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  1. Hi Mark, That link will be a great help, thank you. I think i will buy some cheap wood to practice on first. Blades and set up are limited with my proxxon so may need to invest in a saw. Adrian
  2. I have it all over my front garden but after 20 years it is still not substantial enough to get any planks from it. Don't think it will be usable in my life time. I have purchased two sheets of 3mm and 5mm thick . Was wondering what was the best tool to use to one planks off at about 1mm thick. Have run a couple off on my small proxxon circular saw but too many teeth marks where i hesitate. Was thinking of setting into a longer bed to make it better for supporting what is a metre length plank.
  3. Hi Dunnock, I will be watching with interest as just started her myself. Interestingly I had no issues with, and no cleaning up to do of the bulkhead slots, as all fitted together perfectly. My kit has been stored under the spare bed for 10 years which may be why, or has their quality dropped? I am having the same decisions as you regarding bow and stern post and am undecided what wood to use as second planking. I have purchased some box to make my own planks and some pear in case I do not make a good job of the box planks with my small Proxxon circular saw. The only other addition made to the
  4. Considering the shape of Bounty's bow that planking is excellent. I hope I do that well when I get to build her.
  5. Excellent, have the first three volumes and was looking into getting the plans as seemed little point having the books without them.
  6. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing, that is after all what having a hobby is all about. I like to think I am producing something of accuracy but that does not mean that is right for everyone. You build your model the way you want it and enjoy what you have produced.
  7. Happy Birthday Lynda

  8. Just my opinion but I think what could be a great model can be made to look like a toy if the rigging is poor. It does not take a lot of effort to make it look better, even just the use of different size threads makes a difference. I have said many times but the best guide for an Airfix / Plastic kit is the books by Noel C Hackney. For your period of rig you would be best with the Mayflower book. Especially as you have this kit on your shelf. Takes you through the build and any modifications that you can possibly do to improve. It then takes you through the rigging step by step. I
  9. Hi, just seen your build for the first time. Do not know much about this kit but looks like you have used walnut for the deck planking and the first planking, is this correct? Usually this would be for the second planking only, don't want you to end up short for that.
  10. I did see the Arkowood, there is also Ahorn (maple), Birke (Birch), and Weisbuche (hornbeam or white beech?) which all look to be good woods. Thank you for your comments. Tempted to try.
  11. Hi they have labelled it as Buxbaum Castello wood from Brazil which I believe translates as boxwood. Thank you for your comments a great help.
  12. Thank you for the replies, I was looking for something to replace the walnut in my next kit and found the above site after someone placed it on here. The boxwood seems a very good price compared to another provider in the UK which does not sell the sizes the same as the kit. I could actually buy the boxwood and the beech for the same price as the boxwood alone in the UK. Before I purchased i wanted an idea of quality. I have seen a few on site that have purchased box only to find it was what looked like dyed lime. Perhaps i could email for a small sample of each. They do sell pear
  13. Hi, Two questions, has anyone used the attached site in Germany? Willkommen bei der MassivHolzWerkstatt. - modellbau-holzs Webseite! (massiv-holz-werkstatt.de) Is the Buxbaum Castello wood from Brazil good enough quality for second planking? Oh, a third question. Beech is often described as the scale oak, has anyone planked with this and what are its characteristics? Does it cut and bend easily, is it easy to work with? O.k. 5 questions but whose counting! Adrian
  14. Or if in the UK go and take a look at the place below: https://www.bucklershard.co.uk/ Well worth a visit
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