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  1. Good afternoon Allan,I have the 2nd revised edition of the Kriegstein book. Just been through it cover to cover none of the shipmodels in it have a name either painted or carved. Dave.
  2. I can't make any comments at the moment as I'm currently on holiday thus having no access to my literature. However as you appear to be a fount of knowledge perhaps you can enlighten us as to what you know or think you know. Tschuss.
  3. Hi Gregory,as Peterssons book was based on the model of HMS Melampus a 36 gun 18 pounder frigate of 1785 (?) it's not really relevant to the original question on the rigging of HMS Royal Caroline of 1750. Many rigging improvements appeared in that 35 year time period. Just saying. Dave
  4. Hi Patrick, The book "The Rigging of Ships in the days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720 by R.C.Anderson may be of much help to you. There are 9 and a half pages in the Yards and Stunsail booms section which should cover some of the info info you seek. Although from a slightly later period much of the info should be relevant to Pelican. There is one copy for sale on Abebooks in the UK for €11,45 at the moment. I can tell you that the Mizzen Yard should be roughly the same length as the Fore Yard. You are making a super job of this build, Dave
  5. Had a good chuckle reading this. Back in the late 1960's I was stationed in Bahrein. Our sea angling club went fishing most weekends on one of the Arab Dhows. The "facilities" were a wooden crate roped to the stern with a couple of planks knocked out of the bottom,a bucket on a rope for performing ones ablutions. At least the sea was warm there Dave
  6. Hi Dave, www.becc.co.uk You may be lucky and find the sizes you require there. I think cornwall model boats also sell becc flags. Happy hunting, Dave
  7. Hi kev,I don't build kits but having read many kit build logs here basswood is normally used for the first planking. The better quality wood being used for the second planking. Dave
  8. Hi Allan,I used Eddings 3000 black permanent marker on the wales of my current build. It is waterproof,doesn't fade and doesn't rub off when dry. The wales have been on the hull about 1 year,despite much handling of the model they look as good as when first dyed. Dave.
  9. Hi Cliff, R. C. Andersons' books Seventeenth Century Rigging and The Rigging of Ships in the days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720 will have I'm sure info pertinent to your search. Both books are for sale on Abebooks and cheap. While there are no rigging plans per se there is much info to be found in them. BTW,there is a rigging plan in the 17th Century book but it's for the 96 gun St George of 1701 later than the SoS but may still be of some help to you. Dave
  10. Have you tried heatshrink ? Blue Ensign uses it to great effect. Easy enough to drill a hole into it and glue in an eyebolt. Dave
  11. Interesting,but why not make your own zero clearance inserts ? I have the Proxxon FET saw,I made my own zero clearance inserts from aluminium strip which is cheap enough. Cut to size and drill and countersink fixing screwholes,fit and slowly raise the blade. Bingo,you have an insert for every sawblade. JMO,but I think it would be a little dangerous using tape for this purpose. Dave
  12. When I planked the main deck of my POB model of Speedwell I had already made the various hatch and grating coamings,also the mast partners. These were pinned in their correct positions,I then planked from the centre outwards following the planking pattern on David Antscherl's plan. This ensured a very good fit of the planks. They were then removed to allow sanding/scraping of the deck planks. Looks good to me,nothing looks worse than deck fittings sitting on top of the planking. Dave
  13. He does. If you would like the phone number of his warehouse/shipping depot PM me. The ladies there are very helpful and will give you info and a tracking number. Dave.
  14. Very picturesque Dave,just keep it there tho'. We had +14°C this afternoon,now +11°c at 7.45 pm. Quite unseasonal actually. Dave
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