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  1. Looks great David. Really like your informative updates on your logs. Copper plating looks super when done, but I can imagine its a royal pain in the **** to actually do! Cheers Chris
  2. cash isn't the problem. father time waits for no man!
  3. James, forgive me if I am interpreting this wrongly, but does it mean that until you build the Amati version of the 1:64 kit, and they (Amati), then develop the PE. masts etc. we will not see this released? This could take a considerable amount of time, depending on how fast you build of course. Would I be not far off the mark to suggest a couple of years at least? Cheers Chris
  4. That coppering sure looks tedious David, but the end result is well worth the time and effort I reckon. Great job as usual. Chris
  5. Hmmm??? Wife/Victory, wife/Victory, wife/Victory..... Do you have cable and a fridge in the garage?
  6. Well waiting! But we all have a finite time on earth here! lol Cheers Chris
  7. Doing my best James! Just wish I could actually see the real thing in Portsmouth. What a piece of living history you guys have over there. Please keep us informed on any updates re: the Amati version of Chris's build. Thank You. Cheers Chris
  8. WOW! Thanks Chris. I can only hope this model will be released soon before I pull the trigger and buy the Caldercraft version. It is simply stunning and a great credit to you. Cheers Chris
  9. Hey Chris, are you able to post more pictures of your Amati Victory in various stages? Totally understand if for moral/legal reasons you cant, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Chris, did you design the Caldercraft 1:72 Victory? If so, how does it compare in accuracy/detail to your much anticipated Amati 1:64 version? Cheers Chris
  11. You're just teasing now! lol Cheers Chris
  12. Looking at splitting the kit to make it more cost effective over a period of time for modellers. Good idea I reckon. Will let Emilio from Amati explain more. He said he will make a post here to explain further. Cheers Chris
  13. Just received an email from Amati regarding your Victory. Seems we may all have good reason to start getting excited! Cheers Chris
  14. I will definitely contact them. Given you designed her, drew the scale plans etc. do you still retain any ownership to the model? Could you not sell her as part of your current venture? As for cost; Amati are kidding themselves if they think junkies like us wont spend the big bucks on things of rare quality and beauty such as this! Sure, its not a kit that will fly out the door in the hundreds, but I bet more than a few on here alone would buy it. Any chance you could maybe post a few more pics of your design in stages/completion? Fully understand if for copyright reasons etc. you cannot. Thanks for your work. Cheers Chris

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