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  1. Siggi, I hope you are doing well and unaffected in your area of Germany by all the flooding and destruction.
  2. Johann, I don’t think it is a typo. Look at the Main topmast and topgallant stay diameters. They are all similar proportions. Which tells me they are intentional. Topgallant and topmast stays seem to be practically the same diameter….almost. Of course this is a French rigged ship, but I would be interested how it compares to a British rigged frigate of the same period. Or perhaps other French rigged ships as well.
  3. This is a very useful technique that is commonly used in the scale RC plane building (my other passion). You can use plain white glue or RC canopy glue which is about the same thing. You can thin it until you get the consistency you like so it lays down and looks like dome head rivets etc. I also add some acrylic silver paint to the glue so when the dry they look like metal. Then paint and slightly rub them to give a metal look. I use a small glue bottle with a syringe tip for application. With a little patience you can get them very consistent. You can also use a toothpick etc, but I find the syringe needle with a flat opening works best.
  4. Ron, while you are at it, can you explain again how you ebonize the wood. Your solution and technique etc. thanks
  5. Vaddoc, you have a couple options for planking (spilling or edge bending), and the yawl really isn’t that difficult to plank. Chuck Passaro’s tutorials are invaluable and I highly recommend you read through his planking of the Longboat Medway, Cheerful and his Winchelsea. His planking is perfection. Although carvel planking, the lining out and edge bending should be the same. here is a link to some of his videos. But his build threads are a treasure trove. Chucks planking videos
  6. Excellent, long over due. Waiting with anticipation. And Mike, you are much better than a ham fisted modeler....lol
  7. Bitao, your modeling is exquisite. I noticed the wood you are using for the decks and cabins has a lovely golden color. What wood is it. Do you use a stain or varnish?
  8. Absolutely well done. A great looking ship and one to be proud of for sure. It was very entertaining following the build.
  9. Well done Siggi, the lacquer takes some of the shocking brightness out of the yellow, with a deeper tone. Looks good. As far as the friezes, with your talents, if anyone can paint them at this scale, you can.
  10. Once again, always a pleasure to see your updates. A marvelous and extraordinary attention to detail that pushes me to model to a higher standard. Thank you Johann 😀
  11. Thanks Siggi, I appreciate the step by step pictures illustrating how you carve these wonderful scrolls.
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