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Main Shroud diameter for MS Rattlesnake

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After appx 10 years I finally decided to get back into shipbuilding.  I had completed everything but the rigging on the Rattlesnake by Model Shipways 1:64.  There is some 1mm line that is supposed to be for the main shrouds but it looks way to big to me.  Seems like it should be around half that diameter....or am I wrong?


Thanks in advance for your help!






Current build:    Rattlesnake - 1780  Model Shipways

Builds:               Mare Nostrum  1:35  Artesania Latina

                          Cutty Sark  (I believe it was an AL kit)



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Using James Lees' formulas from The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War 1625-1860, and then diving for scale, I get .0258 inches diameter for the main shrouds. Anything in the range of .025-.032 inches would work.


Lees' work is typical for English ships of this period and Rattlesnake being American built in the colonies would roughly correspond with contemporary British practices.  



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