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  1. Excellent work my friend. I would like to copy this scarf method for my next build, if I may!!!
  2. Jo: I have been building models since I was a child (I'm 70 now) and wooden ships exclusively for over 15 years, and I still look at others builds and say to my self "why don't mine look like that, but hey, I have a lot of learning to do" Get used to that feeling, my dear, and use it to your advantage Hugs Ulises
  3. Looking good Jo. Sorry about your sore fingers. We all have been through that! Sincerely you are doing a tremendous job for a first timer!
  4. Hello Kurt. If it is wood to wood, nothing beats any of the dedicated wood glues: be it Titebond, Elmer's, Gorilla, to name a few. They form a bond usually stronger than the wood itself.
  5. Hehehe I will re-phrase that: The more you do it, the easier it gets!!! Best regards!
  6. Good work, dear. It is looking really nice so far. Keep on it. You will see it is not that hard!!! Best regards Ulises
  7. I use these hair curlers to do most of my plank bending. Have about five with different radius to make almost any bend.
  8. Everything in the sails first, then to the mast.
  9. Looking good Jo. Just remember one thing: Paint paints. Paint is not intended to hide mistakes. On the contrary, most of the time paint "enhances" mistakes. So be careful about your decision. You are doing a great job so far my dear. Keep on it. The first model is (most of the times) the one that will bring you the more learning experiences. Best regards Ulises
  10. Update May 23 2019. Finished placing all furled sails and their respective rigging lines. Currently working on mizzen shrouds, doing the dreaded job of tying several hundreds maybe thousands of clove-hitch knots to form the ratlines.
  11. Much obliged, Michael. Makes me very happy that something I did helps another ship mate!!! Best regards!
  12. Hey Jo. Remember that first planking doesn't have to be perfect. Try to see what flaws will be covered by the second planking and forget about them. Worry only for major defects like large bumps or hollows mainly. Small dents can be ignored. Watch for large hollows that would prevent the outer planks from gluing properly. You are doing great so far. Your hull looks great to me. Keep on it!!! Oh, and it is very normal to start thinking about your next model.
  13. Good to see you're back at it. Fond memories of when I was at that stage!!! Best regards!!!
  14. That's the spirit, Jo. I'm proud of you! Keep going!!!! You will never get better if you don't make and learn from your mistakes!

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