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  1. I like it. 11x17 copying is much simpler to come by than large format, so for those who like to make copies to cut up as patterns to cut the wood this will be great. Don't personally see much if any downside to doing it this way.
  2. If my log is helpful to you then I am happy that I could be of some assistance to you. I know that I learned a great deal from the logs that preceded my build on this forum and I'm sure it wouldn't have come out the way it did without following a lot of the tips and tricks I learned from others. Sharing is the best part of this hobby, everyone seems to be willing and happy to help. Feel free to PM me with any questions you have, and if you start a build log, please send me a message to let me know so I can follow it (there are just so many logs that it's impossible for
  3. From your pictures, if the bulkheads are set properly at the top, your easy solution is shimming. The basswood strips to be found in all MS kits for planking work perfectly for this. Rather than trying to explain in detail, I'll refer you to my build log where I ran into pretty much the exact same issue (although on a different kit) where I was able to fix everything with simply adding more wood to the outside of the bulkheads and then sanding them down during the fairing. Here is the post where you can see the extra shims added - https://modelshipworld.com/topic/8085-
  4. Beautiful and precise PE work. I think I'll stick to wood though.. lol.. Thanks and will continue to follow along on this, I've always thought these ships were lookers.
  5. Hobby Bench (both locations in the NW Valley far from you unfortunately) used to carry a pretty decent selection, but only the major Europe companies like AL & Constructo, maybe a few Billings (US Company). No idea what they stock these days I haven't been in one of their stores for at least 5 years now. Unfortunately these days it's better to do your shopping for this hobby online, where you have access to products from newer companies like Syren, Vanguard, Dusek, Master Korabell, CAF and Maristella. Might be worth a visit if you are up in that area, just to be able to
  6. Welcome aboard! There are a few of us ship-builders scattered around the Phoenix area, but no regularly meeting group/club other than one in Sun City that meets during the workday making it impossible for anyone who isn't retired to attend. I live on the opposite corner of the city as you, out in Buckeye, but I know we have a couple MSW members in the SE valley area much closer than you.
  7. Planking looks great so far, well done! Start a build log so we can follow along, and welcome back to MSW! The AVS is a great kit, I really enjoyed building it (link to log in my signature). I also used Bob's practicum as a guide most of the way through the build, it's a useful tool, but be careful when you get to the rigging and read through all of it before you start and realize that he doesn't enjoy rigging, so he misses stuff and goes out of order, forgets to place things and then never tells you but you see it in later photo's, so you'll need to really pay attention to the p
  8. Some good looking models you've made... welcome back to making sawdust!
  9. Either way will work, but shimming them up will preserve the bottom of the bulkhead shape and probably make fairing easier as fairing the top of the bulkheads for the deck is pretty straightforward and simple compared to fairing the bulkheads for planking. You can also test fit the planking where the gap is between the bottom of the bulkheads and the top of the keel. If they fit nicely then no shimming or adjustment is needed, just fairing before you plank.
  10. Ah.. I see you did open your own introduction thread! Welcome to MSW, and congrats on completing a lovely model for your first build.
  11. That's a great job for a first build, congratulations and welcome to the addiction. Oh, and welcome to MSW too. You should probably post your own introduction thread instead of hiding in someone elses!
  12. That's gonna look really nice after you get it sanded and some poly or something on it. Very nice work.
  13. Made a slight bit of visible progress on le' boat. In my last post I had started lining out the hull for planking. I finished lining out the hull on both sides, and after this comes the planking. I only took one more picture of the lining out, as it's pretty much all the same. The planking on this kit is different than any kit I've ever done before. All the planks are pre-spiled, meaning that they are cut to match the shape of the hull already (they aren't just straight boards) and all I need to do is stick them on! Lol.. not really. They are pre-shaped, but they
  14. Some sheets you need to print yourself. Sheet 2 is the Shipway Plan drawing and will be found in the Chapter_04 folder on the CD for the 1/72 scale version. Sheet 8 is the 1/96 scale shipway plans and is also included on the CD and is referenced by EdT in this post in the thread specifically about these books - https://modelshipworld.com/topic/11317-modeling-the-extreme-clipper-young-america-1853/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-687297
  15. Good day Glenn, On blackening, I found that when I was cleaning the parts in acid (I used white vinegar) I needed to use a stiff bristle brush and actively 'clean' them while they were doused in the acid. I then rinsed the parts in distilled water twice, again brushing them to remove any captured bubbles or foreign material. Then when blackening I did it in very short time periods (10-15 seconds), rinsing and drying between to allow the blackening to slowly work up to the level I wanted rather than try to get it all in one go. I was using a different product however, from JAX.
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