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Printing Cad Plans Queries (Moved by mod)

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Good day Ed,


I'm looking at Square Frame DF A Rev. 1/25/13, which I just opened on my iMac computer. First I see that the image opened at 103%.  Now I want to print a copy on my CANON MX350 and the print options are O Fit ... O Actual Size ... and O Shrink Oversize Pages. If I choose O Actual Size and do nothing else but select PRINT, shall I assume that the frame drawing will print out at 100%? Or is it going to print out at 103%? Should I first change the magnification of the image on the computer from 103% to 100% and then print at O Actual Size. I need some way to verify that the prints are true to 1:48 scale. I'm certain you can help me out with this conundrum.


Similarly, printing frames from the ECHO CLASS SLOOPS CD, each frame drawing contains a 5" scale line for both height and width. One can then verify the correctness of the frame prints. For you to go back and add scale lines would be very time consuming. There must be a simple way to verify correctness 


I am thoroughly enjoying Vol. I of The NAIAD Frigate. It puts me to sleep at night, only because my eyes are tired. I wish there were some way to copy your Builder's Log here at MSW. The informatioin, over-and-above what I expect to find in Vol II would be priceless should I move ahead with a NAIAD build. Maybe you could copy your builder's log to a CD and offer it for sale.




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Hello Peter,


Your pdf viewer may set the viewing size differently.  My patterns open on my screen at 119%. This has nothing to d with printer setting.


All the patterns should be printed ACTUAL SIZE.  On Adobe Reader, on the print screen, the Page Scaling should be set to "None".  On Adobe Acrobat set the Fit setting to "Actual Size". 


One way to check the printed pattern is to print a midship frame (like DF A) and measure the moulded breadth  at a height between the heights of breadth - the maximum breadth of the frame.  This dimension is shown on Drawing 1, the Sheer Plan.  It is a basic design dimension.  If you have printed the pattern at actual size that dimension should be 38' 9". At 1:60 this is 7.75". 


Another way to check this on other frames is to measure the moulded breadth of the frame on Drawing 2 or 2b, then compare that to the pattern.  Use dividers for this.  If measuring widths of bevelled frames be sure and measure to the correct edge. 


Once you have verified that actual size is the correct setting, these checks will not be necessary.


Hope this helps,



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