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  1. Effie, To answer 1: There is something called "ARTR" (Almost Ready To Run) "RC boat" use that as for a search. You will see there are many boats that comes with very little assembly, all you need to add is a radio/receiver and battery pack. To answer 2: Take a look at our sponsors on the main page, Bluejacket Inc have some kits that may interest you. Again, you are not providing us with much information of what you like to do.
  2. Hi Effie and welcome to MSW. Some questions: Sailing or motorized version? If sailing, do you want to compete? If so, see amya.org. You will also find a lot of useful links even if to compete. If motorized, is it just for fun or do you want to build scale model with details? Krick is one well known manufacturer. I would suggest you write down the criteria you want with your RC. Use internet and do some research, you will be amazed how much there's to choose from. Many of us are into RC and you will find a lot of help once
  3. I certainly read your thread, which was helpful.
  4. So I received the "dapters" package today, and yes now I have plenty of variations for any sort of hook-up. This is the setup for my paschee brush. I will use plumber tape to eliminate any leakage. First picture will show the size difference: Second showing the adapter in-between but out of focus. Here's the adapter lightly screwed on to the compressor: And I have a perfect fit:
  5. Ron, However, there is a huge difference between the "brushes" though. I am very near to hit the gun for the Badger 105 Patriot and 150, two work-horses that has been around for a long time.
  6. Here is some personal views of my previous working compressor without tank and the new unit: My previous: has a very pleasant "purr", but will run constantly - however the pressure do change during paint job, you can do a good job with it if being attentive. No cooling fan. New unit: first run without any "brush" attached: slightly quieter but not the same "purr" - runs dual cooling fans. Tank or not: There is a size different: Sound from the old one: old compressor purr.mp4 Big
  7. Ron, I think you are right.... these units looks so very much alike in many ways. Lou, I haven't fired it up yet, but specs reads: "Air-On-Demand": Designed to work only when you do, produces full-capacity air on demand. Automatically shuts off when not is use. Constant Pressure and Zero Pulsation: Air is drawn from the large air storage tank providing you a constant regulated pressure. There's zero pulsation because air is drawn from the tank which eliminates any pulsation effect from the pistons Thermally Protected: Automatically turns itself off
  8. John, All "metal" parts in my kit was molded brittania soft metal. Bags showed "Made in China" same applies to the metal parts in the Syren kit of mine.
  9. Tomas, I use Edge browser exclusively (don't even have any other browser installed) and I have never had any issues with uploading pictures. I do my editing with ACDsee, and saving edited pictures in a separate folder not together with original.
  10. I have a single compressor for airbrushing, but have realized I should had bought one with tank from the very beginning. After two weeks research and creating spread sheets for comparison I finally bit allowed myself for a new one. Interestingly one brand stood out from others, a name I hadn't heard before - Master Airbrush. For the money this brand seems to outperform names as Badger, Iwata and Paschee. I placed my order last Saturday (Feb 27) via Amazon and shipped from company TCP Global Corp. Received mine today (Monday March 1) shipped via USPS. Yes the item is made
  11. Don't know about your Shipyard supervisor looks very tired too. Maybe she is trying to tell you "Go to bed"....😁
  12. Beautiful tools, but I saw they are made in China. Wonder how the planes are versus Lee Valley micro planes?
  13. Richard, beautiful work with the chainplates .... and more. Make me considering going back to the drawing (build) board and re-do mine.
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