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TBS-Aachen for Proxxon tools in UK and greater Europe.

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There has been a trickle of thread traffic regarding this company and I, along with others, have been very pleased with their prices and service. Having just received my latest delivery from them I would like to use this experience to further spotlight this excellent company.


Order placed on the afternoon of Sunday 19th January.

Order received 1115 Wednesday 22nd January.

Postage and packing € 12.95/ £ 10.60


Using Amazon UK as a comparison I saved £ 30.11 buy buying at Euro rates on the order total of £142.18 ex Amazon. I have disregarded postage costs in this comparison.


TBS- Aachen stock many other brands but my experience has been solely with Proxxon products.


I would be interested to hear the views of other users of this company and particularly how they are viewed by German users.





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They've been great for me. Excellent documentation and communication, excellent packaging, cheapest prices in Europe for Proxxon, fast & secure delivery by DHL, very reasonable postage rates. What more could you ask?


But that's me in the UK -- not Germany, where the delivery prices are of course lower and, I note, sometimes included in the price.


Interestingly TBS Aachen also sell through Amazon and their prices on Amazon UK are considerably higher than if bought direct through their website.



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Todays price for your DS460 from TBS is € 309.00 or £ 253.00 !


Postage and packing would be € 12.90 or £ 10.57. Delivery is good, see my earlier post.


Thus the saving for buying from TBS is a staggering £ 84.50 ! Vat is included, there are no hidden charges.



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