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  1. The construction of the stern castle created me many difficulties due to some pieces supplied in the plastic kit that I had to make out of wood.
  2. Hello all the work I want to publish is the 1/48 scale HMS Enterprise 1774 vessel. I started from the CAF model kit and I customized the model creating the complete interiors. For the realization, I used various documentation, including the Pandora monograph, Shipright 1/96 drawings, and different documentation collected by the Forums. I have reported on the scans of the caf drawings in 1/48 the scans of the Pandora drawings in order to have a uniform scale, and those of Shipyard. The model is half wrapped and half exposed.
  3. Welcome Tom Thanks to you and Chuck for making this collaboration possible. I'm building the Enterprize and I'm finally happy to be able to publish it. See you soon Iosto
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