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Jotika Victory Mast Question


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Jotika Victory Mast Question

On plan sheet 6, topgallant mast, front elevation, there appear to be 2 holes drilled through the mast: one immediately above the 4 mm square section and one below the upper, tapered octagon. Are through holes also required on the fore and mizzen topgallants, or, for that matter, any other

mast section? Since I am constructing the masts from square stock, it would be eas1er to drill anyrequired through holes on a flat surface prior to shaping.

Some more detail on the sheave assembly construction would also be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Bill Lell

Birmingham, Alabama

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Greetings Bill

There are a few more holes to be drilled through the masts. Have a look in the masts and rigging manual and read through from the masts and stays onward and you will see when and were they are used. They drill very easily so leave them and drill them when your masts are made. As for the sheaves they are simple so I still have two to make which I forgot. I will show you them later when I make them , as there is no rush . Regards DAVID

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Hello Bill

I have just made the sheaves I forgot to make earlier . I said I would show you them in the event it may help you. I used .5 mm x 3 mm strip and glued thin strip across to make the frame. It is about 1.5mm square. I drilled two holes for dome headed pins. I will glue the frame to the square section on the mast, then shorten the pins so they just enter the mast when fitted. I think the photos will make more sense . DAVID The photo are in reverse order






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