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  1. Bob, I will try the same with our remote.... as we have Xfinity as well. Thanks for providing the idea. Otherwise using the link provided will help. I did jewelry (silver) soldering back in the 90's, most to give away or sold for a fraction. Had a lot of fun with it. Time to pick this one up as I need to hone my soldering skills. A couple of ear-ring sets I made had the shape of the musical G-clave. Gave them to women in the choir I sang with at the time, highly appreciated x-mas gift.
  2. Malas, You should have the scale answer on the drawings (plans). My guess it may be a Model Shipways kit, part list says scale 3/16" = 1ft
  3. Still cleaning out the garage since the move in. Workbenches are to high, so I have to figure out a way to get proper seat(s), have plenty of space for more builders (people) at the same time. Sound system was up and running the other day. Painted the facade numbers so they can be seen from the road.
  4. The books of John McKay are amazing. I have a couple of them too.
  5. Wanted to try something different, and found a car from my year. Had a hard time to find a good 1/16 scale model at decent price.
  6. Don't know if you have seen this picture...… however here is a sloop designed by Af Chapman
  7. And why shouldn't we tolerate "plastic people", many of us have the plastic background..... and maybe even building a plastic kit in another hideout in their house; far far away in a corner..... lol
  8. Jagdmirage, first of all a warm welcome to MSW. Looks like you are off to a good start. Are you going to try to build it without any glue …. like they did back in the Roman time era?
  9. Due to the Covid-19 that is spreading, I have learned that many suppliers of model kits are selling like crazy, Ages of Sail are extremely low on Amati kits as they are sitting in the custom but also other kits are starting running low. ModelExpo-Online and BlueJacket Inc are working to produce more kits, but as stated in other postings the shipping time is now slower than normal. Our dear Chuck, is also suffering, as he is trying to catch up on orders. That being said, I just want to let everyone know that the therapy side remains open, and supporting social distance to 100%.
  10. And another warm welcome from Pacific Northwest.
  11. Well, for me, I had only one mission to accomplish today, that was to get my motorcycle from a friends place. This involved a 9 hours round-trip in WA, from West to East and back. Now I have my baby back. Need to get a new shut-off finger for the fuel valve. Some air in the tires and I am ready for a new season …...
  12. Yep, I would like to do the same, but as you mentioned my account wouldn't be to happy with me either...….. and the Admiral even less. It would be the dog house detention for me for the next half year..... at least. On the other hand, the dog house would be the workshop.
  13. If this is just the second hull your planking, then you're doing a grand job.
  14. Rich, You must feel good now with the completion of USS Argus. Beautiful build a true masterpiece. Now it's time for a break, unless you have something else waiting to be built.

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