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  1. Thanks a lot EJ. I've been obsessed with making my own ropes since my days of plastic building. I tried everything from twisting the thread with a rotary drill and then just bend it in half and it would twist over itself. Very rudimentary. At his moment I have spend a large amount of money in ropewalk machines: I have the Byrne's, the Domanoff and one which was made by a friend who has a metalworking business. Each has its pros and cons. The one made by my friend makes really tight and even ropes, but you can only make fixed lengths of about 150 170 cms. Another nice feature is that since the
  2. I got a couple of items this week: One was this "book"... (well they call it "book" but it is more like a "booklet"). A bit disappointed at first with its size. I only hope that this is because its content is direct to the point, without much "straw". (Straw=useless stuff, as we say) And the next is just the opposite of disappointment: I got a batch of Chuck's blocks, to be used in my next build, Sergal's Sovereign of the Seas. I am so very pleased with the quality of this stuff... Bravo, Chuck!!! I have to tell you that this same stuff, in s
  3. Update April 17 2021 Running rigging of Main Mast finished. Working with the fore mast now. Here a few general photos of the Main Mast. By the way... if you have problems with your knots untying, do yourself a favor and go to a music store... yes.... a music store, and get a cake of rosin, the stuff violinists rub their bows with. A few passes of your thread over it and your knots will never undo. Pros: knots will not untie... Cons: knots will never untie... once is tightened it is forever... And a
  4. Small update: Mizzen running rigging finished! A few photos. All those loose scrambled threads on deck will be trimmed in due time. What I do is pass the thread through the belaying pin hole, and then "plug" the pin in the hole. This way is easier to make adjustments later. Just pull the pin out, pull or adjust the thread and plug again. When I'm satisfied with everything, I apply a minuscule drop of diluted glue to secure things. Thanks for visiting!!! Cheers!!!
  5. Fantastic!!! Your work is awesome!!! Very clean and neat. Congratulations on a magnificent work!
  6. I have been looking for this bender but can not find it anywhere. Where did you get it???
  7. Hello all. Thanks for the kind words. Here is another update. First the wrong stuff... I tried to drill the holes for the bowsprit gammoning and this was the result: ugly holes! So I made these "plates to cover up the mistake. And here is the result I am glad to say that the standing rigging is done! I followed strictly the steps in the instructions: So here is some photos of the ship in her present state:
  8. No! It is MY opinion. To me there is not a faster and more effective way to spoil a historical ship model, than paint it with bright colors and then apply a coat of gloss varnish. The same goes for golden hinges, chains, or any metal fittings.
  9. Just got this book. I wish there was something like this on the Royal Louis when I started that project, still in the making and near completion. As all John McKay books, it looks extensively researched and very very informative. 300 pages full of data, drawings and history. I have the Mantua/Sergal kit of the SotS. This will very likely be my next project. Such an awesome ship!!! Greetings all!!!
  10. Hello Guys. I'm Back! After a long period of no nautical activity, due to several reasons, in part (not necessarily in that order) procrastination, boredom (ratlines... do I need to say more?) health issues (nothing serious thanks God) I have already 5 of my fingers surgically intervened. I had to stop doing things I love and that made me loose the momentum, my guitar playing skills went down and my mood was in general very down. But finally I managed to slap myself in the head and started working on my project again. I am happy to announce that I am finished with the dreaded ratlines, a
  11. You definitely deserve a break, Chuck. I can not picture myself doing what you do. As for me, I would be more than happy if you could sell us the raw materials needed to make our own rope!
  12. Thank you Nick. I have to say... if it looks dusty, is because it is This morning I spent cleaning it so next photos will be cleaner... that is... if I take them before it gets dusty again!!!!😂
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