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  1. Heed the warnings well, mates. Same lady arriving here tonight. Hey, it's (almost) winter !!!
  2. Geez, Per. That's not good news. We're all pulling for you and yours. Maybe we should earmark some of the $$$ we spend on communications technology to keep the country up and running?
  3. Hoping you get some good news today on the utilities.
  4. No one believes this, but when I lived in the 'high country' in NW New Jersey (1,000 foot elevation), we had only 2 lane roads lined with trees and all the utilities were exposed on poles. We'd routinely have 3-4 power outages per winter..... usually 1-4 days. My best friend was my Honda generator.
  5. Like you, I have a goodly amount of natural light coming into the shop. But I also have both incandescent and flourescent lights up on the celilng so I can check things out under all 3 conditions or combinations. It's not a really big deal as our ships are mainly to be displayed indoors but it does make a big difference with flying model aircraft. Whatever you decide, put in more than you think you need. You can always turn them off! And try to have light coming in on both sides of the ship.
  6. Our thoughts are with you and Judy as well, Michael. I know it's not easy to be strong in times like these.
  7. Really good to hear from you. 3-4 days??? We'll start calling you Abe Lincoln !!
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