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  1. Mir, first of all, a warm welcome to MSW! If you haven't done any sort of rigging this including rigging plastic kits, which several of them has a very complex rigging, I would suggest to start with a kit without any rigging. Many times just the planking (creating the hull) can be overwhelming. There are a lot of kits that will take you aside from the rigging. Again, a warm welcome!
  2. Derek. I have a E3V2 as well, still in box though. Resin printer is good for very small details. I have received some parts for my 4ft ship (3d printed). Personally I don't see any future need of a resin - at least not yet.
  3. Well, received isn't the correct word, but purchased after a long time of surveying. My old phone (almost 7 years) started showing sign of being old. I did have adequate with space with the extra SD card. But camera wise and other features is old. Went with S21 Ultra. Have read several reviews and most of them are praising this model.
  4. Yep this product really works.... lol.
  5. Daniel, isn't a great feeling having a finished model. That looks really good.
  6. According to the Finns, there is no bad weather. It's just another work day.
  7. Floyd, I am so glad you didn't give up. (I hope our conversations has helped you ) You are back overcoming struggles we all encounter when we build our models. I know for sure how hard they can be! Besides, your Medway looks really good. I am happy you continued!
  8. That's what my wife said as well....😆
  9. @mtaylor, Mark this is a standard way to address a person directly in a specific topic. It works in various scenarios.
  10. I bought that deck for my Connie (waiting in the yard - box), to me it has to much color. Don't know if I am going with that or the Vallejo Wood paint kit.
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