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"American Clipper Ships" 1833-1858 Vol.2. by Octavius T. Howe & Frederick C. Matthews

     I have just moved and am finding some old "treasures" as I look through my many ship books.

This is an old Dover (1986) publication from Canada which is a delight to read. This Volume 2.

runs from 370 to 780 pages. The original work was published by the Marine Research Society,

Salem in 1926. The ISBN numbers are given as: (Vol.1.)  0-486-25115-2 and (Vol.2.)

0-486-25116-0.  This 1986 purchase cost me C$12.95 in Toronto. I don't know if this book is

still available.  Regards, Pollex

(Note to Admin.) Please move my post to a more appropriate place if this subject has already

been covered. Thanks

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