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17th or 18th century rigging on danish fregate of 1709?

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Just registered here, but been reading the forums for a while and thanks for all usefull information so far! I am definitely a newbie so it is with great reverence I post my first thread..


I am thinking of building a model of a Danish-Norwegian fregate, "Höyenhald" or "Raae" by danish constructor Judichaer. Raae was launched 1709 and in service until 1751 (plans available at orlogsbasen.dk, click "database" and "simpel" or "advanced" search to find the ships).


My question is what type of rigging to use. 17th century or 18th century? On the attached file you see the Raae with a sprit topmast and jackstaff, but being in service until 1751 (1754 for the Höyenhald) they must have been re-rigged at some point with more modern rigging? In England it seems like the change was made between 1710-1720. But perhaps the danes were a little slower in adapting it? I have noticed that some danish ships (and french) use Lateen sails well into the 18 century when english ships from similar years use gaff riggs.


Oystein Klausen


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