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  1. thanks Kevin I made some progress on the Agilis today......fleshed out the bow spirit some more. I was able to give it a dual striker......I was concerned, since I didn't leave enough of the spirit jutting out the front. knowing how tough it would be to solder it { a mast ring with two sockets}, I used Ca to assemble it. I bought a new camera today........I was gonna wait for the next update to introduce it, but I don't have a picture of the assembled bow spirit, so I ran in a snapped a quick picture. it's a Kodak PixPro Fz43......metal flake black, as opposed to lima bean gre
  2. thanks Ed.......yepper, leave it up to me it will remain to be seen though......pardon if I don't do a log on it. I'll be sure to let ya know if I make a breakthrough on it I am glad that your still look'in in.........glad that you all are still here I did make some progress in the camera dept today.......I bought an 'up to date' phone........I feel like George Jetson 🚀 it has a built in camera........it fit the budget, but the guy didn't give the camera quality a high rating. I felt insecure, so I also bought a camera too. this one is probably a step up from t
  3. yea John........the camera phone is a bit more revealing {must remember to wear pants! } thanks Richard......slow at first. once I can get some decent session time, I can really get more done. I got a bit more done on the Agilis bow spirit......here are the two and the difference. .......as mentioned, the camera phone is a bit more revealing. I'm sure some are scratching their heads wondering what that monstrosity is in the picture. a while back, I was browsing through the old model kits site, and I saw these two kits from Model Aerodrome Limited...
  4. thanks Kevin.....and thanks to those who hit the like button yea......I think it's about time I got back to this duo. the kit wasn't that good, but I think there is a neat little model in the box somewhere. I've seen a couple finished models........there are a few things out of whack......like the mast height being the most obvious. J and I figured that out quickly and.....well, J is done with his....so I guess it's my turn. this was my idea.........go figure
  5. 10 weeks..........REALLY!!!! superb model James..Holy cow!!!!! my best is 4 1/2 months congratz!!! she's a beauty!
  6. hey there! I see your well on your way with the lady since this is a double planked hull, you don't need to fuss too much with the first planking......shape it to the desired contour. some will use filler if needed. your best bet with the second planking would be to use 0.5 thick planking. it will be easier to work with and can be purchased in a variety of woods....dark walnut...beech, to name a few. keep it tight and taper where indicated I used to use pencil for simulated caulking....I've even tried crayon and 0.5 x 0.5 mahogany thin strip. I done everything but t
  7. I'm a B 17 fan as well......heck, I've built three plastic models of 'em I think it would be neat to see how one of these models are built.
  8. hey there Phil! you've made quite a bit of progress since I last looked in..........the ship looks splendid! the fittings and structures look really good too.......coming along very nice!
  9. I've never done a vac kit.......they look very daunting you did a superb job! really like the paint work.......did you stencil the insignias or are they decals?
  10. I spent a bit more time on the Agilis than the Clotilda. they are both together on the table. if your following the Clotilda build, you read that I had made up two bow spirit assemblies....I fleshed out the one for the Clotilda first. the glue hadn't set on this one yet, so I applied a bit more and set it aside. this one will have the spreader as well, but will also have a double striker. I will need to create a cap for the spirit, since I didn't leave enough jutting past the fitting to drill. the hawse holes were drilled into the bow.......they will be fitted with meta
  11. I had another good day of playtime hoping that my train hadn't left the station, I'm trying to get my bearings on where I left off. I had cut a bunch of dual ring mast fittings as I recall.........time to try them out. since this is somewhat of a dual build, I cut two bow sprits and two booms. they were assembled using these fittings.........I need to cut more {I was also going to make different sizes and band combinations. I used the admiral's phone again.......I'm really starting to like it. I can still size down the pictures, cutting down on the picture file size. the original
  12. my admiral is big on that.........."you can make that".....she seems to think I can make anything news blip....someone hit our house! they took out the bulkhead {doghouse} for our cellar! not much more info other than they got the guy already jee,..........all we need now is a dumpster fire! your making it hard on me, you know.........now I gotta make stuff like that!..... nice job.......not even aftermarket can duplicate the effort I'm not big on the resin stuff for that reason.......true that some of it can enhance the model, but in other cases, the k
  13. amazing work inventing the wheel...........really nice work! the brass work is super.....WOW!
  14. good start on an interesting subject interesting way to learn another language too following along
  15. jaw droppingly good! shaping up nicely Ekis........love the 3D concept for the stairway {can't wait to see that part done}. I also love the evolution of complexity. don't stop now!
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