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  1. Hello everyone. Seems like there is a shopping spree for this article: My first Proxxon tool. I have read so much about the quality of this brand, that I had finally to put one in my hands. Bought 100 of these clamps, based on the premise that you can never have too many of them (and under the promise of getting rid of the old ones) Got 8 of these large long-nose locking clamps, based on the previous premise A box with 12 rolls of the indispensable blue shop paper towels A new set of pliers
  2. Update as of Sept 16 2021. (Our Independence Day, BTW) I have been so slow with this build, mainly because I am very disappointed at it. I have seen bad instructions, but these.... !!!! they break all records. (I hear you, Michael... please spare me the "I told you") Anyway, slow as it is, here is some update: I submerged these parts in water overnight so they can bend around this tube Using rubber bands and whatever I can find to keep this part in place while the glue dries All these walls in place, which actually was a mistake. I decided to finish the first planking of the ship at this moment, and now its going to be a problem to turn the hull upside-down to plank the lower part. Oh well... sometimes I feel like quitting, bit that's not in my nature! Thank you all for watching!
  3. I don't remember having seeing a video more illustrative than this one. This lady is amazing. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it as much as I did.
  4. Hello guys. I am curious about one thing. In my previous post I mentioned having to modify the lower part of the bowsprit so it can have a proper fit. If I insert the 10mm dowel in the opening as is, this is the resulting angle... way too steep, in my opinion... so I modified the part like this: this way, the dowel can be inserted... and now the angle is this... More accurate, I think.. so I'm curious about anybody else having this problem with this kit... (those of you that built it or are in the process of) and how did you solve it? Best regards!
  5. Update June 24 2021. (So no one was able to answer my question in the last post?) 😥 I decided to deviate a bit from de instructions, and decided to build and place all decks, before proceeding to finish the first planking. Hope will not regret this decision later 😯. I actually did in one step, as you will see below... This is the paraphernalia I use to glue the decks to the frames. I don't want to use nails as in some places they will be highly visible and will detract from the look of the deck. The instructions say cut 19mm long pieces of wood to form the steps of the ladders. Well... at 19mm they don't fit in the opening of the deck. I had to cut a small notch in the wood for them to fit. This would had been easily fixed by cutting the steps 1 or 2 mm shorter... unfortunately, I decided to build all the available ladders in one sit. (Regret) (I know... some cleaning needed!!!) I inserted the masts and bowsprit to check for proper fit and alignment. I had to heavily modify the lower part of the bowsprit. If inserted in the deck opening as is, it resulted in a ridiculously steep angle. Reasonably OK alignment of masts and bowsprit. Those white pieces you see over a blue strip of masking tape, are temporary holders. They will help in the construction of the bulwarks and will be removed later. As always, thank you very much for visiting. I wish you all a happy day!!!
  6. Another small update and question to other Sergal kit builders: One thing that I don't like about this kit so far, is that almost everything comes pre made. It is almost like a plastic kit but in wood. (Except for the hull planking, of course) That IMO is good and bad: 1.- good because it saves time. I'm almost 73. If you see in my signature below what I have in my stash, I may not live enough to build them all, a bunch of heavy weights... so... less time is good; and 2.- bad because it takes away from the challenge. You may say, OK... scratch those parts instead of using the ones in the kit... please see point # 1.- 😉 Forget about buying new kits. I lost hope that I will ever buy that 1/64 Victory that is supposedly coming. 😪 Case in point, the decks. The planking is already scribed. I am, however, punching the nailing of the deck planks with an awl I made with a hand drill and a small nail. What I do is draw a faint pencil line as a guide, and punch the holes. When done, I use a fine sponge sanding block to erase the pencil lines. This at the same time, fills the holes with wood dust. When stained, the dust becomes darker. Its one of those details that is better "perceived" than "seen" To those of you that don't know: those weren't actually nails... the nail was driven deeper below the deck surface, and then a wooden plug was hammered in. This was done to prevent corrosion and rusting of the nails. So, filling the holes with wood dust is actually more accurate. Now a question for you Sergal builders... what in the heck those green circled numbers mean in the instructions??? I've given up trying to figure it out!!! Thanks for watching!!! Be happy!!!!
  7. Small update: Attached first 6 rows of first planking. I used a hair curler to bend the wood. After many tries, I've found this works best for me. I used high density Styrofoam to fill the space between the keel and first bulkhead I am staining the deck fixtures with walnut stain. They provide a nice contrast against the orange stain of the decks. Nothing glued or completely finished here. Have a nice day all, and thanks for visiting.
  8. Several things. Some new, some to renew and some not really needed A bamboo cutting board. This ultimately will become the base for my Royal Louis. An electric mini drill, low revs, with a vise/clamp jig and a set of drills, used in jewelry making. As usual we steal from other jobs to complement ours A set of Artesania Latina Micro Shapers that somebody here recommended. A fresh supply of glue. What I already have is years old. A not really needed hand drill with 51 drill bits. This time I promise to keep my drills organized!!! (Yeah, right) 🙄 What I like is the very large opening of the chuck, down to 0 A set of sharpening whetstones and a strop. I hope I can learn how to sharpen my edges this time. Even more clamps... well... In my discharge I can say, you can never have too many of these...
  9. Hello all. Thanks for visiting. I finished gluing all the bulkheads and placing false decks No. 19 and 20 Also in place are all 44 dummy guns supports. The very first plank is fixed only at the tip. I just noticed an issue in the instructions. They say to place that first plank at the point where the red arrow is: By doing so, the first plank would be placed in-between false decks aligned with lower No 19 deck, according to this drawing: ... But in the ship, if I align the plank with that point, it will go aligned with upper deck No. 20. In fact, the placement of the decks in the drawing does not correspond with the kit. Previous builders of this kit: is this going o be a problem further? Thanks,
  10. hi to add to the confusion I started a build log for the sovereign off the seas by Amati according to the drawing it’s 78 scale but according to the drawings it’s 900 long.?ray

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