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  1. For those of you who think women don't make good comedians, I give you Kitty Flanagan ...
  2. The latter link is turning out to be a great read, especially the reviews of Samuel Elliot Morrison's classic 'Sailors Biography of John Paul Jones', Meville's 'White Jacket', and Roosevelt's 'Naval History of 1812'! Thanks!
  3. The British Schooner of War Dominica mounted a 4-pounder brass swivel/cohorn on her capstan when she fought the privateer Decatur in 1813. The Frigate Constitution mounted a seven-barreled swivel Chambers Gun on her capstan when she fought the Cyane and Levant in 1815, for defense against enemy boarders, in addition to additional Chambers guns in her tops. The Privateer Fair American, of the Revolutionary War fame, mounted a large swivel on her capstan, according to the memoirs of one of her crewmen, (Jacob Nagel - who would later sail to Australia in the 'First Fleet)
  4. There was an account I read about a formal evening party thrown on the deck of the new frigate USS Potomac in 1828 while fitting out in Washington. They covered the spar deck with canvass and created a candelabra on the capstan by ringing it with muskets with bayonets fixed. There was a candle placed in each muzzle and this illuminated the spar deck ...
  5. Nice! I always liked this beautiful frigate and her glorious history! More Amphion, please ...
  6. Sound’s like you’re ready to move up to the twenty Aubrey Maturin Series books by Patrick O’Brien! Jane Austin for boys!
  7. Emails with pics of President, Chesapeake and New York incoming! I can't post pictures myself successfully lately on the board, for some reason ... why this is, I am condemned to ponder ...🤔
  8. They are redrawn in both of Howard Chapelle's The History of American Sailing Ships and The History of American Sailing Navy. I have the original draught somewhere. I'll see if I can find it, and send you a close-up picture of the forward gundeck.
  9. The most detailed as built plans we have for a US frigate is the 1815 admiralty draught of the USF President, with rare inboard profile details. She too was someone else's design that Fox altered and tinkered with. I might maybe extrapolate proportions from her?
  10. Great philosophy to live your life by:
  11. Great to see you posting again, Wes. I really like the clean fairing of the cant-frames and hawser timbers. Nice. Interesting that you are working on the stem post. The Essex's stem was, according to Josiah Fox, the only part of the ship, above the waterline, that didn't have to be replaced! I have anecdotal evidence too, that she retained her Indian figurehead ...
  12. I hope he’s all right. Too busy to log in once, in nearly two years, especially given the intensely intricate project that he was working on? Anyone know him in Atlanta? 🥺
  13. They're not working, (again) and the normal, edit-post tab doesn't appear either ... drat.
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