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  1. BeeWee, from PNW a warm Bluenose is a great ship to build and has a lot of history to it. Besides MSW has many build logs for you to look into regarding details and ideas. Airbrushing is a completely different chapter, many of our builders don't use that kind of tool, only regular high quality brush. For large areas, sure airbrushing is helpful.... but then again, airbrushing can be used in other areas than model building, comes really handy around the home as well. When it comes to airbrushing, a compressor with a tank (provides the best and even
  2. Mike, from PNW a warm Wishing you and family a nice and safe Thanksgiving.
  3. Randy, A warm to , have a nice Thanksgiving.
  4. John, very nice start of Bluenose, As for my kit, there were no walnut included, but since the hull is painted it didn't matter to me. Nice work on the details and as you will find out along the building way, you will experiment with various solutions to achieve the look you want. For others who haven't tried the "razor blade type of saw", get one! It will be a tremendous help while building. Btw, warm welcome to MSW.
  5. Lou, it's not that hard even you can create a simple model, doesn't have to be a ship or such..... take a shoe box or something similar. Place it in an angle you prefer and start using paper and pencil. All it takes is practice, practice and more practice..... our eyes sees in 3d, translate that to a perspective view on the paper. As for me, I would never be able to create these amazing paintings.... the details along with life in the paintings that comes alive.
  6. There's no short cut to go when it comes to convert jpg to dwg/dfx. I tried Inkscape, gave up. Using Fusion360, importing any picture for tracing to create a file that can be converted to dwg. As stated above jpg's is a pixelated picture where it's hard to find the perfect center in a line. When zooming in you will experience fuzziness which will make it even harder. That being said, if you try to make laser parts you will find it will extremely difficult to make it accurate. Because a draft line on a picture doesn't relate to the fine laser cutting. I.e on a drawing t
  7. I have to many great ships in stash to be built, but yes I would love to jump on to this escapade building the Winchelsea. Beautiful start of the build log.
  8. Chris, have you tried to work with poplar? Seems to have the boxwood characteristic and easy to find and buy. Slightly more dense but beautiful too.
  9. Great jig work, Thomas I better print that one out otherwise I will forget how you did it.
  10. Precious, Welcome to MSW Consider yourself as ship yard master.
  11. Nice axes, but what do you mean confined. In WA if you are confined due to covid you are allowed to be outdoor on your own property.
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