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Palamos by FrankG - OcCre - Scale 1:45 - First build

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I've took the plunge and started!


Being as this is my first build, I'm a bit nervous at displaying my lack of skill, but I think these build logs are very interesting.


I'm hoping mine will be as well - even if only to serve as a warning to others!  :)


I read the guide on here about kit selection, as there are so many to choose from I was getting a bit over-whelmed by it all. 


The advice seemed very sensible, so I went with one of the suggestions and went for the Palamos by OcCre. It seems that there are no build logs for this ship at the moment, so hopefully, mine will be the first. I went with the fishing vessel as my first choice, mainly because I've spent many holidays around the Meditteranean day-dreaming about boats like this. That, and the fact that the ship seems a straight forward build!


I bought the kit from CMB, and it was delivered very promptly.


Tonight I unpacked it and checked that everything was all in order. I was struck by the quality of the components and I'm pleased with my choice.


Right, I need to buy glue and a few basic tools, and then I get started!


A few pics of the kit






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Hi Sygreen. Just been reading your build log. Your ship seems to be taking shape nicely, well done. I think I'm a couple of builds off building something like that!


However, I've been able to make a start.


I've built up the frame and planked the deck and I'm now at the stage I've been dreading. I have to bend and twist the bulwarks and glue them in place, but first they have to be lined with planking. I'm concerned that wetting them before bending and twisting will loosen the glue. We'll see what happens.


I'll post a few pictures when I get home.

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It looks like you are at a similar stage that I am with my ship.

I am outlining the decking which I should have done prior to gluing the deck planks as it is now more difficult.

I am also worried about the planking

Get some pictures soon

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Some pictures of my limited progress so far:

Frames all glued up square



Deck planked



Bow and stern support pieces in place







Deck glued to frame



Now the dreaded bending of the bulwarks!

I had cut out a former to the shape of the deck and after dampening the bulwark clamped it on.



As I feared, some of the planking started to lift. I will have to reglue it later.



This picture isn't brilliant! I was trying to show the bend in the bulwark.



The bulwark isnt the correct shape yet, so I soaked it again for a few minutes and have clamped it up again. I'm going to leave it overnight and see what shape it is tomorrow.


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As a completely new person to this myself, I'm curious about why the planking was placed on the bulwarks prior to the bending/fitting step.  I assume that is what the instructions say to do?


The ship I'm working on has the planking of the bulwarks done after attaching the bulwarks to the hull, which makes more sense to me due to the issues you are experiencing with the planks coming loose.


Looking good though, will follow along on this.

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Hi Brian,


Yes, the instructions did call for putting the planking on first, though my thoughts would  have been to put it on after. As this is my first kit, I'm not going to deviate from the instructions unless I have to! Having said that........


The bulwarks are as difficult as I imagined - they have to curve round and twist out at the end. Moving in two planes so to speak. The instructions say to glue the bulwarks in place and then bend and twist them round and glue them at the bow and stern. Now there is no way that they are not going to spring out if I did that. So I thought that pre bending them would make the process a little easier.

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Knowing how difficult my bulwarks were to get put into place without planking (I did this last night), I can only imagine your pain trying to do it with them planked.

Best of luck, wish I had some useful suggestions, but other than what you are already doing, I've got nothing.

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I've finally got the bulwarks in place, but I'm not at all happy with the fit. :( They meet at the bow ok, but there is a very large gap at the stern. Try as I might, I just couldn't force the wood round, while twisting it at the same time. In fact, I have caused slight damage to the deck planking in my efforts to do so.


I finally succeeded in getting them on by using map pins to keep them in contact with the deck while the glue set.


After PM'ing someone who has also built the Palamos - and who had the same problem - I decided to get them on and afterwards try and fill the gap with a piece of wood. The outside of the stern bulwark is to be planked, so the extra panel will be covered. The inside however has planking which had to be attached before gluing the bulwarks in place, so I will have to try and somehow  plank the added bit to try and blend it in. I don't know if this is going to throw other components out, but I can't see any other way around it.


Not pleased with the situation, but I'm going to soldier on rather than abandon the project.  :rolleyes:


I'll get some pictures uploaded tonight.

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Hi Frank


Thank you for your photos and writings.


I have a partially built AL Endeavour built and I'm not happy with the planking thus far.


Being a newbie modeller, methinks I've exceeded my ability and need to do an apprenticeship properly.


The Palamos is widely touted as a beginner ship and I'm thinking of buying it to learn before retackling the Endeavour.


So am following your build logs with much interest!


Is there any chance of a photo of the gap problem?





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