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Having difficulty in identifying this pair of tackles


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Without being able to see what those lines attach to, it'll be hard to say what they're called. Don't think they're pendants though. Maybe someone here has built her and could chime in.







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A very small one, the Queensland maritime museum, on the south bank of Brisbane river.

This museum is dedicated to its true treasure----a river class frigate in dry dock, so there's really no much sightseeing for one aiming for sailing ship.

The models on display are, of course, Captain Cook's Endeavour, Bligh's Bounty, and its hunter Pandora.

Ohter relevant items are navigation instruments,

a sailor's locker filled with small arms, edged weapons and slop-like rags,

rope and sail making tools.

Really nothing else is worth noting, but they have many fine models under restoration, from Sovereign of the sea to cutty sark,

and their official website states that they have a plan to build an exclusive section for sailing ships.

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