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Model Shipways Bluenose or Benjamin Latham for first kit


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I'm getting ready to purchase Model Shipways "Bluenose" or the "Benjamin Latham" for my first model ship boat,


Any preference on which ship? They both look pretty similar. However there seems to be more info regarding builds on the Bluenose.


Even though this will be my first ship build, it won't be my first build. I'm retired and love building. I build and fly RC Sailplanes. All of my planes are 3M balsa kits with the exception of a couple scratch built planes I drew the plans for and built using a plank on bulkhead type build for the fuselage, then fiberglassing and painting them. Therefor I don't believe I will have a problem with a plank on bulkhead ship build. Other than it's much smaller than a 3M sailplane. So with my old man's eyes and hands, the rigging may become a bit difficult. I use to fly fish and tie my own flies, so that may be a little helpful.


Anyway, any tips suggestions, reference etc. would greatly be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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Hello Ed ..... and welcome aboard MSW.


I haven't built either of these kits but Model Shipways puts out a good product.  The Latham is a little larger scale which means extra detail is possible.  My advice would be to pick the one you like best.....for whatever reason.  You'll be spending considerable time with her!


As a scratch model airplane builder myself, many of your skills will translate to model ship building.  There will be a lot of new things to learn but you'll pick them up fairly quickly.


I'm sure you'll hear from a few who have built these kits.  Once you make a decision, start a build log so we can follow along.  It's the best way to receive feedback and ask questions.


Best wishes on your maiden voyage!!!!



Current Build: US Frigate Confederacy - MS 1:64


Previous Builds :


US Brig Syren (MS) - 2013 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Greek Tug Ulises (OcCre) - 2009 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Victory Cross Section (Corel) - 1988

Essex (MS) 1/8"- 1976

Cutty Sark (Revell 1:96) - 1956

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