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  1. I'm not so great with hand forming stuff like that either, which is why I cheated and used a mill on mine.
  2. The above reasons are why I never posted this new supplier here after discovering them. It's sad but an unfortunate truth of our times that we need to perform due diligence even on stuff like this in order to avoid supporting the companies that practice IP theft in our hobby.
  3. Beautiful as always, I love those stairs! How did you make the brass pulleys for the sheaves? They appear to actually be properly dished for the rope, is that true or do my eyes deceive me?
  4. Technically I got this yesterday, but unloaded and sorted out today. My poor long-suffering car managed a very long day of driving with my treasure. And today I got to sort it all out and try to figure out how to fit the treasure into my work room. I managed to squeeze all the Pear and Boxwood onto two shelves, but those long pieces will all need to be cut down to work with. These are standard Home Depot shelves that are 24" deep and 36" wide. There was no room remaining so for now at least, the floor of my spare bedroom is the home of the f
  5. An email was sent out to NRG members earlier today, not sure it's not posted here... 2021 CONFERENCE CANCELLED The Board has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Conference. Many of our previous attendees are senior citizens or have high risk factors for contracting COVID-19. Therefore, the Board has concluded that many members will still be reluctant to travel to attend the event this Fall. We have been in contact with the Channel Islands Maritime Museum and are hopeful that we will be able to hold the 2022 Conference there. Our Annual Meeting will
  6. Looks like you got those pieces in there quite nicely. For applying heat to a large or difficult to get to part in the future, give Chuck's method a try and use a cheap blow-dryer (or heat gun) and just blow hot air over the entire piece!
  7. I haven't spent much time in the shop lately as I just got back from being out of the country for a fair amount of time, but before I left I did make some more planking progress which never got posted, because it never got transferred off my camera! Pictures speak better than words, so have some pictures. It's missing that aft plank because I'm an idiot and kept working too late when I was tired. I got it to fit perfectly dry, then started gluing it down and got about half-way back when I realized that I had flipped it and had glued the aft end of the p
  8. The speed that you are moving forward with this makes the quality of the build all the more amazing to me. Beautiful work as usual.
  9. This looks pretty interesting, but I'm kind of confused about why it's in this Traders section. Is it a new kit? If so what company? Availability, pricing, link?
  10. A friend of mine who isn't very active on this forum these days uses the Foredom tools and I've had the opportunity to look at and play with them a bit. They blow away any of the hobby stuff like Dremel. Extremely fine speed adjustments and foot pedal controls. Excellent quality and he used them to great effect in his prior hobby of carving where he won many awards for his work. A nice Foredom tool is on my 'wish list' for sure.
  11. Great work, looks fantastic! I'm always stunned by the amazing quality some builders produce out of paper.
  12. Glad you got his models safely to your new home. What part of Arizona do you live in?
  13. Your wife is a smart woman, it's going to look great with full rigging!
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