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Quick Sanding Question

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So I just got my first kit on the mail (Caldercrafts Snake), and I had a quick question about sanding. For wooden parts that will be showing in the finished product, should they be sanded while they're still on the sprue, perhaps with a sanding block or gentle use of a palm sander, or left in their "raw" state? I'm still doing a lot of research, so I'm not even sure if these parts are sanded at all on their flat surfaces, or left raw for effect.

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Yeah, I got that part, and actually the edges are surprisingly clean compared to some laser-cut wood kits I've seen. But I meant the main flat surface of the pieces, if those need to be sanded or left raw, and if so, if it's easiest to do the first pass while they're on the sprue still.

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In my experience pretty much all timber needs at least a very light sand. If you are painting, staining or using polyurethane this is particularly necessary. CNC parts can often have bumps and lumps where they are still connected to the board/card so cutting them off then sanding very lightly is probably the way to go.



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