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  1. Hi Steven, Continental sheet blocks had an upper sheave at a right angle from the lower sheave. They were somewhat pear shaped. This was used for the Topsail sheet and lower yard lifts. Of course your Dromon was Lateen rigged so it will be interesting to see what purpose a block with sheaves at right angles was used for there. The amount of research you are having to do for this build is extraordinary considering there is so little info from this period. Great stuff,I really enjoy following your build. Dave
  2. Hello Nicolas, I don't know whether you intend to build Triton POF or POB but you can find all the info on masts and yards you need here:- Google The elements and practice of rigging and seamanship. This takes you to the website of the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association which shows Steels book. Scroll down to page 50 all the size info on masts and yards is there for a Frigate such as Triton. If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page you will find the Tables and Dimensions of Standing and Running Rigging,again all you need to know is there. Just saw your last post,pages 208 - 211 should be of interest. Hope this helps. Dave
  3. Hi Lawrence,that is sad news to hear about your son. Hopefully he will recover after his op. I was diagnosed with "the beast" three and a half years ago,2 op's and a serious amount of radiation therapy did for it. Well at least for now,still having regular check ups though. Hoping your son makes a full recovery. Dave
  4. Back in the day they were called the Trucial States if I recall correctly. Dave
  5. Hi CDW,not a chance. A taxi from RAF Sharjah where our Fighter Squadron was detached to at that time. Cost 5 'chip' (Quatar and Dubai Riyals) which we called the local currency. The tallest buildings there then were the Minarets on the Mosques.
  6. In my book that's no yacht,no mast nor sails. Just another rich boys toy. Dubai certainly didn't look like that when I was there in 1968. Dave
  7. Congratulations Maurice,she looks beautiful. Looking forward to following your next build. I received my HMS Speedwell book & plans last week now looking forward with some trepidation to building her POB. A good deal more difficult (for me anyway) than my Cheerful (finished) was. You should be getting an email from me later this week,Admiral has been away in Germany visiting friends hence the delay. Dave
  8. Hi Caleb, You might consider Chuck Passaros' HMS Cutter Cheerful from Syren Ship Model Company advertised here on the forum. He sells the POB plans at 1/48 scale for this ship and excellent plans they are. There is a practicum on his site showing all stages of construction,he also sells various mini-kits et al for the model. I've just finished scratch building this ship excluding the Windlass (didn't have a mill then when I ordered the plans) Took me over 3 years but I'm well pleased with the result as it's only my second build. Welcome on board MSW. Dave
  9. Hi Vossie, I had the same problem on my HMS Cheerful and I pinned mine which worked a treat. Or you could try some rapid curing epoxy resin which will adhere to brass providing you roughly score the inner face. Lovely job your making of this build 👍 Dave
  10. Thanks guys for your comments. I telephoned Bob Friedman yesterday evening who said he'd check into it. He called me back saying he'd spoken to their depot in Blue Springs MO and they said my book was in Zürich. They must have tracking facilities there to know that I assume. Anyway the book was in my postbox this afternoon. Now a happy bunny Dave
  11. Hi,has anyone else had this problem with this company. A copy of the ketch rigged Sloop Speedwell book/plans was ordered on 26th April and credit card payment taken on the 29th April. No acknowlegement and so far no book. What is up with this company,why can't they email a tracking number to the email address you give on the online order form ? Costs nothing as do emails. No idea if the book has even been sent,but they've got the money. Not a happy bunny Dave
  12. Bill, Not if you install an Adblocker. I did and never see any ads. Dave
  13. Hi Shipscat, I am British and also an ex serviceman so I reckon I can make a one line comment if I wish. And what I said is in the main true. Incompetent General Staff Officers had much to do with the many debacles including Gallipoli in WW 1. Donkeys adequately sums many of them up. My apologies to Vegaskip for posting this in his thread. Dave
  14. Hi Jim,you might consider using Birch,It's light coloured with little grain. I used it for the deck planking on my Cheerful and am well pleased with the result. Dave
  15. Good evening B.E. She's looking very nice indeed. Do you intend to make the Lower Mast,Topmast and the two Yards to display in front her alongside the Bowsprit you have already there ? I had a good grumble earlier today dozy beggar that I am I noticed that I'd run the Topsail lifts wrong,they should run down between the Topmast Shrouds. Have to replace them as I had to cut them. Not a big deal as I'll just slip the footrope eyes off the yardarms and rig the replacements. #### happens. Hope you're having better weather than us. It's p'd down nonstop since I got up this morning. Dave

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