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  1. A lot of the details show the ship as he would have seen her in dry dock in 1982. Not really as she is believed to have been configured in 1805
  2. To my untrained and age compromised eyes there is a similarity of style.
  3. I'm sorry but I did not get enough protein as a child to find Lot 20 on the link. Can you help?
  4. The texture of the paper is very like "watercolor paper.s
  5. $2017 is an interesting number. Why not an even $2000
  6. There is no dot pattern even under my grandsons hand held microscope. And yes I got a fine deal
  7. As you all know I am a painter. Last week I came across this beauty in a thrift/consignment store. Naturally the subject caught my eye. On closer examination I began to develop the delusion that it is an original, an idea that becomes ever firmly rooted in my feverish brain as time has gone on. I can see faint pencil lines under the wash. I can see the tips of the oars under the white gouache of the sea foam. The name is certainly hand lettered on the matting and the gold stripe is a thin piece of something glued on. I have not removed it from the frame. It seems somewhat more detailed than other works by this artist. I thought it could be a hand tinted print, but I do not see any other copies of thus composition for sale. Anybody know anything about this painting or about this guy? Anybody know how to tell if it is real/original?
  8. Check out Doris's models of the Royal Katherine and the yacht Caolina
  9. I included them on several drawings without really thinking about it. But recently perusing old photographs I noticed there were none. Of course old photos mostly showing these vessels laid up in their old age lack many of the finer bitsof rigging they catrried when active. There are several photos of the 1840's sloops taken when they were training ships in the '70's & 80"s and I can't see any.
  10. I have been looking for a bit now and have yet to find a contemporary picture of a sailing ship of the American Navy showing crowsfeet and euphroes. I realize they are seldom shown, but I find none. Were they used in the U.S. Navy?
  11. The superstructures of the hulls of these "galleon" like ships were a sail unto themselves. Drifting downwind in gale almost provided steerageway. A lee shore was death in a bottle as there is no way to take a reef in a poop deck.
  12. I would like to sell a plan set of the frigate Flore. Three sheets, a photo of the Model, informational pamphlet in French and cover. All in good shape. $35.00 postage included PAYPAL Continental US only.
  13. I have two nice extra copies with dust jackets. They are the Bonanza editions. $25.00 shipping included for the pair. PAYPAL Continental US only.
  14. Includes Cover, Booklet, 8 x10 glossy photo of Model and plan. Single sheet plan measures roughly 3' x4". Text in French Scale 1/150c.Don't know what the "c" means, must be a metric thing. Kinda yellowed but no tears in the plan, $40.00 postage included. PAYPAL. Continental US only please.
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