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  1. Thanks Guys .. I was a long journey (made longer by a few interruptions ) I have taken a break at the mo as I'm setting up my own business, I have been involved in Photographic Printing and Framing for the past 16 years and thought I'd better get stuck in and do it for myself ! Unfortunately that means I'm not able to start my next project just yet (Sherbourne) but the MNN plans are all laid out.. fingers crossed I'll be able to kick her off soon though.. Doesn't mean I'm not keeping an eye on all your fine builds out there .. All The Very Best Folks Eamonn
  2. Crackin' Good Job Derek ! Can't wait to follow along with your next project.. Eamonn BTW Your photography rocks too! I know how difficult these wee builds of ours are to photograph well .. E
  3. Hi SZiggy8 .. I believe I painted the Black over the white .. I can't remember exactly but suspect I would have painted the White well above (ie 1 cm or so) above where the waterline is, then drew the waterline (after taking measurements from the plans and leveling Ballahoo so I could run my pencil around using a makeshift 'waterline marker') then laid my tape and rubbed the edge with something blunt to ensure no bleed then painted the black .. The White I used isn't a 'Brilliant White' but is in fact a creamy/off white in colour (only slightly mind you) Oh and don't forget the rudder when you are painting, in case you have left it to install later I mean. Have you a build log by the way .. I should love to follow it ! Eamonn PS any questions please ask away.. I shall try to remember what I did lol (looong build time here )
  4. Cheers Derek ! I've been looking at Ballahoo for so long now that She feels like one of the family 😃 E
  5. Great solution to the chains Ras, I have seen local fishing boats with the exact same gratings over the chains (the chains ran in metal 'channels' to keep them off the wooden deck too, if that helps) Eamonn
  6. What a brilliant idea Jason .. I shall have to investigate this method when the time comes to deck 'Shery' ! (BTW Ballier isn't quiet finished just yet, just a teeny bit to do but I have been turfed out of my build room as it has become a temporary bedroom whilst a family member awaits their delayed move to Holland 🙄 😃) Looking forward to your next installment. Cheers Mate Eamonn
  7. Nice Fix Steven ... Reading what you said about having to repeat the fix reminded me of a time many years ago when I built plastic sailing ship kits.. I had one completed when my small doggie managed to knock part of the jib boom off.. I super glued it back in place but had to hand hold the piece.. 30 seconds later I went 'Ta Da', and whipped my hand away.. Yup! whole model was stuck to my fingers and ended up on the floor .. Back out with the Super glue! .. Am not a little embarrassed to admit I did another 'Ta Da' but this time my finger was glued to a stray piece of rigging and the build was back on the floor .. needless to say I wasn't smiling 🤣 (I can now though) .. All The Best Eamonn
  8. Great to see Jason back on the build board .. As Rob said, 'Crisp Work' going on here Mate.. Roll on your next update Eamonn
  9. Nice to see you back Stergios .. And with a great update too ! Eamonn
  10. She looks a treat in close up Kevin.. We can't ask for better than that ! Keep Up The Great Work Mate Eamonn
  11. Ahh Thanks Guys .. Seriously though, I just 'Forest Gumped' my way along using other MSW members builds for Inspiration and Technique.. Cheers For The Wonderful Comments.. Blushing Like Nobodies Business Here.. Eamonn
  12. Looking forward to seeing the treenail result.. I'll be adding them to my next build (Sherbourne) Eamonn Nice Deck Work BTW I'll have to get my Tung Oil out again and experiment.. Doubt I'll get your result though 😃
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