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  1. Made me think of the line from "The Shining " "Daddy's home"
  2. A photo-table is highly recommended, they come in various sizes and qualities. Choose a table that has an acrylic flexible top. Blue or green back drop paper will work amazingly if you like to post-edit picture and insert a background. The sweep is important as it will eliminate shadows, and using in-direct backlight your model will certainly stand out. See this one
  3. Richard, go into your setting and change from color to b/w. I am an avid pro-amateur photographer (40 years experience), and considering going back to regular analog camera along using digital. I still have my equipment except the darkroom items.
  4. Chris, with that type of single piece hull you can convert her to an R/C ship. There's plenty of space inside for all the equipment.
  5. 400 dollars and 48 inches long! 1600 parts.... That will be a showcase kit!
  6. Daniel, that planking is spot on, perfect lineup. With that perfect first layer, the second will fit without any modification. Well done.
  7. I have a 3d printer and with my brand there is attachment for laser engraving. Some guys has even been able to cut card stock with the 3W laser head. And yes, with laser and 3d printing safety is important. There is a lot of heat involved. But also having proper air extraction. There are a lot of fumes involved. The bed for 3d printing is heated has a working temperature from 55°C to 80°C depending of material. Next the extruder head has even a higher temperature. Best thing you can do is learn the drafting of components and send the files to a company for laser cuttin
  8. If used in the movie back to the future everything would make sense. I was lost after his first sentence. 😂🤣
  9. The desktop laser machines are not meant for cutting (maybe very thin veneer) but mostly for used for engraving. Laser cutter has a steep learning curve. In order to get a good "cutting" laser you will find ones starting at 2400 dollars. Anything below 1000 will not hold up for what we are doing. Ask Chuck what he is using. He certainly know the laser cutter. You need a good vector based program something like Corel Draw, which has a steeper learning curve. I do have a suggestion, search if you have a MakerSpace in your area, they will certainly have a
  10. The last sign is true, have seen at many MC dealers. Fun but true!
  11. I have that book too, the detailing in plans are just amazing in the AOTS books.
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