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Cellulose varnish vs Polyurethane.

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Polyurethane or Cellulose?


It has been suggested by one experienced source that polyurethane water based varnish (Varathane) is best but the instructions in my Constructo kit suggest cellulose varnish (such as Basin brand).


I already have the Varathane varnish but might be willing to try to find the cellulose type if it's superior for ship models.


Any opinions?



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Scale Scale Scale 

that is the question 

A few coats of any varnish will soon build up 1/32 fast which as we all know is a huge amount on the scale yachts we build 

I work on a 68 foot yacht which we varnish 3 times a year building up many coats (possible 6) to fill the grain in andy damaged areas  give us good UV protection 

Filling the grain with a few coats of 50/50 varnish thinners and sanding smooth is the key so only 1 coat of 80% will be needed to give that beautiful shine we so crave 

Happy finishing 


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That's hard to answer.  Since I this is my first model, I am into trying different things so always think its a good idea. 

I found the cellulose easier to work with than poly.  It seemed a little clearer and had few brush strokes.  But, that can be an inexperienced hand talking.

I only found one place in the U.S. that carried it but there might be more in Canada.



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