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USS Constitution 1844~~46


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I have an MS Connie that I want to do as soon as my MS C W Morgan is wrapped up late nextyear. I have given some thought to representing her during one of the later ,more obscure periods .I think the 1844~~46 circumnavigatio voyage is a significant bu largely ignored event .Does anyone have any insight into this,or any suggestion where to find it? I would like to represent her appearence and armament configuration as nearly as can be known.

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Many years ago I got this copy of Pook's Inboard works in 1847 from either the National Archive or the Library of Congress. Maybe it will help. Be careful though, the original was obviously torn and distorted. The quaterdeck ports, and shroud arrangements are different than Ware's sail plan of 1817.


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Thank you for your help in this.Ifound several copies of that book online,and will acquire one.Ialso found a couple of excerpts from it.One of the paint schemes was white with a vermilion gunport stripe.That was a nonstarter!However it was changed back during the Vietnam incident.I also learned that the armament was 20 32pdr carronades,24 24 pdr,and 4 shell guns,8 inch bore. Isuspect the head was fully planked in by this time,and that the gun stripe was carried out across the stem.The stern configuration during that period will probably present its usual dillema,as will the rigging,l may hit enough roadblocks to just be happy with the 1927 configuration .Igot a copy of the official drawins and booklet from MSin 1969,along with of model plans from A J A J Fisher drawn by HW Potter.Real antiques,those,done I think in 1940. Again,thanks for your response.

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