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  1. Hi Folks .. Just a quick post to let ye know I haven't forgotten about Ballier .. I have been back at work this past few months and been up to my neck.. I hope to be able to get back to her shortly though (She is on the window sill looking accusingly at me as we speak ) All The Very Best Eamonn
  2. Great to see you back Jonny ... Keep those Updates coming Oh and don't mind that 'clinkering' it should sand out nicely and give a decent surface for the 'proper' planking layer.. All The Best Eamonn
  3. Just catching you up .. Yup! as NovaStorm above said Great Work Mate! (Possibly a wee tidy up on that Hawse Hole though .. First Photo Above, Macro really shows things that aren't ordinarily visible to the eye) All The Very Best Bud Eamonn (Sorry for not commenting more often but hectic here at the moment, even Ballahoo has taken a back seat )
  4. If there was a 'Love' button instead of a 'Like' button .. I'd be pressing it here ! Simply brilliant work. Eamonn
  5. Very real feel about this .. the cargo in the hold and the tarp pulled back really add to this, not to mention the partially stowed sail ! She should look great in the diorama.. All The Best Eamonn
  6. Good Morning Folks ... Just a quick update to show ye the situation with the Stand ... Well it's pretty much finished ! Woo Hoo... I put the finishing touches to it last night and gave it a 'Georgian Medium Oak' stain followed by some Wipe On Poly to seal the deal (both Literally and figuratively) As I expected the Uprights were the tricky bits to get right as each one had to be custom fit to the hull curves at the point of contact ... Don't mind admitting that I really like it All The Best Folks And Thanks For Looking In. Eamonn
  7. Hey There Richard .. I've slowed down a bit over here (back in work, but on a short week) The last thing I did on the Slipway was to create a template off the original stand (the bow part) and cut it out in thin wood sheet, glue it to a small base that slips nicely between the Slipway blocks (between the 2nd & 3rd set of blocks, the highest ones in the above photo.. Post #847 ) this supports the Ballahoo nicely, enabling the Keel to sit on all blocks as I begin to measure the distances and angles required for the 'Timber Uprights' that will stop her from falling over... 3 or 4
  8. Hi Folks .. Not sure if it's a Site Glitch or an Eamonn's Computer Glitch, but all content I follow (and have read) for the past 3 years (ish) has come up as Un-Read (and showing all as new content from back then).. So I had to go to the 'Mark All Content As Read' tab on the bottom of the Main Forum Page and hit it ! Alas this means that I may have missed some very recent activity on your Logs (I will slowly have to locate the most recent stuff posted and go from there, prob from last Thursday) Just to let ye all know I'm not ignoring anyone Honest .. I just had to mark every thing as Rea
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