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  1. Thank you Nick. I have to say... if it looks dusty, is because it is This morning I spent cleaning it so next photos will be cleaner... that is... if I take them before it gets dusty again!!!!😂
  2. A small update and a "Why-have-I-been-so-slow" excuse. Hello all. Since August I started feeling a nasty pain in my left thumb that prevented me from doing almost anything with my left hand. Shortly after, I started developing a "trigger finger" condition in my right index. I tried different alternative options before undergoing surgery, but nothing worked. I wasn't able even to hold my guitar, much less playing it. My chops went downhill terribly. So I decided there was nothing else to do but surgery. I had it on Sept. 17th. Here the scars barely noticeable now
  3. Just a clarification: I said I developed this method because I did not copied it from anyone/anywhere else. One day I was thinking about how to make eyebolts easier and this came up to my mind. No doubt somebody else had came with the same idea. I don't want to take undue credit!
  4. This is the method I developed many years ago. The twisted part adds some strength to the joint
  5. Part of the learning process, my dear, and looks like you are taking full advantage of it. 😉
  6. Wow Jo. Hard to believe this is your first build!!! You are doing an outstanding job here. Congratulations!!!
  7. Jo. You can use fine sandpaper to get rid of the shine. More work but maybe that is something you already have at hand.
  8. Hello Jo. Outstanding job you doing here. In my very personal opinion, those barrels would look a lot better in a matte finish. They never were that shiny in real life.
  9. WOW!!! That is a GORGEOUS looking drum set. Congratulatios!
  10. I know, I know... I have been so slow... When furnishing my new workshop some things didn't quite came out right, and I need the guy who helped me to come back and fix some things, like the height of my main table. Working in the upper rigging has to be done standing up, and I tire very soon. Ok enough excuses. Mizzen mast standing rigging is finished, including shrouds and ratlines up to the topmast. I am following strictly the order laid down in the instructions. Not sure if this is the wisest thing to do, but time will tell...\ Making a mouse in Chuck's Serv-O-Matic
  11. Good topic and as usual, you will get as many different answers as people answering. I usually work in strict order. One of my great pleasures is to go through all the manuals and instructions of a new kit while sipping my morning coffee. So the kit initially is built in a strict order, at least in my mind. That being said, If I see a clear opportunity to do something in a different order I go for it. As an example, some kits have the anchors as the final step... I (may) put them as soon as I finish the hull... At this moment I'm in the process of rigging my Royal Louis. I am f
  12. Hello dear! Oh boy... you did learn a lot in a single building session Sending you a big hug!!! Ulises
  13. Splendid job!!! It is looking really fantastic. Love how you use the different woods to make a very interesting effect in the hull. Congratulations.!!!
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