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  1. Just A Quick Update Folks .. The Shrouds are now as tight as I want them to be, so I began on the Fore Mast Port Side and finished off the Lanyards by wrapping them around the shrouds and seizing the ends to the Shroud itself .. Suffice to say I now have 3 fewer loose lines lying about (looking positively Ship Shape ! ) Only a wee bit of tidying up to do on them, particularly twisting the Dead Eyes to be more upright.. if you follow. Oh and I also realised that I did in fact Serve the entire Aft Most Shroud on the Fore Masts, though not on the Main Mast ! Cheers Folks
  2. Can't say there is a definitive work on determining which parts are served and for how far .. I did consider wear and tear on the rope as a guide, would a sail etc tend to hit it in normal use for example, I pretty much served lines which are Stays & Shrouds and only where they come in contact with the Mast, I did however fully Serve all standing rigging to the Bowsprit as they would be in water a lot and likely subject to more wear .. some builders might also Serve the entire length of the Shrouds for instance (I was going to Serve the entire 'Aft' most Shrouds (where the sails would hit
  3. Thanks J-P and the Likes .. It does seem to sit in better for sure (Dirk (Dubz) was quiet correct (Never doubted it for a second to be honest ) ) Thanks Again For The Nice Comment on Ballahoo and Thank You for Stopping By .. Cheers Eamonn
  4. Hey There Folks ... I have been meaning to follow Dirks advice from earlier to revisit the Fore Mast Mouse.. well guess what Yup ! I got the Ballier off the shelf and in Dirk fashion I de-constructed the Fore Stay and rebuilt from the 'ground up' .. including serving the mouse (my nerves are only settling back to normal now, an hour later ) It's amazing how what became almost second nature before I put her on the shelf (work etc got in the way) ended up much more labour intensive a few months later, due to forgetting the basics (and having to relearn as I went) Anyhoo the final res
  5. Hi Folks .. Just a quick post to let ye know I haven't forgotten about Ballier .. I have been back at work this past few months and been up to my neck.. I hope to be able to get back to her shortly though (She is on the window sill looking accusingly at me as we speak ) All The Very Best Eamonn
  6. Great to see you back Jonny ... Keep those Updates coming Oh and don't mind that 'clinkering' it should sand out nicely and give a decent surface for the 'proper' planking layer.. All The Best Eamonn
  7. Just catching you up .. Yup! as NovaStorm above said Great Work Mate! (Possibly a wee tidy up on that Hawse Hole though .. First Photo Above, Macro really shows things that aren't ordinarily visible to the eye) All The Very Best Bud Eamonn (Sorry for not commenting more often but hectic here at the moment, even Ballahoo has taken a back seat )
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