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  1. Hey Chuck - as a fellow small business owner - not sure if you want to open this can of worms - it’s seems like there may be more downside than upside with your time and investment Chris
  2. Beautiful job on the planking ! I agree with you - the less is more approach works very well - heck I almost decided not to simulate caulking but have changed my mind there. No treenails for sure. Hopefully Ill be back in the shop this weekend after many honey dos to get the house ready for winter - which is coming early here in the Midwest. Kudos to a brilliantly executed model so far !!!
  3. Try FED EX - Ive had this issue before - they seem to have the only machines to handle this without "fit to size"
  4. No chance Rusty - never again will I refinish a deck. I got severe tennis elbow from washing my shingle shake roof this summer and my back is still messed up from the deck. When will I learn - LOL Also curious still curious about China Marker (grease pencil) vs Number 2 Lead Graphite- any thoughts ?
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone ! Ill probably go with caulking - just not sure if the china marker is the way to go - maybe its better to just go with a number 2 pencil. Hopefully I can be back at work on the Winnie - as you can see by the attached photo Ive had my hands full refinishing and painting my deck. Im getting to old for this - it rained last night but you can get an idea of the scope of this project by the photos. All thats left are the lights and post caps. My back is broken - lol....
  6. Hello Group, Preparing at last the stem for final assembly. My printer was a bit off - I highly recommend checking your settings. The pieces on my stem were about 110 percent larger - I made the adjustment and remade some parts so Im now at spec with the plans. My original thoughts with this model was all pear, no simulated caulking or treenails. I may have changed my mind on the caulking - heres a test using a china marker on some stem parts - would love your thoughts before I commit. Two photos - china marker caulking and natural.
  7. Hey Group, About to hit a milestone next month and the wife is asking what I want. I really would love more time in the workshop - LOL. However probably another tool is probably an easier ask. Here's what Ive collected over the past few years (I use all of them). The major three Byrnes tools (saw, sander and thickness sander), Proxxon thickness planer, Dewalt Scroll Saw on Stand, Spindle Sander, Proxxon MF 70 Mill and a really nice set of Lie Neilsen chisels. Only thing i may be missing is a lathe ? Any suggestions are appreciated - Im a scratch builder with the occasion cheat from Syren Ship Models.
  8. Nice work Rusty ? Are you building in all pear as well ? I had to swap out a few parts on my stem - hoping to get it together this weekend finally !
  9. Progress - now just need to finesse the two assemblies together then sand the taper and chamfer the edges. Whatever finish I end up choosing should accentuate the joints suitably.
  10. Hey Lou - I do have a mill - the Proxxon MF70 - which I utilize on everything. I did start the gammoning slot with it - the rest was finished with files and sandpaper taped to 1/32 scrap wood. As far as the cutting board - bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond -works great for any work you need to use your chisels/knives with.
  11. Getting closer - needs a few more hours of precise sanding....
  12. Thanks Chuck -not too worried about the aft side. The rest requires endless tweaking to get it right - spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday on the assemblies - not there yet. Heres a progress shot - I do love this French Pear Im working with so far !

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