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  1. Thanks for all the likes, which I'm very grateful for as good wishes for the future outcome! I just hope you won't end up a little let down as for me it's been like starting all over again with scale and card. Both these require new skills and techniques which I'm still learning. PLANK ON BULKHEAD As the next stage of my apprenticeship, I wanted to try my hand at making a POB version of a ship based on the plans. In particular I wanted to see the possibilities of building the frame in card but finishing the planking and the rest of the model in wood. This definitely is a plus
  2. INTRODUCTION & RATIONALE I was given the Ancre monograph of the Fortuné Joseph, an Allège d’Arles (the English translation), and, as I was wondering what next to build, this looked like a good possibility. There were lots of variation to these allèges, or lighters, in the 19th Century, but all had in common their lateen rig and general shape. Ever since being taken on an Arab felucca on the Nile (the one in my picture below), I have been intrigued by the lateen rig. I haven’t been able to find any plans or construction details of a Nile felucca (if anyone kno
  3. I really smiled at your dog with the snowballs in your video, Doris. It must give you great company and love when you feel alone. I have sent the video link to my Czech family in Prague so that they too can admire your prodigious and amazing output from their varied artistic and technical viewpoints. Tony
  4. RB Productions, or Scalemates, have similar saws for sale, which I think are a bit cheaper. Their site also has lots of interesting modelling tools. I have used this type of saw for a five years now and it really is very useful. The saws and holders are at https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rb-productions-rb-t013-saw-blade-holder--675096 They also have an interesting nano saw set at https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rb-productions-rb-t038-nano-saw-set--675092 Their general site is at https://www.scalemates.com/brands/rb-productions--691 Tony
  5. I'm with you concerning the lathe. I certainly love my Taig/Peatol lathe, which I bought together with a lot of extras off eBay. Great value, certainly much cheaper than Sherline or Proxxon, and with a really practical tailstock. The only thing I would like in addition is an electronic speed control, but I get by without it. Tony
  6. Thanks for the link to the Pandora book. I was looking at videos of how modern boatsmen set up this rig in France and Italy, and it certainly looked a lengthy process. So I totally agree that the rig you have done is not only sufficient, but also very practical. I was really just showing it because of my interest in the rig. Tony
  7. I'm not sure whether this is of interest, as it doesn't really apply here, but as I have been quite puzzled myself about lateen rigging it was good to find specific diagrams for the Allège d'Arles (1833) which illustrate how it was done on the Mediterranean coast, and is still followed on the French and Italian coasts for small boats: It's quite a neat way of doing it. Tony
  8. I like the idea of folding over the seams. Till now I’ve been making them as strips, following Antscherl’s method. Tony
  9. Ha! That's where I got my original block. I didn't know they'd also cut to size. So thanks very much! Tony
  10. Just as a matter of interest, where did you get the castello cut into such nice-sized planks? I bought a nice 2-foot chunk some time ago, and certainly like its qualities for small parts, but it does look a nice thing to use for framing. Tony
  11. I'd be a bit careful with that claim. I bought the chuck and found it very difficult indeed to put a 0.3mm drill bit in it and keep it dead straight. The best I could manage was 0.4 on my copy. I did buy a miniature jewellers' pin vice that I could insert in a collet in the Proxxon drill, and that proved much better. Better still are the very cheap Chinese Tungsten Steel Carbide drill bits which I buy in units of 10 for each size from 0.3 to 0.5 on eBay. Their shank fits Dremels and Proxxons just fine with the collets. They do vary slightly from one batch to another by about 0.01 m
  12. Is it not possible to print very small letters to dry transfer decal with just an inkjet printer? Tony
  13. Well done with the drill! You must have been holding your breath a bit! Tony
  14. You can also fill the holes with a Liberon wax filler stick which has the right colour. Very effective, simple to apply, little work! Tony
  15. Thanks, Derek. I too have a pile of old boxwood rulers I picked up from eBay before they became so expensive (more so than buying from suppliers per cubic meter) and before people started advertising non-boxwood rulers as boxwood (I was stung a couple of times before I noticed). I bought them specifically to build just those small parts and deck fittings that require detail, and planed the sides of their markings. I have already decided to do just what you suggest as I have dry shellac to hand. All the same, I'll also be trying the castello with an eye to the future. Tony
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