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  1. I have long given up the Amati form a strip, I soak the planks for a short time and then use a plank bender. The trip is dry by the time i have finished. I have the aeropiccola plank bender but really struggle with it. Lifting the roller to put the plank under once hot is not easily accomplished.
  2. Can you open the battery case and replace the cells within it?
  3. Hi, Been using the Tacklife for 3 years now and has been fine, just needs more power. I did send the first back but that was because it was packed with two collets the same size.
  4. Hi, I have been using one of the below from Amazon. It does cut off when not man enough for the job, which is annoying, but good for the price. It is only three speed and never find a use but for the highest.
  5. Hi Dave, Did contemplate starting a build log but thought that were some great ones on here and I am not very disciplined at remembering to take the photographs etc. I am just at the point of finishing the main deck. The worse thing so far is that i have broken most of the raised parts off the bulkheads. They just keep getting in the way, or i am getting very clumsy. Adrian
  6. Hi Dave, I have been very lucky as grew my book collection many years ago before the internet spoiled everything. A yearly visit to Falmouth in Cornwall meant i brought all of the AOTS books as there was three second hand book shops and one dedicated to nautical. Most i got for around the £10 mark. Buying James Lees and many others back when you could only buy direct from Conway Maritime Press was also much better. I only had Alert to get and saw it at one of the book shops in Hay on Wye. It was second hand and not price marked. When i asked he wanted £60 which i quickly told him it was ridiculous. He wouldn't sell for less as that's what were for sale on internet. At the time it was still in print for £20. Don't think i have ever brought a second hand book for a decent price since.
  7. The 20 includes plastic ships. Royal Caroline nearly beat me, I modified her so much as so many errors. Enjoyed Corel's Resolution most even though not a great kit for accuracy, if did again would convert to HMS Ferret. Chatham was a delight to build. Cruiser you have to watch the stern assembly but still a good kit. Don't go to Racehorse, a terrible kit keep well away.
  8. I can almost smell that humbrol paint just looking at them!
  9. Your on a winner straight away if your wife likes it. I think my wife liked the first one. Now at 20+ she is not so keen.
  10. Hi AJohnson, Looking at your builds and on the shelf i think you may be the go to person for these questions. My experience of Caldercraft is that the wood quality can vary but usually provide a lot of spare and have replaced mine before with no argument. Regarding their Endeavour, i have theirs on my shelf and would not pick another current version. Worth checking though as a new version coming out by another manufacturer. I wouldn't choose Endeavour myself for a first to third build as the lines are horrible for planking. Would probably go for Cruiser, Orestes or Snake first. However, main thing is that you choose a subject that you are most interested in.
  11. Hi, You are correct that the lower yard on the Mizzen mast is the Cross Jack. I would also rig the cross jack braces exactly as you have described and did do on my Bounty. There was no sail on this yard but braces would be used to brace the lower edge of the sail set on the topsail.
  12. Airfix: Wasa Great western Victory Golden hind St Louis Discovery Revenge Bounty Cutty Sark Heller: Superbe La Sirene Phenix Spanish Gallion Thonier Armor La Tartane Revell: Mayflower Constitution Thermopylea Golden Hind Flying Dutchman Hans Kogge Batavia Santa Maria Pyro: Dutch Staten Jacht Half Moon Bon homme Richard Venetian Carrack Roman Merchant Imia: Roman Warship Greek Warship Plus a Russian 60 gun ship kit 'Priedisjinctua' To Build or part built, Airfix sovereign, Prince, Cutty Sark and mayflower, Pyro's La Reale and Alliance, Revell's Great Eastern
  13. This is an excellent and inspiring build. Hawse holes in a very unusual place, not in a location i have seen before. usually much closer in to the stem.
  14. Does look good. Wasn't sure they were still producing kits. Why do modelling companies always have a ship sailing one way but the flags flowing another. Do they think the ship will be moving so fast that the flags will fly out behind?!!
  15. That is a very impressive rig B.E. I love to see the extra effort to include all the sale rig as well even when depicted without sails bent. Even has the bowlines I believe. Looks like more the rig expected in a museum.
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