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  1. My guess is that the carronades had the traditional slide mount carriages. Perhaps the iron port caps were fastened to the timber heads in a similar manner to the hammock net irons? Thats my SWAG (...scientific wild *** guess...)
  2. This horizontal dashed line, above the cap-rail, might be an attempt to gain an extra inch or so in the port, because it was about to receive a carronade which the schooner was not originally designed for. Carronades required extra height, compared to an equivalent weight long gun, due to their bottom ring-trunnion mount. Because at full elevation, the run out carronade had to clear the cap rail. It would have been expensive to rebuilt the vessel with higher timbers, but iron cap-rail height extenders (for lack of a better term), would buy the needed room. I've seen this done before in iron (H
  3. "Tell It To Her", by Pat Benatar:
  4. They apparently hired archeologist Buster Bluth (From "Arrested Development") :
  5. While no plans survive of HMS Guerriere, either in French or English archives we do have an idea what she looked likeLa Guerierre was built at Cherbourg to a design of an engineer named La Fosse. We do know that she was begun as a Romaine Class frigate, a smaller 24-pounder type, but lengthened into a standard 18-pounder ship on the stocks. Nine were built and completed to the original design. We know what the original class looked like, because the original French builders draught survives, and two of the class were taken, L'Immortalite and La Desiree', and their draughts survive in the NMM.
  6. I have the full set of plans of Imperiuse. They include that drawing in 1/2 inch scale, and another in the same scale of her stern decorations. She is a very lovely ship. They are marked as taken off following her repair in 1809.
  7. Perhaps our new friend is confusing “clipper ship” with “Baltimore clipper”?
  8. I've noticed that the number of subscribers has jumped to 106 from 66. Surely many of those are from here. Well done lads! I am also delighted to observe that the number of episodes per book is steadily growing too ...
  9. I've gone and done it, now, dang it, I'm all caught up ... I got greedy. Now I have to wait a week (Sunday night) to hear the newest, hour-long episode.
  10. Update: This series is turning out to be really good. There was nearly ten hours on The Surgeon's Mate alone, divided up into nine pats. Great discussions, and many episodes feature special guests, who are experts of specific topics, such as medicine, period formal parties, music, sailing, history, etc.
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