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HMS Bounty?


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I built the HMS Bounty from Artesania Latina. I believe that OcCre sell the same kit. The unique feature of this kit is that the side is open, allowing you to see the inner decks and offers scope for more detailing if you so wish. The kit is single plank on frame, meaning that your planking mistakes are there for all to see if you are not careful! Fortunately the wood supplied is good quality. The frames are made from plywood, which means they need to be stained since they will be on full display.


The downside of this kit is that the rigging instructions are poor and confusing. You are supplied a full size plan of the ship, but it is not clear where the lines go nor where they start. I purchased the Anatomy of the Ship book to help guide me and found that some of the rigging instructions were incorrect. Nevertheless, I just ran the lines where I wanted to and it produced an acceptable looking ship. This was early in my modelling career where accuracy was not as important as it is now!

Regards, Keith


gallery_1526_572_501.jpg 2007 (completed): HMS Bounty - Artesania Latina  gallery_1526_579_484.jpg 2013 (completed): Viking Ship Drakkar - Amati  post-1526-0-02110200-1403452426.jpg 2014 (completed): HMS Bounty Launch - Model Shipways

post-1526-0-63099100-1404175751.jpg Current: HMS Royal William - Euromodel

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Hi Brian have ordered the Amati bounty as i found their santa maria very good in regards to quality, unlike mamoli golden hind. assuming the family take the hint, and i reckon they have, should be delivered on my 50th in early sept.

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