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  1. Greetings Mark Hope you are well. Yes mine is also sitting in dry dock, as it has been for the last few months needing those few tiles added. And Kevin is totally correct in what he says. I shall now start adding those tiles tomorrow, and look forward to seeing your deck. Best wishes DAVID
  2. Greetings Mark Happy new year !!!!! Well there is nothing wrong with that rigging, it looks really smart. Well done.. I have came to a standstill which is a regular occurrence with me, and with only about 40 or so plates to fit. Keep up the good work, and by the way that deck still appears to have a few things missing, if you know what I mean 😆 DAVID
  3. Greetings Rich Excellent work throughout your build, and cracking rigging to finish. Well done. DAVID
  4. Greetings Paul Truly excellent work throughout your build, and a set of cracking photos. You must be really enjoying this build. Well done . Best regards. DAVID.
  5. Greetings Mark Well done with the yards. It’s all looking good. Now the rigging, and a bit of work on the Deck. Have you decided we’re you are going to locate the small boats, and how many did you make.?? You said you might locate them on the deck. I am at a standstill at the moment with the ship. Keep enjoying it DAVID
  6. Greetings Mark Excellent work on the spars, I surmised you were whittling them, am I correct ? Yep things are going really well, and it seems you are really enjoying it. plod on Mark . Best regards DAVID
  7. Greetings Mark Now a bit of whittling. Last time I did any, it was for the Victory, and I spent a lot of time in B&Q buying Dowel. It would have been cheaper to just get a tree. Keep enjoying it Mark. DAVID
  8. Greetings Mark Excellent work on the little boats, seems you have enjoyed it. Don’t know about small boats midships as they hide the waist. Seems you have a lot of patience, so do you fancy sticking some copper tiles on the hull of my Diana ?? Keep enjoying it. Regards DAVID
  9. Greetings Mark Yep well done. Once again don’t forget about the those Davits, with swinging boats on them now. Keep enjoy it . DAVID
  10. Greetings Mark Well done. Seems you are enjoying it now. I did know it was so small. I have a few left over from the Victory to build if you want them !!!!. And I have a few to make for the Diana with a bit of luck. Keep enjoying it. DAVID. Still putting tiles on ..
  11. Greetings keith It appears that this could be my first visit since 2014. Well the quality of your work as maintained the same high standard throughout your build. Well done. My best advice is just keep enjoying it, but maybe slow down a bit. Regards DAVID.
  12. Greetings Mark Looks like you should have no problems now. You are getting there. Excellent idea from Keith using marquetry sheet. Keep enjoying it. Regards DAVID
  13. Greetings Mark No worries, this only Mark 1. If it was me I would just buy some lollipop sticks and make a raft . Regards DAVID
  14. Greeting Mark. Things are looking good with your rigging. So a break to assemble the small ships. Are there only two ? I think there were four on the jotika Victory, but I only made two of them. I am still putting copper plates on the hull of Diana, but I have loads of money in my swear box for an holiday !! Covid permitting. Keep enjoying it . Regards DAVID
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