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  1. I personally love pure tung oil - it allows the wood to patina over time and age. My experience with WOP - its easy to use - however you freeze the look of the wood - which some people prefer
  2. Hi Ted, I too haven't built a plastic model in over 35 years. On my Bismarck the best technique with both photo etch and plastic parts if using medium CA. I apply it with a pin vise and a dressmakers needle inserted (you can buy 40 of them at any store for under 4 dollars). Hope this helps !
  3. So I added a comparison photo of 1/2 the length of Bismarck @1/200 scale compared to the WVH @ 1/50 -crazy how long this beast will be when completed.
  4. Greetings ! Pack 4 of the Bismarck is completed. I have huge admiration for plastic modelers who use photo etch - which is a fiddly pain. Here are some updated photos - 1/3rd of the ship is complete - and a lot more challenging than I thought. It is fun using different techniques - and the wiring and motors are cool. After this one will return to the world of wooden ships - probably finishing the Wappen Von Hamburg and then my retirement project - either Le Gros Ventre in 1/36 (the keel parts are already completed) or La Renommee in 1/36 (plans are enlarged and ready to go)
  5. Heres a picture of the portholes. World of Wayne is a great resource for this build. I do have surgical gloves and weathering powder if I choose to make the blast bags.
  6. I confess - you're right - I wont let him touch it with a ten foot pole. Im having too much fun. i think pack 3 arrives any day. Great tip to simulate portholes - use a black 2mm sharpie followed up with Mirco Crystal Clear - nice effect to simulate glass.
  7. Here's the front turret and anchors in action after being wired. This is just test of the motors- sound chip will be added later and fuller range of motion for the anchors. IMG_0704.MOV
  8. This will be one long beast - already 12 inches long at the first turret. Next I need to wire the electonrics on the front turret. I am not going to sweat the small paint chipping - no one will notice as she grows. Notice I have to use a paint bottle to hold down the deck because of all of the motors mounted in the rear until I permantently install it.
  9. The fun continues ! Next stages are mostly concerned with gears and motors to work foremost turret - "Anton" and the anchors. Shes going to be large and heavy. A little bit bummed about some metal showing where the hull parts are screwed together - I could always use some weather powders or touch ups if needed.
  10. LOL - at 130 per month for the next 10 months - I cant leave this build to chance until he earns the skills. And Im having too much fun with it !!!!!!
  11. This is a FUN build - here are the results of the first 8 installments. Each chapter is maybe 30 minutes a piece work time which works great for me and the family. The turret works electronically, the bow is solid metal and very heavy and here are my tools (much different than a wooden ship build) - God Hands - they cut plastic parts perfectly off the sprue, tweezers, screwdrivers and CA. I have 9-18 next - more electronics and a growing hull. Ill be back at my wooden ships later but for now a nice diversion - and have pretty much taken over for my son on this one for now. Im teaching him model building on some Airfix 1/72 airplanes which are disposable.
  12. I have read that some have used the tips of surgical gloves for blast bags that are then weathered. I might make a test - again the fun of this project is the working electronics vs complete accuracy.
  13. Update ! Unlike wood ship models - working with multi media is more like a jigsaw puzzle - very relaxing and easy. Here's the results of the first three packs, forward deck, first of four Arado plans and the "Anton" turret. I need to install the motor/electronics in the "Anton" forward gun turret next. Agora is terrific as far as customer service - if you damage or break a part they will send you a replacement ASAP. The metal hull parts are terrific - she will be almost 4 feet long when completed.
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