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  1. I like the idea of plexiglass support on oak. Tremendous job you done.
  2. lol, Well that wasn't my issue. My old Kärsher gave a recoil when triggered that one with 250 less psi Ace Hardware was quite reluctant to take it back. This after a 2 minutes test. Attaching a regular garden nozzle and set it to "jet" has giving me almost a similar spot cleaning effect.
  3. Follow up as I tried it out. The pressure is way to low to clean mossy wood and concrete. Probably good for sensitive material. It will be a return.
  4. My old pressure washer had a freeze many years ago (my mistake for not draining and let all water out) resulting with a leakage in several areas. So today I decided to gift me and the Admiral with a new one. At 140 dollars I hope it will do the job in need for cars and more.
  5. Warm/hot work shop is no fun. I have the same issue every once in a while. I like to build the Sphinx some day. First I have to reduce (with other words build) what I have in my shop. Today is going to be perfect day in the shop, not to warm and with a nice breeze.
  6. Chris, time matter question; Have you been able to make my regular 24 hour day to 30 hours? Seems like you, James and Chuck have found the golden source to extend the day. Looking good and fascinating.
  7. Markus. All she need is a crew and she can go sailing. Beautiful done!
  8. Glenn, I know exactly what you are referring to. Lately I have become careful of what type of pictures I upload, but if I do upload a high-resolution picture I make sure it has a watermark. With a link for anyone that want to purchase the picture with removed watermark.
  9. As for the hatch I don't remember where from I got it. Yes it's thick, protrudes a good 6mm. But as you know, the T37 are fun to sail. I am considering buying the heavy air rig from Will. I have also added a battery check unit, to see the condition of the battery at the lake.
  10. Looks like the screen from a Mazda infotainment.....
  11. Thunder and lightning, seems like Odin wants to make a tour in your area. On a serious note even though lightning can be so devastating it's also very fascinating to watch.
  12. The only area where I have carbon fiber material is in my mast for the T37. Good enough for the sailing I am doing, will take a lot of force to break.
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