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  1. Hi Ron, how about getting some ultra thin strips and planking over it? You can get strips so thin they are almost like paper. If it was me, I would be trying to keep it unpainted. Strips will cost next to nothing, and if you muck it up, then paint it. If you do have to paint it however, I would go for a brownish base and try to weather it a bit. Be more realistic I reckon. Cheers Chris
  2. Check out the "Where in the World" item at the very right hand bottom of the forum home page. There's a world globe there. Obviously only visible to the American members. Its not here. Although given what we have gone through in the last months, it may have been either burnt out or flooded out now. By they way, this is all just meant to be a light hearted dig, nothing more.
  3. I fully understand, and appreciate, that most Americans don't understand the fact that other countries actually do exist. That not everything actually revolves around America. I haven't done the mathematics, but I would think more members here would come from outside planet America. Actually the geographical / member ratio would be interesting to know. Anyway, sit back Chuck and take stock mate. On the Internet (yeah, its available outside the USA), there are no wee hours. We inhabit a global time scale. Cheers Chris
  4. Better there than suddenly in front of the headlights!
  5. any Australian suppliers/stockists for this? Cheers Chris
  6. Hey, I haven't started a build log of her yet. I am only just beginning her really. Just got false bulkheads on frame etc. My ongoing build, (which I must say, I haven't updated for a while) is the Sergal Mississippi Riverboat. I have a log of this build on here. Cheers Chris
  7. Hey Emmet, a lot, if not all, false decks on pretty much all kits require some gentle massaging to make them fit. I am currently just beginning the Mantua 1:50 Santa Maria, and I can already see a heap of sanding/cutting/cursing/praying will be required to fit the false main deck and align the preformed upper bulwarks. It is normal. So glad to see someone doing another of my hero's ships! Cheers Chris
  8. Plus it is far easier to get a nice, correct hull with no gaps etc. when using double planking. As Chris said, the first planking layer is merely a foundation for your final layer. The first planking layer is when you find out any rises, that need to be sanded back, or troughs, that need filling. The visual look, color, of the first layer is irrelevant. Its the contours of it that are important. The whole first planking layer will be covered by the final second layer. The better you do the first layer, the better the second layer, and overall look of the model will be.. Cheers Chris
  9. This looks like an interesting build David. I will follow along with interest. All the best to you and your family for the season! Cheers Chris
  10. You can buy this online also. I have had it for 5 or 6 years. Agree with Bob, a great video about the topic. And who can go past a VERY young Errol as Fletcher! Highly recommended! Cheers Chris
  11. https://www.shipmodeling.ru/ chris
  12. Any movement on this kit James? Cheers Chris
  13. what is the model name of this vessel? I cant find it for sale anywhere? cheers chris

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