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  1. Rob, if you have plans of how to do certain things, you should stick with it. This is a great idea, card stock is also much more flexible.
  2. Eric, If they were down by half last Saturday, and today probably below 80, I would gestimate somewhere around 500 issues. Just a guess!
  3. Mine should be arriving soon, ordered about a week ago! Thanks for a nice preview of the calendar.
  4. Mike, I went to HobbyTown the other day, and looked into Tamyia models and Trumpeter. My oh my, has Tamyia changed their quality to much better.
  5. I clicked on the link and got the sale pop-up on their website. Calipers of high grade!
  6. Rob, your progress is fantastic. At this scale some details are hard to create, you have done a great job!
  7. Cap'n Snack, Warm . The kit you have chosen seems like a very nice kit including the PE. At 75 dollars and free shipping from Amazon it seems to be a nice deal.
  8. Henke, that is very beautiful coppering work you have done. Doesn't it feel good to be back at the yard?
  9. Daniel, a big and warm welcome to MSW. Having the experience of building plastic kits are very helpful as you already have the eye for details. Building a wooden model is different since there are hardly any pre-made parts. However the choice with Polaris is a great start to give you all needed experience to move on. I am looking forward to your build log. Welcome to MSW!
  10. Time to order some "software" to create my rope!
  11. And for me this little kit showed up today. Chucks' Rope Rocket! When opening up the package I was hit by a very pleasant scent - Cherry! I certainly like the design and looking forward to put this together, it's a very simple kit. Chuck, one thing you have forgotten to add while laser burning the cherry is a copyright imprint. Putting my nose to the cherry wood another pleasant scent emerged - the smell of tar -the type used on boats between planking or while creating ropes!? This should be a quick build, question though: I love the
  12. The Terror is a magnificent ship, I will follow that build along as well. Nice finish of Lady Nelson.
  13. Nice catch, even though you had made a nice stove already. But there is nothing more we like to do, but to do it again.😄
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