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  1. There used to be a loop hole where if you got a company to post to someone in the US and they forwarded to you marking the item as a present you didn't pay the duty. I believe they have closed that now. My wife brought me the Lauck Street 'Fair American' and really got stung. To be honest, if she had known about the extra cost, it would not have got purchased. I have never brought anything direct from the US since.
  2. If this is the quality of your work then I think I will have a lot to learn by following this build. Inspiring.
  3. The best way to judge the length of the breech rope is the practical. I.e. they wouldn't want it that long that the gun could recoil down the grating.
  4. Hi, Had a look in Brian Lavery's 'The Arming and Fitting of English ships of war 1600-1815. He does not include a lot of text other than that below: Does not state for our period with 6 pounders for the breechings but does state circumference. If we say 5.5" circumference that gives 0.7mm for our scale. I have added the text for the tackles but this gives more confusion as it seems he has worked on sizes in Diameters for these. This does not make sense as it makes the tackles 0.79mm which is bigger than his breech rope. I would think he meant ci
  5. Hi, Yes very useful chart, even my books on arming and fitting do not give this detail. Works out at 1.59mm. I have just put some 1.5mm on one of my cannon and compared with photo of victory I posted and think you may be right. You will have to step up the eyebolt sizes as well in order to rig. At first I thought the chart might be giving circumference instead of diameter but this brings it out at 0.5mm which seems too small.
  6. Hi, 1.5mm seems huge to me, have you worked that out from a good source? I used 0.75mm, I would only go as high as 1mm. If unsure i tend to go smaller rather than larger as larger, in my opinion, tends to look clumsy. However, it will be worth getting a stock of 1mm and 1.5mm as I used these sizes for the standing rigging. 2mm and 2.5mm is also worth having mainly for anchor ropes. The Amati is what I have. I used the natural and dyed black. I have answered on my log. Sorry for delay, only just got back from holiday and had to look at model to confirm what I
  7. Hi sorry for slow reply, I have been away and could not say till I came home and had a look at the model. I used 0.75 Amati. I do prefer Amati for the larger sized threads for both colour and quality. The natural colour only. The larger standing rigging is dyed Amati Natural.
  8. Hi, I am away so cannot measure what size i used at the moment. I know I probably gauged by eye as finding accurate sizes is near impossible. They are smaller than most people think if taking those on HMS Victory and HMS Trincomalee as a guide. You can see on the attached that all but the breechings are a single loop so depends what detail you want to go to. Mine are all single loop. The kit sized eyelets on the etched sheet were a good size but think mine made from enamelled wire. If you have a set of miniature drill bits you can use the shaft to twist wir
  9. Many times people have made the above quote because they have failed to test the paint on some scrap material or small area. Oils in some woods stop the paint setting. Some paint is designed for plastic and this causes the above.
  10. It is the gun port distribution that is most concerning, never seen anything like this. Other photos show this shape of port but think the kit company has squeezed in 32 guns as they have their history in error.
  11. Hi thankyou for the reply and your kind comments about my completed builds. I did find some interesting photographs of the ship Alliance but did not post due to the lack of interest. NH 57136.tiff
  12. Hi, I used rigging line for the topmast shrouds. Should be steel around deadeyes with metal plates through to just below top and hooks for futtock shrouds. It is just two cleats to each of fore most shrouds on each mast for the topgallant yard lifts.
  13. As my shrouds are rigged was considering replacing one at a time. the other shrouds and ratlines should keep everything in place whilst i do it. Then all should be perfect size. Would be very fiddly though.
  14. Hi. yes should be closed. To be honest it has annoyed me that I didn't make new ones ever since I fitted them as should not be hard to do. Also if you solder them there is less chance of them pulling open. If going to solder will be worth doing the bottom of the loop with the deadeye in as these are a bad design and will pull open the split being at the point of most importance.
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