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Del Prado's Bounty kit


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hello fellow likely minded people... :P

i have got a chance to get del prados bounty kit as a full set for almost peanuts. is it worth it? i could probably pay something about £85 for all the issues + it already has got the hull partly built, at least the frame has been put together.

has anybody succesfully built this, is there a lot of problems? how about instructions?

thank you guys for any help.



Pavol stands for Paul, Pablo, Paolo etc. Please do not try to pronounce it, just call me Pav...

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Hi Pavol


I recently finsihed building this kit (maybe have a look on my homepage www.atme-licht.de/Modellbau/Bilder.html). If your'e not so experienced with wooden ship models, I wouldn't suggest this one. The instructions are sometimes... how do I say it the best... not so detailled and sometimes there are no instructions at all. Mainly for the rigging. There are so many points left out in the instructions, you should have a good idea about what you do. I surely liked the idea of the open side so you can have a look inside the ship. So if you're somehow experienced in wooden ship building (I was not ;-)) you should give it a try - nice model I think.



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Hi, I would 100% agree with Thom. The quality of the kit is good - not the best but for £85, a bargain. It all depends on your expertise. This was my first build many years ago and due to the lack of instructions, I made a complete hash of it.

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