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  1. Hey Jo! Let me talk to you about the "learning process" in this hobby. If you check build logs, (which I recommend you take some time to do) you will see that almost all of them have something in common: mistakes. And those mistakes come in two forms: mistakes WE make, and mistakes in the kit, be it in the physical pieces or in the drawings/instructions. No kit is perfect. The important thing is to learn how to cope with mistakes. If you study your plans and instructions ahead, you may detect mistakes in the plans or instructions and try to go around them. If you make a mistake because you didn't understand something, or just didn't pay enough attention to the instructions, by all means, go back and fix it. I can't tell you how many times I have done this, and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that you get! People often thinks that Patience is the foremost skill you need in this hobby, I would say it is Perseverance. Keep on it!
  2. Hello. This is one strange case in which a 1 star review made me purchase the product. Someone complained that the nails were "way too small" This is what made me to complete the purchase:) https://www.amazon.com/PECO-SG_B001BHLR4E_US-Track-Nails-PPCSL14/dp/B001BHLR4E/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  3. Quick update. Just for the sake of comparison: Original color: Stained color: (For some reason, they look much better in person. The actual color is a bit darker.) Here you can see the first sail already sewed to the yardarm and furled.
  4. Thank you Pat! Indeed... I chose to use that stain instead of strong tea or coffee which being organic may deteriorate over the years. I will post soon a couple of photos of how the sails end up looking after dried. Have to say I am very happy with the result! Best regards!
  5. This is how my Royal Louis looks as of March 20 2019. Finished placing the chainwales and lower shrouds deadeyes assemblies.
  6. Hello friends! Update as of March 20 2019 Working on the chainwales. This has to be the most frustrating experience in my shipbuilding career! Assembling the chains Remember a few posts above I mentioned some errors in design like the placement of deadeyes directly in front of cannons? I managed to fix that, but... design flaws made me do things I am not happy about. I just could not: 1- Align the lower shrouds deadeyes to not interfere with the upper cannons line of sight, AND 2- Align the chains that attach the strops to the hull in a way that they do not interfere with the lower cannons line of sight, AND 3- Keep the same number of deadeyes/shrouds for each mast. Anyway I just finished mounting the chaiwales. Good or wrong I am going to have to live with that! Now working on the sails... Original color: Drying them after staining with a water based stain from a Guitar Products shop in UK. Thank you all for watching. This is a general view of how my ship looks at the moment.
  7. Nice start Jo! Above all remember this: it is YOUR ship. Do whatever you feel like and whatever you want with it!!! Don't try to please anyone else but YOU!!! Best wishes
  8. Ouch!!! Those colors!!! In my opinion, the fastest and most effective way to spoil a build is to use shiny paints or varnish. If painted, colors should be flat. When in doubt, better leave it in natural wood finish!
  9. Hi Jo... remember to start a build log, if you haven't yet. It is the best way to get help/advise/comments and pats in your back with your work. Best wishes Ulises
  10. Hello Michael. Thanks for your question. Many years ago I purchased a set of sails for the RL. I remember it was the last one they had. The kit comes with instructions to build with no sails, so I would have to go somewhere else to get running rigging instructions. (Now that you mention it... it's about time to start rummaging through my rigging books ) Here they are deployed over the drawings. They ended up being too thick, however, they are very well made and too expensive not to use them. 😮 So I am planning to put them in furled/semi-furled position. I always like to put sails on my ships.

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