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  1. Hi Again Folks .. I managed to sneak some Ballahoo work into my 'Day-Off' , I wasn't planning on doing so 'till my holidays which are coming in a few days time .. So I opened a few of my reference books to locate scale drawings of anchor stocks which I could size in Photoshop to suit my needs.. Success was found in Laverys The Arming & Fitting of English Ships of war 1600-1815 .. I scanned the drawing of the Anchor Stock into Photoshop and sized it to suit Ballahoo , transferred it to an A4 sheet and Printed (see photo attached) Checked the size (as scale can sometimes change when printing, if you aren't careful with settings) Then cut out the relevant parts and lightly pasted them to some of my spare wood stock (Don' think I've ever seen the word 'Stock' used so often outside a Cook Book !! πŸ™„ ) I'll Cut and sand them to size next week and report back as to how I get on 😁 I mean what could possibly go wrong .. πŸ₯Ί πŸ˜† .. Stay Safe Folks 😷 All The Very Best, and Thanks For Taking The Time To Drop By. Eamonn Edit .. BTW The wood Stock is thin enough to allow me to do both parts of each Stock on the Anchors .. So the bottom photo is for One Anchor Only ! Stock.. Stock ...Stock .. πŸ˜‡ Stock ! (There, That Must Be A Record)
  2. PS just read your last post .. Yup those Clamps are Pure Style πŸ˜† E
  3. Wonderful Work Going On Here ! Loved the unusual (reverse) use of Cloths Pegs to keep the planking tight, clever stuff .. Had to laugh at Justins comment too (was just thinking the same thing myself, your speed was putting us all to shame) πŸ˜– πŸ˜– All The Very Best Eamonn
  4. Brilliant to see Snake back on the Table Bud .. Nice reworking also.. Have to say she looks a treat ! All The Best J. Eamonn
  5. Looking Very Smart there Jeff .. Yup I too found Carronades to be quiet 'Trying' (and regards 'Trying' please insert appropriate swear words πŸ˜‰πŸ˜– ) Luckily I only had 4 to do .. Keep Up The Good Work Eamonn
  6. Looking forward to the photos David .. I haven't worked with Pear but I hear it is wonderful stuff (Nigel 'NMBrook' who posts/posted on here uses it a lot if I remember) I always fancied on Holly for deck work but couldn't source any so I too used Maple and I'm not disappointed .. I must see if I can locate any before starting my next build, probably have a year or two to find it at the speed I operate πŸ˜– The assembly instructions for Pickle are a serious step up from Ballahoo aren't they ? I downloaded a copy some time ago to help out with my Ballahoo build.. Mind you Ballahoo's Instructions were pretty much 'There's a pile of wood now Make Ship from It.. Simples' πŸ˜‰ All The Very Best David.. Eamonn
  7. Hey There David ... Thanks again for looking in, it's nice to be back building again.. I really must post a photo of the new build space I created (massive clean up first though ) I would love to see what you have done with Pickle though .. Post a couple of photos on here if you like, I don't think anyone would mind! but as you know a Log is the way to go (We have all seen the brilliant job you did on Ballahoo in Completed Models Section, so deffo nothing to worry about) If you don't fancy on Posting on here could you pop a few photos into a PM to me.. As you know Pickle is one build I plan on doing as I love the smaller vessels (I saw a model of her in Portsmouth a couple of years ago, and there is a full size replica out there somewhere too.. both interestingly look different to the Caldercraft Kit Version, I wouldn't mind finding out why, I guess She evolved over her lifetime ) I'm back in work tomorrow so there won't be any major updates for a few days.. Thanks Again For Looking In All The Best Eamonn
  8. Hi Folks ... I decided to get the Anchors out and re-size the Stock .. Ages ago now you may remember me mentioning that these were waaay off scale so after more exhaustive research (opening a folder I created called Anchor Dimensions.. knew it would come in handy) I have begun to resize the Stocks.. Original Kit supplied ones are 5.0 cm long and I need then 4.2 cm Long so I'm sanding 0.4 cm off each end (substantial difference when taking Scale into account).. Each stock comes in two pieces which I glued (with pva) together for convenience of Sanding/Shaping. I will separate them later and assemble the anchor properly being sure to leave the slight 'gap along middle' between the two sections as per Full Scale versions.. No Photos at the moment .. I mean who wants to look at bits of wood gluing ... I know I know.. Just Kiddin' it's kinda what we do πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜‰ OK I'll go take some ... Oh, did I mention I finished the Mast Hoops last thing was giving them a light coat of Wipe On Poly. All The Best and Thanks for Taking The Time To Drop By. Eamonn
  9. Hey Again Tom .. HMS Jalouse looks a nice boat ! The basics will be the same for her as Ballahoo (and most other kits for that matter) so you shouldn't have any problems there.. Just take your time (possibly not as much time as I did to be fair .. I think the actual war my boat was in ended quicker than my build time !) and have fun with it.. remember stuff may go wrong but there is little that can't be fixed and errors that seem dreadful at the time will hardly be noticed later (if noticed at all in fact) Oh, if you wanna see a wonderful Build Log of a smaller boat check out Dirks Sherbourne (Dubz is his user name & Sherbourne is a Cutter) Dirk takes you through step by step (as many on here do.. I had some brilliant help from the folks here) and remember techniques that apply to Ballahoo, Sherbourne or Syren etc will apply to Jalouse .. sooo keep Looking/Following other build logs and Builders ! And if in doubt scream and shout.. We will laugh take a look and help you out ! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ All The Best Eamonn
  10. Hey There Tom ... I tend to look at my Ballahoo and laugh as well ..πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ . Tis nice to hear from a new visitor too and not so far away either. One of the main things I learned here is to just get stuck into a build and not to over-think it toooo much (by all means research what you are trying to achieve but don't let doubts bog you down or stop you from making the first cut ) Find the right boat for you and get stuck in, there will always be someone on here who will have built it first, so read up on what they did (and didn't do!) and away you go.. Ballahoo was perfect for me as I love smaller craft and I decided to really go to town 'Super detailing' her, though the bare kit makes a darn nice build anyhoo (See Ballahoo by DavidM, in completed kits) I got held up in my build with major home improvements and not having access to a build space or any tools/research material (all in storage) Thankfully I'm pretty much set up again and have been tipping n' tapping in the background here.. I can heartily recommend the Ballahoo as a first step.. and do set up a Build Log so others can follow long and help out as needed.. I happen to know an expert on the Ballahoo Main Boom circa 1805.. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚ All The Best Mate .. Eamonn
  11. Back Again Folks .... I sanded the Hoops I'll be using to pick my final 7 or 8 from (they are on the stirring stick with the black bit in centre of photo) Those on the top are the recently made Cream Card/Paper versions I was going to use until I discovered the Video as posted yesterday.. Also in shot are my Wood Shavings, Pencil used and abused πŸ˜ƒ to shape the Shavings and a left over piece I cut the Hoops from on the lathe.. Oh I wrapped the pencil in Tin Foil (Cooking Foil) to stop the glue sticking to it (worked a treat, no need for 'release agent' just Cooking Foil shinny side up) I will put the Hoops in place as soon as I'm happy with them (possibly more sanding and a coat of Wipe On Poly to seal ) Thanks For Stopping By Folks Eamonn
  12. Cheers Mate, can't take credit though as I first got the idea from Dee_Dee who if I remember correctly used Birch Bark or similar, sadly it didn't really work for me (prob wrong variant near me) I Googled Mast Hoops just to get an idea of the size/scale etc and up popped a You Tube video of a chap making them from Wood Shavings for his scratch build of Yacht America .. I'll take a looksie for the vid and pop a link in here.. I'm not on my Build Room Computer at the mo .. Back in a mo ........... ......πŸ˜† Here it is, well worth a Looksie.... All The Very Best Mate ... And Ta for Dropping By and the Likes E
  13. Hey There Jason .. Ermmm I may have slightly oversold my knowledge re Main Booms, just slightly ! LOL (I would deffo recognise one though πŸ˜„ ) ... Here are a few photos.. Yup! Actual Photos Woo Hoo. They are of The End of the Main Boom, a Sample Mast Hoop and The Boom support on the Mast with Mast Hoop for scale.. The photo of the Mast Hoop by itself is of the Hoop in its 'raw' state, made from wood shavings wrapped around a suitable sized dowel, in this case a round profile pencil, then glued.. Once the glue has set I put the whole assembly into a mini wood lathe and holding (carefully at both ends!) a craft knife I gently lowered the blade to the revolving pencil till the rings were separated.. It is un-sanded and pretty much straight from manufacture, I lightly cleaned it up and sanded it gently on the other photo, it still needs further sanding cleaning and staining. I made approx 15 with this method in very short time, I will use the best 8 or so (further research needed here lol) Any Questions please ask away.. Particularly about Ballahoo Schooner Booms circa 1805 πŸ˜‰ Spoiler Alert.. They are Wooden ! All The Very Best Folks And Thanks For Dropping By And Giving A Like.. Eamonn
  14. Hi Folks.. Update Time Again .. I have almost completed the Main Boom (after much research, then some more research for good measure.. am now widely acknowledged as the local authority on Schooner Booms circa 1805.. conclusion.. I can confirm they are the bits that stick out from the mast in a front/back direction πŸ˜‰ 😐) and decided to revisit my Mast Hoops, the original attempt was done quiet some time ago and though satisfied I'm by no means fully happy with them.. I have as we speak some newer versions done and variations on same using Cream coloured paper and also some long wood shavings made specifically.. (Hopes are high for the wood shavings.. there I said it !... Of course this has just put a jinx on them πŸ˜– πŸ˜‡ ) I will post some photos shortly, or as soon as I clean off the work table cos right now the words Blast Radius apply to it with wood shavings all over the gaff (sic) All The Best For Now Eamonn .. The Ballahoo Main Boom Expert
  15. Hi B.E. brilliant Build as usual.. Regarding the Bowsprit and it's Shrouds.. I rather suspect in the real world the Shroud on the Anchoring Side (if you follow) would have been loosened off and hauled up out of the way of the Anchor and its associated rigging/cable during Anchoring operations.. Hope this makes sense.. All The Best Eamonn

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