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  1. Where are you my friend, not seen a post since june 2017

    1. Salty Dog

      Salty Dog

      Did you ever hear from him again?

    2. Kevin


      No not even had a reply on PM 

    3. Salty Dog

      Salty Dog

      That sucks.  I think we're a dying breed. I think most of us are older and our hobby is becoming rare.

  2. No need to call me mr. I work far a living once, 3 years 5 month and 22 day and then gut hurt. And then had to get a real job instead of party all the time.
  3. Thats an excellent book, have a nice time reading it. I know I did.
  4. Nice. something else I can watch. Good Luck
  5. Thank you for the link, just order 2 of them, one is for a friend from the club. Thanks again
  6. Do you still have a link to the web site where you got that from??
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