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  1. Fantastic model executed to perfection Very good diorama really well done Compliments Greetings
  2. I preferred the second option because I consider it the best although more complicated I have scanned the kit's decals sheet With Photoshop I increased the contrast and inverted the image Then I printed it on paper For the transfer I used the foto tranfert POTCH trasparent " Hobby Line" A generous layer of glue is spread on the surface and the design is then positioned. Then press to remove the spaces and let it dry After dried, the paper is wetted with a brush and removed and the drawing is transferred So you can use it as a base for painting.
  3. A model I built about thirty years ago. It has several errors but considering that there was no internet then and you could not find today's materials and the equipment I have today, in the end it is not too bad.
  4. Deck deck I used IROKO wood Very fibrous a little difficult to work with small thin pieces, but I wanted to have a color more like the real wood of the original bridge. To decrease the porosity I used a glue to transfer POTCH images. Applied then smoothed and re-applied, then I passed the wax.
  5. I made the structure in pear wood. I covered with some pear wood veneer. Then I covered with mahogany wood. Between one table and another I inserted some black cardboard. Then I'll proceed with the holes
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