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Caldercraft HM William Gunboat 1:32


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Hi Guys,


The Caldercraft HM William Gunboat 1:32


I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of, or have indeed built this ship? For the first time a search on site has produced no hits or information at all (apart from another gentleman asking similar questions 2 years ago). I've virtually finished my last build (Lady Nelson) and am searching for my next.


Its a bit of an odd one but I find it intreguing. This is a Caldercraft, so should be of good quality, but I must confess one reason its attracted me is its scale; its a big 1:32 which I find most interesting after fiddling about with the 1:64 Lady Nelson.


Any help, information or direction much appreciated.





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Hi, I own the kit but have not yet started it. The contents look good quality especially the gun casting. Instructions are the later more in depth type as are the drawings.


Is there a build log for this one on the jotika website? They did for their later kits.

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Hi, just looked, if you go to jotika website then construction photographs there is 12 pages through the construction.


Many thanks indeed Thunder, just going there now


*Update.  I've had an in depth study, and feel I would quite like to have a go! Now to find the cheapest option.


Many thanks indeed for your invaluable help.



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