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  1. Hello Doris, I have not been following all the work on MSW closely lately and I missed the post where you reported the loss of your husband. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. I came across the post while showing your work to someone as I often do to describe the work of an exceptionally talented artist/modeler. You are in a class by yourself, for sure. All the best, Ed
  2. Thank you Randy, for the reference. I am quite familiar with it, though over the past several years I had forgotten the specific passage. I can confirm that at the time Crothers's analysis definitely influenced my decision to use internal strapping on the YA model. I do believe, however, that there is room for doubt. And thank you, GuntherT for the images. I have never seen this photo, but agree that she is indeed Young America and I will be very pleased to add it to my collection - making a total of three. The photo will take some study, but offhand I see nothing that departs
  3. Thank you, Randy. Always good to hear reinforcement for ones educated guesses, but sorry to hear of your predicament. No suggestions come immediately to mind. What is your reference on Ocean Monarch? Ed
  4. Hello Greg, nice to hear from you. I am indeed too old to be home schooling my own children. Our adventures in "distance learning" are on behalf of my daughter's two girls - kindergarten and 3rd grade. Their mom teaches at the local high school and is either at school or teaching from home all day so we are hosting the girls - 7am to 4. Pretty busy days, but I am enjoying living 3rd grade again - especially relearning math. Actually Charlotte does not need much help, having become quite computer savvy - these use several different applications, take and post photos of their work, etc. How
  5. Can't help there, Randy. I sized all my own pieces from large stock as described in the book. Ed
  6. Nothing on the burner right now, Daniel. Very busy with two virtual learners here every day. Ed
  7. Randy, drawing 8, actually 8b, is the baseboard plan for the 1:96 model. You do not need this for 1:72. Attached is the full list of provided drawings for each scale, excluding the many letter-sized sheets on each CD. Note that the baseboard plans are pdfs and not provided as printed drawings. Also, drawing 11, included with Volume II is 1:96 scale which should be adequate to use for both scales for the Volume II work. Same goes for Drawing 12, the belaying plan. Because no measurements need be taken from 11 or 12, no 1:72 versions were included. Hope this helps. Ed
  8. Fantastic work, Doris. Certainly the best model sails I have seen. Ed
  9. I now recall that I only partially covers the space between the hold common plank and the keelson. There is no hard copy of drawing 8. This is the base plan and was provided as a pdf on the CD so replacement copies could be printed when the print glued to the board got soiled. Common mistake. Check your CD. You must have a copy of this on your board. Ed
  10. The first thing to recognize, Randy - you may realize this already - is that the limber channel on this ship is actually outside of the frames, see p 189. The first strake inboard, next to the keelson is shown wider than the other common planking as may be seen in Fig 8-38. This was an arbitrary sizing on my part, perhaps consistent with what I had seen on some other drawings - can't remember. I would assume this last space would be covered with lengths of common plank of wider width. You can use your judgement on this. I believe the common method of clearing clogged channels was to have a
  11. Great to hear from you, Remco, but not so great to hear of your recent trials. Hope all is well and things look up for you in the new year. 2020 has not been great for many of us, but hopefully we will all head back to normal next year. All the best. I look forward to seeing your work again on MSW. Ed
  12. Ah! Now I understand your question. It is a good one. I did have to go back and reconstruct the reasoning I used in the design of the model. I should preface my answer by saying that not much is known about many of these structural details for any specific ship. If you refer to the cross-sections in Crothers book on clipper ship construction, you will see that a variety of methods were used to reinforce these long hulls against hogging. I based the Young America model design on the Crothers cross-section for YA which was based on better information available for Challenge, Webb's precedi
  13. Randy, I do not understand your question. Can you give me a reference - photo or drawing - that shows this not extending the full length? Are you looking at where it stops for the view port openings? Ed
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