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  1. Breath-Taking Mate .... Bit of a Rope tidy up and you will be good to go ! Hoping you had a great Christmas and wishing you a Brilliant New Year whilst I'm here πŸ˜„ All The Very Best Bud Eamonn
  2. Great to see the three of them together Rob .. Really shows the relative sizes (The latest is a monster in comparison ) Hope you are feeling better ! All The Very Best Eamonn
  3. Hi All .. I working away in the background here (On the Main Boom and its fittings at the moment) and researching Rigging on these schooners .. I was getting stuck into this a few years ago when I had to pack all away to get on with Home renovations. This is definitely an occasion where MSW comes in handy as I have been going back over my discussions with Jim_Smits (Who completed a flippin' wonderful Ballahoo, take a looksie folks if you haven't already done so) and as a result am a bit happier at where I left off all those years ago... πŸ™‚ Now I can research properly and see what level of detail I wish to include in the Standing Rigging.. Dirk (Dubz) has made me want to step it up a few levels (Thanks Dirk .. πŸ™„ by the way) so it may be time to dust off the ol' Serving Machine .. Won't post any photos of my work on the Boom as tis only a wee bit of wood work etc .. I'll wait till there is something more substantial πŸ˜‰ All The Very Best Folks Eamonn
  4. Hey there E .. The shipyard is still a tad cluttered but spacious (I know this sounds contradictory lol) I still need to lay it out correctly and get to grips with where everything will go.. but for the moment I have some stuff sitting about in plain sight if you follow (so I can more easily locate it) and bit by bit they will start to find their natural home, for now I am locating all items associated with Rigging (tweezers, blades, wire, string/rope, blocks etc) .. I'll post some photos of it as soon as it looks presentable ☺️ Thanks for Stopping By Folks and for all the Likes Eamonn
  5. Hi Again Folks .... Well I found my Notes and decided to put The Ballier onto my new Build Table at long last ! .. 😎😁 I discovered that I had left off at putting eye Bolts in the Transom area, so I got the 0.5mm Black wire out (a recent purchase to avoid having to chemically blacken) and twisted up 6 eye Bolts .. Needless to say my first one went flying across the room when I came to trim the excess off, Hmmmm.. I wasn't gonna let the wee devil escape that easily so I hunted it down and found it lurking under the Ballier Plans πŸ™‚ Six holes drilled later and the glue came out .. all going like clock-work so I decided to call quits on my First Day (cough cough ..Hour) Back .. Oh by the way there are actual Photos coming up here ... Try to contain the excitement there folks πŸ˜‰ All The very Best From Glacial Boat Yards Eamonn PS latest additions are the 2 eye Bolts on the Transom Taff Rail & the 4 on Deck at the Transom itself
  6. Ah Jeez Dirk ... Before I just thought it was Witchcraft you were using 😁.. Now we have no excuse in Aspiring to your Level .. πŸ€— Master Class As Usual Mate.. I Love It ! All The Very Best Eamonn
  7. Hey Again Haiko .. Re the Rake Angle .. The Deck Templates should give you the correct Rake when you get to the point where you are slotting the Masts in position.. You can test by offering the Mast Dowel through the Hole in the deck and locating the step (Slot) in the False Keel Thingy ! If Ye Follow 😁 All The Best Mate Eamonn
  8. Hey There TBE .. I'm following this nice build along, and admiring your method (The 'if in doubt ask, taking advice then getting stuck in and building' Method.. It is sooo easy to over think things and be afraid to make a cut) on so complex a vessel (My first build is Ballahoo which is probably 1/4 the size of Peggy, and I still (for one reason or another) haven't finished lol 😁) Anyhoo I'm just here to suggest be careful making the Masts Steps 'Vertical' .. Usually there is a 'Tilt' towards the Stern (called Rake) but they are indeed Vertical in a Left to Right sense.. Others on here will be able to confirm or deny this as regards Peggy .. I just didn't want to see you going too far along and not being easily able to correct any error (if indeed there is one at all I wish to note .. πŸ˜•πŸ˜Ž) All The Very Best, and I hope you don't mind me butting in.. Eamonn
  9. Thanks for the Heads-Up TLS.. I shall seek ye out and follow along 😁 All The Very Best Eamonn
  10. Finished !! ... Jeez TLS .. At this rate you will have completed Victory before I even finish opening The Sherbourne box πŸ˜‚ She looks the Business by the way, and as Edwardk (Jon) above says she really compliments The Ballier ! Roll On The Next Build (Oh and don't forget to post a 'Heads-Up' on here so we can follow along from the get go) All The Very Best Mate Eamonn BTW I'm looking at the Sherbourne Box as we speak which means you probably have Victory planked as far as the Lower Gunports by now ... 😁😁
  11. Hey There Edward ... Out of Ordinary indeed, and not before time.. I rather suspect I'm going to have to learn all the basics of Boat Building all over again .. but for the moment (Room Preparations and Honeymoon aside) I'll have to rummage out all my Notes and Re-Visit my Lees etc, but at least I'll have a place to do this where I can spread everything out for a few days if needs be and not be in the way .. πŸ™‚ Cheers Mate Eamonn BTW The rain has been going all day here too.. We won't even mention that Hurricane Looking doo-dah heading our way either.. πŸ™„
  12. ++++++++ Newsflash+++++ Latest++++++++ OK Folks ... New Build Room aka Attic Conversion/3rd Floor aka North Face of the Eiger (Lot of Stairs to Climb) is complete and I have just installed the new work 'U' shaped bench and gave it a wipe of Danish Oil .. Everything is back from storage and Ballahoo herself is now in the Build Room .. Woo Hoo (OK not actually on the Table but sure near enough 😊 ) only a bit of tidying away and I can begin filling my shinny new shelves with Boat Building Paraphernalia .. Now where did I leave all that Rigging Research I did over the past few years ? Darn It .. Honeymoon Cruise around Italy coming up in a couple of weeks then I can get down to finishing The Ballier and opening another Build Log for ... Hmmm possibly Sherbourne (Have a few on the waiting list, but I always liked 'The Sherry' .. ) All The Very Best Folks From 'Moving Along Nicely Boatyards' (Formerly Known as Glacial Boat Building Ltd) Thanks For Stopping By Eamonn
  13. Yup .. That settles it .. My Build is going in the bin and I'm taking up Flower Arranging or something ... πŸ™„πŸ˜ .. Absolutely Wonderful as Usual Dirk ! All The Very Best Mate Eamonn
  14. Hey There Rob .. That first photo made me go 'Wow' !.. What a Sweet looking build, loving the colours too . All The Very Best Eamonn

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