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Question on thread for standing and running rigging (Moved by moderator)

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OK, slightly off-topic, but I have a question on thread for standing and running rigging.  Just purchased a 1/96 Revell model of Cutty Sark off eBay.  No thread included, and no assembly instructions.  Found instruction OK, but no idea on what size/gauge the thread should be.  I know the standing rigging is Black and heavier than the running rigging which is Tan, but I'd like to get the thickness of the threas proportional to the scale of the model.  Any suggestions?



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Hey Coastie


I've done a (very) quick skim through C Nepean Longridge's book, 'The Cutty Sark, The Ship and a model' and came up with a few numbers, which, together with the tools mentioned above should give you a good lead.


The standing rigging, pennants etc of this period were usually wire, so they are not necessarily larger than the running rigging.


Best way to confirm what you're doing is get some stand off photos of ships and look at your model from a similar scale distance and see if the rigging is in proportion. Pretty well any of the training ships have wire standing rigging and would give a good idea if you don't have a photo of the Cutty Sark herself from the right perspective.


Shrouds, cap stays & lower stays 5" circumference wire

Bob stay, iron rod

Bowsprit shrouds, chain

Top mast shrouds 2 3/4" wire

Jib boom guys 2" wire

Topgallant shrouds 2 1/2" wire

Lower Yard lifts 2 1/2" wire

Course Sheets 4" hemp (sounds a little small for the main course to me MD)

Lower topsail yard braces 4" hemp

Topsail halliard purchase 4" hemp


Mark D

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