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  1. OK Folks.. The Stbd Foremast Ratlines are done and the Stretcher is in place .. the ratlines haven't got their final shape just yet, will probably tackle that at end and do them all in one fell swoop (or should that be many one fell swoops ?? ) Have to say I rather enjoyed tying them off, I took my time (Shocker.. I know right) and did a couple every day with a few breaks to let the nerves settle, just kiddin, the weather has been rather nice so we took the time to begin getting the garden out of its winter hibernation.. All The Very Best folks, and once again Thank You for P
  2. Ratline Action Continues ☺️ Photo this time as I've something to actually show ! Distance between them is equal to 14'' scaled and Stretchers will be added when they are finished to avoid knocking it as I tie my Clove Hitches.. E As Ever Thanks For Stopping By Folks
  3. Quick Text update .. Ratlines are underway (I've also made the wooden 'Stretcher's' that goes below them) No photos as I've only done 5 so-far Eamonn
  4. Hi George .. I too was going to use the gammoning for the bowsprit too (Still might as it happens, it kinda feels right if you follow) I was tempted to use a similar set up to that on Pickle ! Great work on the Wales btw Eamonn
  5. Interesting looking contraption you got going on there Andy 🙂 Cheers Eamonn
  6. Looking forward to following this build along .. Great to see a working boat being built! All The Best Eamonn
  7. Thanks Jason .. I'm not at your level yet though ! (Perhaps after another 8 years.. Or should that be 7 and half ) Finished the Port Side Dead-Eyes and had a quick tidy around whilst I was there .. Stbd Side next .. Probably tomorrow as I think a John Wayne Film beckons on this Wet Cold Late January Day .. All The Best Eamonn
  8. OK Folks .. The Deadeyes are re-done .. I just need to tidy them both up now then re tighten all those Lines I had to loosen off in order to facilitate the De-Construction .. Simples.. From there it's onto a general tighten and tidy, then comes some Rope Coil/Loop making and rigging the Anchors to Ballier with their Anchor Buoy's etc.. Getting Close to a Finnish now (Fingers Crossed 😉🙄🙃) All The Very Best Folks and As Usual Thanks For Dropping By ! Eamonn
  9. Cracking Good Looking Model You Have There Mate .. Has been a pleasure to follow you and Snake along ! 8 Years to build .. We must be related somewhere Cheers Bud Eamonn BTW Lovely set of photos too !
  10. Hey There Kester .. Just a quick note to see how you are, missing your wonderful Sherbourne updates.


    All The Very Best



  11. Hi Again Folks ... Well I have decided it is Deconstruction Time (Dubz Style) .. I have been glancing over at Ballier this past few months (busy in work and getting my Blood Pressure sorted put a stop to building) and looking at the slight step in the level of the Dead-eyes on the Fore Mast (the aft most ones on each side) Soooo I tidied up the build table and set to work with Scalpel and tweezers .. I was hoping I could salvage the existing Shroud (which is served over its entire length) lower the dead-eyes 3 or 4 mm and re-tie, then add a short length to the ends of the shroud to extend th
  12. Brilliant Stuff Jason ..I have just taken note of your steps as I'm soon to be onto this myself ! All The Best Mate Eamonn
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