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  1. Greetings from long ago. Hope you are keeping well. Just had a quick look through your log. Your build is very impressive. I will have a proper look at it later. I have just started back on the Diana after leaving it for a year or two. it should have been finished by now, and I have only just finished the second planking today. So it’s a good sand now, and then I will be happy. Anyway it’s good to see you again, and I shall follow your progress. Yes your build is looking really good Best wishes. DAVID
  2. Hello again Mark My favourite part of the build.... A little bit of advice before you get to far into your rigging. Get plenty of rope coils around the masts and around the deck area, plus areas that you may be belaying to, so they look like the end of the belayed rigging. Yep !!! Your running rigging does get snapped a lot trust me. The only good thing about that is you can afford a good holiday out of your swear box. Anyway plod on, all is good. I have nearly finished planking. Regards DAVID
  3. Greetings Mark Well we are going back a long time here !! I Remember it well. I have just had a look through a few years of your log, and the work is very good, especially the rigging which is excellent. I am supposed to be building the Caldercraft Diana, but it has been waiting a few year for the second planking to be finished, as I myself have not been around for a while. Anyway good to see you again, and my best advise is as always just take your time and enjoy it. Regards David
  4. Greetings Mort Cannot see you needing much advice on your build, with all the encouragement and advice you have given to other builders over the years. Good luck with your build. I reckon you will have more than a few followers. The only advice I can give you is the usual, Take your time and enjoy it. Best regards DAVID
  5. Greeting Patrick Four years on and still no dam dust !!!!!!! Welcome back. I have only just returned with my Diana. Well there’s not a lot to say is there?? It’s all been said. Simply Brilliant. Only one concern, slow down a bit, don’t rush it!! Best regards DAVID
  6. Hello Peter Not done any work on it for a while, but started again yesterday when I seen your post. Just this morning received seven super glues from Cornwall model boats. My planking is a shambles, so I will need them ! And I will definitely not post any photos apart from these four until sanding and filler is applied. If you cannot see the ship on my next post it will be behind the filler.good luck with your build. I don’t know if you have started a build log, let me know if you have. Less haste more speed ?? Doesn’t seem to work for me. Best regards DAVID
  7. Greetings Well done, exellent work throughout your build. Just keep enjoying it. Yes it’s looking really good. regards David
  8. Greetings Kevin What do you reckon Kevin ?? Doesn’t it look good ? The rigging really sets it off. Take your time and just keep enjoying it. DAVID
  9. It’s a dream build. It’s absolutely gorgeous . Well done. DAVID
  10. It me again 

                     A couple of photos showing the jeers fitted .




  11. Hello max

                 Info for you.... before you fit the main and fore match in position  go to plan sheet nine.   Main mast,      Then plan ten for fore mast

    See the upper jeer blocks. ( I )Fit them in position now. Fit the thread onto the jeer block.  

    Go to the side elevation (right Hand side of the drawing) and you will see 

    how the rigging on the block runs under the tops. ( platform ) then fits onto the V shaped rigging thread which runs around the mast about 4 or 5 times. Fit the V shaped thread to the mast as shown.

    next fit the rigging thread from the jeer block to the V shaped thread.

    The jeer block should hang about  a. Quarter of an inch below the tops (platform).  The instruction in the manual tell you to fit the jeer blocks a lot later on in the build which is not easy at all. 

    The lower jeer block as you know is fitted to spar, and the blocks will be joined up when the spar is fitted.      Also notice the jeer blocks ( upper and lower ) on the drawing are both upside down on the drawing. The drawing is wrong.  Let me know if you don’t understand.   Regards   DAVID 




  12. Greetings max It’s good to see you about again. You are doing really well, it’s coming on a treat. Looks kike you had no problem with the masts, and going to find the spars pretty easy. Are you still unsure about the rigging ? I keep saying this, but I found the rigging one of the best parts of the build. Just keep enjoying it. Get plenty of rope coils around the deck and belaying points now, as you will not be able to access some of these areas later when your running rigging gets in the way. Best regards DAVID
  13. Greeting from England 

                      My friend has had a clean out in the house, and  came across this photo of the Endeavour( replica ) sailing into Whitby Harbour, it looks like the photo was taken in about 1997.  The photo is in perfect condition and is laminated. Knowing you are building the Endeavour, I thought you might want the picture. I do not want anything for the photo, but I will post it to you if you tell me. The size of the photo is  24 inches  x  17 inches  and I  think it will look excellent framed, especially behind your Ship.  Just let me know. Best regards  DAVID.   Shipyard Sid . Here’s a few photos.









    1. DaveRow


      Hello David,

      I want to get over to Whitby to see the Museum there, have a good look about the area.

      The photo looks quiet realistic doesn't it.


      As for your offer to send the photo over, thank you very much.

      I'm not sure how I'm going to display the finished ship ? Been through a few moments, nothing definite.

      Not sure what it costs to send a 24x17 inches size ? to Australia. Would you roll it up into a cylinder ?

      If it doesn't cost much, be happy to get it. If a lot, I would send money to you somehow.


      27 Ashford Street



      Australia 4017


      Many Thanks

      David Row

    2. Shipyard sid

      Shipyard sid

      Greetings Dave 

                                I have sent you the photo in a cylinder as you presumed. There is also a small guide from an exhibition I went to see in the British library in London a few month ago, which was about Cooks voyages.You should receive the post before Xmas as the last posting date for Australia from the UK is Monday10th. Forget about the postage it’s  no problem.The photo looks like it taken around 1997.  Anyway it’s on its way. Have a cracking Xmas. 

      Best regards .  DAVID



  14. Greetings Robert It’s all been said, it’s simply something special. Keep enjoying it. Regards DAVID
  15. Greetings 

                 So I can understand clearly, ( as I am a bit thickish) can you tell me we’re you are ( not somerset !!! ) in the rigging manual (page number) and which plan sheet you are using now regarding the leech lines.  Regards


    1. Kevin


      Good morning, lol I'm in Somerset 


      I'm doing the fore mast lower yard with the 3 smaller blocks either side, the lines come from the tie off points through the mast top aft, then through the forward blocks and to the blocks on the yard its self, they don't go any further unless sails are attached, they just look like a knot has been tied on the line to prevent it being pulled back through  hope you and family are OK?


    2. Shipyard sid

      Shipyard sid

      Hello Kevin

                  Seems something went wrong with my posts. Was not not sure what you meant by  a knot stopping the rope pulling back through the block.

      I  am with you now,  leech lines running under the top and through the double blocks to belay on rail  b29 or b30.    Keeping my eye on you in case you revert back to plastic !!!!!.  LOL.  Onward to the coils !!!!  Just keep enjoying it. Best regards  DAVID





    3. Kevin


      Lol I wondered why you were posting on my status

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