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  1. Thanks Guys .. I installed the Starboard Anchor a few mins ago .. Port side is still drying from the Fabric Softener & Rinse Cycle .. Agreed re the Out Of The Box expectations, essentially my Ballier is still the same as the box art, in that I didn't play with the hull shape or over-all feel of the Caldercraft Kit .. it did take a serious 'Bashing' in places though and I pretty much researched every piece of extra trim and rigging before adding it.. I also had a darn good think about things also, in a 'does this feel right' kinda way as I'm around boats of all types most of my
  2. Hi Folks.. Well it has been a few weeks since my last update, but I haven't been slacking off ! I have completed my Rope Coils and fitted them.. The general 'feel' of my Ballahoo build is not the 'formal just off the builders blocks' look, where all ropes and trim are near perfect, instead She has a look of being just out of a 'refit' where the running rigging isn't all in place yet and the ropes are being made ready for use.. A slightly informal look if you will .. And on that note Ballier is just about Finished ! 😊😊 I just have to fit the Anchors and order the Glass Case (
  3. Hi Ras .. I see the problem, that system is only for Navigation Buoys in a waterway (EU -v- US being different ) ... But the Port Side of a vessel is always Left and Stbd Side is always Right (facing Forward of course) regardless of where you are in the world 😀 in fact, even if you are facing the stern of the vessel you are standing on Starboard and Port are still the same as if you are facing forward.. as they are linked to the vessel itself not the crew location .. if you follow (in the same way as West is the same direction regardless of what direction you are facing) .. Phew, Ras sorry ab
  4. Hi Ras .. Just a quick Heads-Up .. re the Console you have drawn, if the Red and Green items are part of the Compass (Compass Balls) then they might be the wrong way around (looking at the drawing the bow seems to be Top Right) Green/Starboard would be to the Right and Red/Port to the Left .. Of course I may be just misinterpreting your drawing .. If so please ignore ☺️ The Wheelhouse (Pilot House) looks great btw ! She is coming along a treat. Eamonn
  5. Yea.. I've been below in tight head-space compartments and can only guess at the discomfort involved in conducting day to day life in such spaces .. and that for the crew .... 80 slaves doesn't bear thinking about.. Jeez !! I've looked a few contemporary plans (Inc Ballahoo's) where the ladder sides are parallel to the Frames, but the treads are parallel to the Deck .. this of course will tilt the ladder sides when Ballahoo sits to her marks but the threads become 'more' level.. (not fully level) not really an issue to a sailor on a rolling boat though. There are a lot of pla
  6. Hi George .. I really like the cozy feel of the cabin, very Compact and Bijou .. Was also admiring your Chart Dividers and the Chart itself (was wondering what it would look like if you shrank an actual 'period' chart down to suit .. or am I over thinking it here.. It may not be visible at all through the grating etc.. but I did locate something suitable that you might like to try, it is attached below) Keep up the wonderful work Eamonn Edit .. this is from circa 1780's
  7. Wonderful to watch your progression in those photos Gregg .. Da*n they look good ! ☺️ Eamonn
  8. Love where this is going Greg .. It's like Christmas and waiting for the wrapper to come off .. Eamonn
  9. Wonderful Work Justin .. Inspiring Stuff ! Eamonn PS I rather like your wood choice too..
  10. Hi again Peter .. You have it nailed ! Fore Staysail it is indeed. . 😃 You are also correct that there is little room to fly it in the gap 'tween Stay and Foremast, but I still would suspect it was flown there. Thanks Again Peter for the questions, they keep me on track ! It is all too easy to become 'blinkered' and miss things. Eamonn
  11. Hi Peter .. The Fore-Sail Halyard refers to the 'triangular' sail in front of the mast (similar to a Jib) not to the Fore Mast Sail (attached to the Foremast and Gaff) the Sheet in question is also for this afore-mentioned Fore Sail 😃 The Sheet's for the Mast/Gaff Attached Fore Sail go to the aft pin rail probably where the Fore Gaff Vang/Pendant are (I may move the Pendant/Vang's down one ) I was looking at this on my diagram after I posted it lol .. I hope all that makes sense .. Schooners and their Fore Sails must have been fun .. (I guess they called them different names as p
  12. Hi Gang .. Belaying Diagram Complete ... I attach a copy for your amusement (NMM at Greenwich are welcome to archive it ..🤣🤣) It was constructed from referencing 'Topsail Schooner Sail Plans & Rigging' by Dr Pr (see post #871 at top of page) and Petersons 'Rigging Period Fore & Aft Craft' and with care I adapted both to suit Ballahoo (I allow that Ballahoo was (probably/most likely) a Topsail Schooner, but I depict her with 'struck' top-mast, but the belaying points would still be there) Next Up .. Copious Rope Coils and Follow my Belaying Pattern.
  13. Hi George .. Thanks for posting the photo.. It is the exact look I was going for.. Was very tempted to show the 'layers' but it became all too obvious, bit like 'tree nailing' subtle is better and at 1:64 they would almost disappear or blend together at normal viewing distances anyhoo.. Love what you are doing with your own Ballier (or should I say Whitier) too BTW ! She is going to be a Star. I spent this afternoon drawing (poorly I might add) a Deck Plan (and Mast Plan) showing my available Belaying Points .. Proper Research begins tomorrow. Thanks Again For Stoppin
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