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  1. Lou, That yellow orb does exists, it's not a myth. And it's a good thing.
  2. Sunday = A Sunny Day, and so it is. A Beautiful clear sky no wind. Snow melting but not creating any floods. Temp at mid-day is 40°F. Went out for a walk with Murphy between 3 and 4. Now at 48°. Very nice!
  3. It's a sunny Friday, temp at 42°F (5°C), snow melting slowly which is good as the weekend of 22-24 will provide temperature at 60°F (15°C). Time to get the motorcycle ready. Just waiting for the roads to be cleaned from all gravel.
  4. Oh by the way, I am doing the barge, final model measures 7'+ or 211cm+.
  5. It's a fun project being involved in, have learned a lot about Fusion360 and computer modelling. What should had been a small and time wise short project turned out to be so much more.
  6. The company I am working for are going from desk top towers for business to the small pc's that you can almost put in your pocket. With that there are items from time to time that they are just to deposit in garbage. So, yesterday I came home with this machine. Installed Windows 8.1 Pro, had it since before. Not so shabby for a free Pc.
  7. Danish designer, tiles made in Sweden and shipped to Australia
  8. Chris, I like this model. You are doing a great job! If my list of ships to be built first weren't to long I would add this to it.
  9. No wonder Chuck is all out of rope, it was all shipped across the Atlantic ocean. lol😁 Svein-Erik, your Syren is coming out very nicely! That tick remover tool is a great idea!
  10. Dave, I would go out and knock the icicles down, before they do any damage to structure or even worse hurting someone. On my side I have beautiful sunny day, temp at 26°F, but windy. Went outside to take care of ice on the driveway, had my assistant Murphy (my dog) along with me. He got bored and decided it was time for the two of us to go for a walk. Once back home he had some water and curled up on the bed and fell asleep. This winter is extreme for our area, working towards the farmer, they are hoping this will be over in the next week.
  11. That was a good "fore"-sight leaving the course for the clubhouse. Hope you where able to enjoy a "swing" in there.
  12. Aviaamator, thank you for the kind words. She is a pleasure to sail. Here is a video from 2018 sailing at a park nearby.
  13. I would suggest a paint shop selling paint for cars. You will get amazing result with that type of paint. You will also lay down couple of layers of putty (preferably auto putty (sanding in-between)) and primer as well, that if you want a great finish. Look at my T37, which is pro-painted (not by me of course). My yacht has 12 layers of blue coating and two layers of clear coat on top of primer.
  14. More snow! Am kind of tired of this white stuff. And now it's wet and heavy snow.🙁
  15. Same thing applies in Franklin County WA, no outside shutoffs except main line and sprinkler.

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