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  1. I was having difficulty with accurate, and quick, calculations. I found an application for my IPhone called Model Scaler. It was a free application in the Iphone app library and best of all, while it had some presets geared to train enthusiasts, it allowed you to put in custom scales. So, I could enter the actual size, say 60 feet, and it would translate it to the size in 1/64, i.e., 11.25 inches, or convert into any other scale I chose. Richard
  2. I have used them and found them useful. the material its squared off sides worked well to quick store stick pins and to keep parts handy, and were especially useful while rigging. I used the large piece of the ship, the smaller part for longboats and smaller ships and the smallest part to brace other pieces while waiting for them to dry. Was it essential? No. Was it useful? Yes. Could I have made my own? Probably. Richard
  3. I wonder if anyone has tried the new Ratliner MS7202 The Shroud Building Tool from model expo?
  4. Hi all, I have been absent for awhile so just a quick note. My build has been put of for awhile. I have not been visiting other sites. I no longer receive emails of updates and that was my primary method of interacting with the various builds. I do not, as a habit, go to this site and then cruise around trying to find updates. That just does not seem to work for me. I have visited the thread about email update problems and it seems that there is no resolution. I have only experienced the problem with this site so really not sure why it can't be reconstituted. I have tried various email addresses from two different providers and no luck. I do miss the interactions but it is what it is. Richard
  5. I had wandered onto the Little Machine shop site and they have a lathe, the Sieg X2D that comes with a power feed and is less expensive than the Sherline and seems to have a larger feature set. I wondered if anyone had experience with it? I know that by now I am belaboring the point but I really feel the need for due diligence before I spend a thousand dollars or more. I am strongly leaning towards the Sherline based on all I have heard so far, plus it is an American company. But I want to check the alternatives. Thanks you all for you patience. Richard
  6. Very helpful thoughts from everyone. I have been distracted for a couple of months which is why the long delay in responding. Mark, John, Allen, Al, thanks for the insights, the DRO does sound like the way to go. Don, my rework due to on the fly calculations is a primary reason for considering DRO. Keith, i wasn't sure that the DRO adjusted for backlash. That will be helpful. Mike, the restriction for wheel size is something I did not know. That might put a fly in the DRO ointment. The smaller wheels might be difficult with long use. Dan good idea for the stand. I will keep your set up in mind. Do any of you use a power feed and would you recommend it? Richard
  7. I have a powered chisel that I use for sculpting. I would not, could not, use it for modeling. Its finest adjustment along with its weight would make it too hard to control given the fine work we require. But I am a slow and go modeler. Even though I have a range of dremels and proxxon tools I still tend to use hand tools for the fine work required. Richard
  8. thanks Mumin. I should be able to modify it for a longer build. Richard
  9. Hi Bob, Thanks for the product picture. I have ordered it and will give it a try. Thanks, Richard
  10. I agree with Gaetan. Also, it would allow modification/improvement based on personal practice. I am not experienced in creating plans, but if anyone does, please post them. Richard
  11. Jim, does the extended table attach to the current table or replace it? Thanks, Richard
  12. I am looking for another chuck for my Proxxon wood lathe. I have the one that uses two posts to tighten but my hands are beginning to have difficulty. I would like to find one that uses a t-bar type screw to adjust the jaws. Does anyone know if the 27024 independent four jaw chuck use a t-bar type adjuster? If not, what other ones will fit the db250? Cost is a consideration Thanks for the help Richard
  13. hi Mark, I saw your comments about mills. I had looked at the mill you linked to from little machine shop. One reason for leaning towards the Sherline is that most of the accessories from the MMark will fit the Sherline so would not have to reinvest as much by switching to R8. But, I use the mill for drilling and like the lever like handle on the Sieg. So, I am wavering Richard.
  14. Very nice, the photos will be helpful when I get to that point Thanks, Richard

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