of course, I had replaced it with brass rod, so it had a bit more resistance than if it were the original parts. the prick mark in the middle of my forehead has healed nicely.......I've added the ladder and painted it this morning, and should have it back on board later today. then I c
  8. quite a parts count for such a small scale........the detail must be enormous! sitting in for this one.......I brought a lawn chair
  9. the stand looks very nice........though the supplied stand seem generic from company to company, I find that they lean more to personal taste I've used them mostly as the build stand, and made one for the display stand. nice job on the rigging so far........the use of different size rope and the shape of the blocks. the tiller is interesting too......would there be an opposite on the port side? is there a principle? superb paint.......very well done!
  10. thanks all ....I'm very happy to get her to this point. of course, this next week is going to be wet, so it might put a damper on getting another coat on her. then again, if the sanding cleans her up good enough, I might forego another coat, and go right to the paint { I do like the mellow wood grain since the resin coat}. once I can get the hull the way I want it, I can then decide on a clear direction for her........there are so many choices I've done a little referencing already, but nothing in stone yet. the hull is dry to the touch now {I just had to come home and give '
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