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Looking for a primer on priming

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This is a request for help on my airbrush priming, which could be going a lot better...


I'm new to airbrushing, but determined to use it.  Bought an Iwata HP-BCS siphon-feed, I think it's a .05 tip.  I'm trying to prime the hull of my Washburn tug, which has been coated with Z-poxy resin.  Using ModelExpo paints, and I got some of their primer (or at least they call it that), so that's what I'm using.


I know it should be very thinned (it's very thick in the bottle).  I went overboard on the thinning, though, so it seems as if I'm spraying mostly water on it.  Barely covers.  I wouldn't mind a thin coat (I've read JPett's other thread on Tips&Tricks), but this is extreme; it's pretty runny.  The good news, on the other hand, is that I've used some 1000 paper on it and (where it ran), and it can end up as smooth as silk.  But even as thin as the coat is, I'm spraying away my little bottles of primer really fast - maybe I've just diluted it into nothingness.


I'd like to stick with something water-based, as I don't have a great place to do my painting, no ventilation. 


So are there any suggestions (other than sub-contracting it out)?  Should I mix up the rest of my primer, a little thicker this time, and continue, or use something else altogether?  I'm spraying with low psi (about 10), the tip being maybe 6 or 8 inches away from the work, trying to get some coverage without just blasting liquid and making it run...


To JPett:  Great timing on your thread - I almost put this post in it, but I didn't want to mess up 'Tips & Tricks' with a specific problem.




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I have never used a water-based primer, so this may be of no help. I like to use Tamiya's Fine White primer - its only available in a spray can, but don't let that bother you. It lays down excellent and thin - sometimes when I am a little lazy, I will use this as my white. Their Fine Grey is also excellent.


I also have an Iwata - the HP BCR. Great airbrush!

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You are welcome. I always use it straight from the can. Honestly, this stuff sprays and lays down so well I see no need to decant it for airbrush use. I am a bit leery of the decanting process - I am afraid I won't let the degassing process complete (an experience I don't want to relive), so I never do it anymore. This stuff is great - I use both the white and grey, depending on what color(s) I will be putting on top of it. And, it is so thin that even if you do decide to decant it, it won't need to be thinned at all. You won't be disappointed.

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