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RMS TITANIC by WestIrelandPat - HACHETTE - 1:250

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First build of a model in wood. Just over 2 weeks into build. I put very thin line of wood glue on edge of each hull plank before I attached it to hull. It makes structure stronger and better for sanding after I find, cause there is no individual movement of planks in and out when sanding, so result is smoother finish I think anyhow as pics of stern show that I have sanded. Also I painted paper cut out of windows, doors etc in a semi clear varnish to prevent fading of them over years due to sunlight. Anyone else who has any tips greatly appreciated :) More brains the better. It never hurts to listen :)






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Thanks Brian. It my first build with wood so fingers crossed. I wont rush it anyhow. I will do my best at it. I seen the billings model of it and love to build that one after this. I bought photoetch workstation and air brushes. When it comes to painting I will need advice as it not my strong point. I never used airbrush before but have seen lovely results with it from others that use it. 

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I bought the whole kit on ebay a few years ago and just started at it over 2 weeks ago. It cost me 300euro. That about 375 dollors. All the kit was owned by a guy who got married and then had kids and had no time to start it. I have an amati model as well. that still in box. I hope to get a billings Im been saving to get one. I collect alot of things to do with Titanic. I have wood from Olympic and a set of coins celebrating Titanic 100 yrs. There only 500 sets of them worldwide. Lots more things to to do with Titanic but to much to mention. I got my interest in it cause my grandmother just missed it from cobh in county cork.  

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