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  1. no....pictures I have show just the insignia. I did a bit more to her today....I was a putz yesterday not related to the B 17.......I did a search on the Ruptured duck. it was an early B 25B, and one of the planes that made up the Dolittle raid. Accurate Miniatures produced a 1:48 scale model of a B 25B, but a review of the kit {it reads like a build log} I found, states that it has some inaccuracies. I've seen three variations of the nose art.....hard to say which one is the correct one. I found a list of the planes in Wiki. Doolittle Raid - Wikipedia as I was writing this, the mail came..........I have the decals finally! after a month and a half, the saga is over I hope they don't ask me to do a review
  2. might be Roger.........but I don't have a set up like that. I do have some play sand though...something like that perhaps?
  3. oHHHHHHHHHH! you know........I was thinking of looking for small rocks outside....smack 'em with a hammer, and glue some around the pilings. them add a little of that scenery that I used for the General. do you think that will work? I could smatter them with some green too.
  4. sorry to hear of your progress Wayne.........injuries that involve repetitive motions are usually hard to recover from, especially when ya have to do them on a daily basis {kinda sounds like what you have}. I am glad to hear your to the point where you can get around OK. while retirement is something I hope for, I hope something comes your way to continue working {there must be something out there}. even if it doesn't pay what your currently making, the mental stability will be priceless wish you the best my friend
  5. I run into things like that with decals........the Nine o Nine build is a good example. the supplied decal sheet is less than adequate and doesn't point to any definite subject......it's missing half of the markings anyway. after market has saved me in that respect. granted, the decal sheet didn't include the Nine o Nine nose art, but one couldn't detail a model even with the existing nose art. for detail, I've had kits that are really good.......some not so good. disappointing when you buy something that looks really cool, turns out to be a dud. I've always heard that Trumpeter was a good brand......but I've also heard that they have a degree of inaccuracies with some of their kits. the book might not have been a bad idea..........research is key
  6. I'll check those links out....thanks gents surprised that I've not heard of that place CW.......god knows how much decal searching I've done. though my past 'weekend' was kind of a wash.....things kept me hopping, I did get a little bit more done on the Nine. I cut out the decals I'm going to use from the supplied sheet, and the one I got from Mega Hobby. for the wings, I'm using the 1:64 insignias and 'A' marking for the top surface of the starboard wing. though not shown, the insignia is on the bottom surface of the starboard wing.........looking at the pictures, there is no 'A' on the underside. for the rudder......these are the 1:72 decals. there really isn't that much of a size difference, as can be seen I should have shot a picture of the whole plane.........I thought I was going to get back to it, but got carried off on another errand {can't wait for the Christmas hub-bub to kick in} I started to clean up the fuselage.....the underbelly will need a little extra attention. I got a surprise in the mail recently........a Revell 1:72 'Memphis Belle' looking over the kit, it is clearly too good for the 'Wulfe Hound. rest assured that a kit has been scoped out to build it. this one will do well as the 'Belle', or the 'Shamrock Special' I can't thank you enough 'masked stranger'
  7. very nice work on the tender.......the whole model looks awesome! the camo really came out great
  8. I built one cycle model in my day........1:9 is an odd scale. still gonna built into a large bike superb start as usual!
  9. the task is complete........I've done a few checks to insure that all of the cables are cemented. I've found only one that is being stubborn. I was going through some of cast off pieces, which I keep in little bins. these pieces are the cut outs for windows, doors, circular and square bits, that are usually punched out and tossed. I have found many uses for these bits in the past, and now I need to come up with six that will fit into the screw pile holes in the base. I need to shallow these holes, so reinstalling it back on the base, is not a problem. not finding what I needed in the bins, the though turned towards looking for what I could use instead. I was going to cut some dowel........but then I came up with alternative idea. long ago, I received some parts for a Billing model....the Danmark. I have the center spine, the long panels for the bulwarks and upper section of the hull, and a few other bits. I also have a copy of the instructions on CD, sent to me since I was helping at the time, a modeler who was building the model. that has long passed........but I hung onto the parts, intending on replicating the hull, and outfit it for another subject. the panels have portholes.......they are not punched out yet punching out six of them, they will be perfect......they are about 1/8th thick........the base is about 1/4 inches thick. I've drilled out the holes in the base to accept them and will make it easier for the screw pile to set back in the holes too. I was going to paint the pile flat black.........but thinking of how hard it would be to mask the underside of the structure, I'm leaning on simply painting it flat gray. should look OK.
  10. I wish it was that easy......the bomb bay doors are molded to the fuselage........would have to cut them out not only that, there would be the floor closing the bay off.....he would be trapped. I warned him of court martial, but he simply replied 'melt me!' . there is a silver lining to this story however........he is finally back at his post I used really thin wire, turning the fuselage upside down and rattling the gun into view, it was hooked and pulled over to the slot. from there, tweezers were used to get him back into position. I used Ca to cement him in place......I hope it won't mar the clear turret. in the initial efforts to free the free fallen gunner, the other gun came loose.......I'll have to put it back in place after I know the gunner is firmly back in place. gluing the halves together...........and after the gunner is back in place....... .....I almost forgot........ I've about hit the end of my patients concerning the order of those other decals. as the admiral and I discussed......I would rather see this order go to it's full fruition, as I think cancelling the order might be a ordeal getting my money back into my account. I was ready to order from Mega Hobby, but I was told to hold off until I've dealt with the order already in progress. I sent them an email yesterday, asking if there was any additional problems and that this order is over a month old. when will it be sent to me. the reply I got is that it was mailed yesterday......wow! as can be seen, I still have some touching up to do, so I have time to wait.

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