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  1. I have their Indian Girl canoe kit, but have no idea how close that manual would be to the Peterboro canoe. I could scan and email that manual to you if you strike out with Midwest or any of the guys who built the actual correct kit.
  2. Life seems to take us in unexpected directions sometimes, and I've just been busy and distracted with other things. I've started three shipbuilding projects but none of them have progressed very far and all of them have been untouched for quite a while now. Starting to get the itch to get back in the workshop, but we'll just have to see how it goes! All the projects and the workshop are intact, it's more a matter of time and motivation! Take care.
  3. I'm a bit late to your finishing party, but wanted to say fantastic job @captain_hook, she is beautiful and your presentation with that slipway is incredible. Going to be hard for the next guy to top this one! Congratulations on finishing and good luck with your next endeavor.
  4. Congratulations on the new addition to the family Mike, and nice continuing work on the ship too!
  5. I've had the exact same experience with ME. No response to my issue and then a few days later a package shows up on the front doorstep with replacement parts. If they could close up their communications gap issue, they would probably never get a complaint of any kind!
  6. Chuck - I would not be a customer for boxwood sheets, but simply because I have the ability to mill my own, not because of pricing. I bought the AYC sheets from you in the past because I have no idea where to source large chunks of AYC to mill myself, and the amount I needed wouldn't really justify paying for a large chunk with shipping costs.
  7. On whether stuff goes inside or outside of the backstays, I found that if I just checked clearances, everything fell into place. If running it on one side would cause the ropes to interfere with each other, I'd just put it on the other side where it went without any interference. I'm not sure of what specific lines you are working on, but the simple 'common sense' system based on how stuff fit is how I handled it. Your build is coming along beautifully. Sort of wish I'd thought to use hooks like you are using on my build now!
  8. Looks pretty straight to me! My method of making sure I could keep the mast straight was that I simply didn't glue it at all. The shrouds and rigging hold it in place, and that way I could adjust it if needed after the shrouds were on before making all the deadeye adjustments mostly permanent (since the rigging is only secured with white glue, a bit of water would loosen them up for adjustment if I really needed to).
  9. Love the wood with the oil. I would absolutely not paint that if it were me! Nice work as always, good to see this one back underway.
  10. That's a smoking deal, this kit is $1100 at Ages of Sail! Good luck in finding someone who will give it a good home Rick.
  11. Looks to me like the narrowest strips they have are 1/4" wide, which is pretty large for most of the things we use narrow brass strips for. Still, another source for brass stuff at least!
  12. Mine was started, but then life has gotten in the way and I haven't done anything in the model room for months. Hope to get back in there soon, but no promises. The start of the longboat was very good though, as seen in my now dormant log.
  13. Good to see you are out of the hospital and back home Rich. Take care and I hope you heal up well!
  14. Some wonderful milling work as always Frank. Thanks for the detailed and informative record of this build.

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