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  1. Thanks very much, Eamonn, Roger and Casi. Really appreciated, coming from builders such as yourselves. Tony
  2. Well, there are plenty of others who have ended up making the same decision. I've often had to go several steps back, and take it as a learning experience. I hope all goes well on the re-do. Tony
  3. Sure it can't be straightened out? Under a heavy board for a few days, after wetting perhaps. I don't know as I've never tried such a thing, but there may be a solution. Better to pause before a rebuild, I would think. You've done so beautifully so far. Tony
  4. Great thought about those cheap collets which can be used as clamps. Thanks a lot! Tony
  5. Styrene is something I would like to try. The results are really good. Thanks for this wonderful work! Tony
  6. Whenever I look over at the log of @giampieroricci in his build log of La Venus at a scale of 1:96, I shudder at the thought of presenting my own build of a much simpler vessel at about the same scale. It shows me just how far I have to go in terms of skill and workmanship. However, as I’ve said before, I have to learn before I can do; and this log is definitely aimed at others who like myself are just starting model making, and who may like to follow the detailed steps of my learning. The main issues for me are the shaping of very small pieces, and, as you will now fin
  7. @moab : thanks! I'll shortly be posting the completion of the shrouds and the halliard. I find working at this scale takes a long time, especially with having to take things apart and repeat frequently when I get the order of the rigging wrong! Tony
  8. This is a very inventive use of a 2 week quarantine in a hotel room. A pony made from the card cartons left for the quarantined person outside his room. Pretty skilful and imaginative, let alone the sheer speed of his thinking and manufacture! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/05/horsing-around-australian-man-creates-paper-friend-out-of-lunch-bags-in-hotel-quarantine Tony
  9. Very neat indeed! The only minor thing I noticed was the needle shaped end of one of the spiled planks. This of course is fine as it will be painted over, but in reality I don't think any plank would have ended at less than half its width. The strake in such cases would be resolved by a stealer or a drop plank. This is covered in the various planking tutorials available on this site. Tony
  10. That's why eBay prices can go very high, the more so over the last few years; which leads to their cost per cubic metre being much higher than getting castello, and even higher than buying boxwood blanks. Tony
  11. In terms just of the rulers which could be one part of the question, some of them clearly state 'BOXWOOD' on one of their faces, especially some of the old Rabone ones which say 'WARRANTED BOXWOOD', and I think every one of those that I have bought are quite different from the others. The trouble is that without that statement they all look alike from the outside because of the varnish coating; but they're still nicefor detailed shaping and cutting with sharp edges. If others know of a better way to spot the difference, I'm all ears. I'm quite happy with castello as it is cheaper and more avai
  12. Thanks, Gérard. I thought that might be the case. but just wanted to make sure. It'll also make it far easier to rig! Tony
  13. Just as a matter of interest, I was wondering whether the 4-sheave halliard blocks of some lateen rigs were attached to the mast or just held there by the force of the ropes. The illustration is from the monograph of the Allège d'Arles published by Ancre, and shows the block I refer to. Any answers are welcome! Tony
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