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Royal Louis deck planking pattern?

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Hey Ulises - 


You probably know this but just in case - the planks follow the curves of the bulwarks on a French ship not off a centerline.  Look forward to seeing your progress.


Hmmm no... I did not know that, but I agree with GaryM.

Do you happen to have a photo, Chris?

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Hi Ulises,


As a start for you check out some of the Monographs for the various ships of the Ancre




Here is the French equivalent of MSW - which should be helpful




One of my favorite modelers that builds off these monographs - the renowned Bernard Frolich




French ship design was more insular than the British - they did not take lines off captured ships.  Its all a matter or personal taste - for me French Naval Architecture has become a passion of mine.


The Royal Louis resembles my Commerce de Marseille Monograph somewhat - also a 120 gunner - you may want to google Delacroix's website to look at that Monograph as well.

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Greetings UV,


At that scale, and given the amount of deck furniture, why bother with trying to do the decking to a pattern? Butt joints and simulated fasteners will look too "busy" and take away from the over all look of the deck. In other words the "tail wagging the dog".



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