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Sails for very small boats and ships

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Hit on this by mistake. Still don't know why never thought of it before.


Spray on Plasti-Dip comes in white.  When dried it is a very dull white.


To make your sails spray a coat onto a non porous surface such as aluminum. Let it cure for four hours and then gently peel the cured plastic. If you need give it a second coat.  If you want something unique, it comes in a number of colors  It hangs and sags with no help, and will not discolor, and is easy to cut. It is easy to glue to itself.  Not only sails, but flags could be made with the same stuff. 


Give it a try.


Going Deep



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I would be rather cautious with anything that contains massive amounts of plasticisers. They diffuse out and will leave behind a brittle mess.


Another problem will be that such material doesn't have lot of tearing strength, so it will be difficult to attach boltropes, blocks, sheets etc. when you have to make holes close to the edge.

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