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18th Century Merchant Longboat circa 1790 as used in the PNW fur trade


18th Century Merchant Longboat circa 1790 as used in the PNW fur trade
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Modified Model Shipways kit at 1:48 scale. Longboat depicted as used during the Pacific Northwest fur trade circa 1790 on the small ships out of Boston. Armed with a swivel cannon forward, increased shear.  Re-rigged outhaul through the block located on the stem per the NMM model. Horse located over the tiller and a typical merchant paint scheme with lamp black and varnish. Connections used were hooks for standing and running rigging for quick and easy setup.

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Great job on the details. I am going to use this as my inspiration for my 18th century longboat. I like the lamp black and varnish paint scheme. I like to think how these boats would be utilized by the colonists after the British were done with them. I may go for a smugglers rig, modified for extra cargo and fewer oars. Maybe a hoisting jib on the boom to go with the windlass. Great job! And thanks for the inspiration!

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