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So I recently bought wood. After working with it I noticed some small "canyons" (not sure how its called), anyway I was wondering if it may be some parasite that damaged the wood. Only one sort of wood (padauk) is affected by these "canyons". I would appreciate if someone could tell me if those are caused by some animals or what could be the cause? 


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It could just be the way the wood was milled.  I found the below doing a quick Google search for the species:


Has excellent decay resistance, and is rated as durable to very durable. Padauk is also reported to be resistant to termites and other insects.

(taken from http://www.wood-database.com/lumber-identification/hardwoods/african-padauk/ under Rot Resistance)

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Thank you for the quick answers, the website is very interesting, I didn`t know about it. I was already worried that my little wood stock got insects in it. I guess I can go back to work then. It really is an interesting texture. 

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