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  1. Once again, always a pleasure to see your updates. A marvelous and extraordinary attention to detail that pushes me to model to a higher standard. Thank you Johann 😀
  2. Thanks Siggi, I appreciate the step by step pictures illustrating how you carve these wonderful scrolls.
  3. Not to mention, look at the people in the picture. Especially the children. They are notorious for moving. All the people seem to be in the same position which would be unlikely in a multiple photos with a long exposure time.
  4. Beautiful work. I have a question, “How did you get all the cannon all the same?” Did you use a CNC feature with the lathe or did you have a replicating pattern to use? thanks, great work as always.
  5. Nice job Maury. A beautiful model. I’ve followed this one from the beginning too, and it was a pleasure. .
  6. Alex, how did you create the molding on the rail with the tapering and curvature? Did you use scrapers or something else? A bit of a tutorial would be excellent.
  7. Johann, I agree with you. The eye splice does look better and matches the eyesplices below. But I understand the difficulty working at this scale. You have accomplished feats thought impossible before with wonderful execution, so I’m sure you can accomplish this. Just don’t rush and take your time. Michaelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine chapel in a week or two. This is a masterpiece as well.
  8. In the 18th century, I thought they also had Red Ochre or a red oxide paint. I’m sure it was much cheaper than true vermillion which I doubt they would use due to the expense. The naval service could be known to be frugal when it came to paint. Of course, there was a reddish brown paint called Spanish Brown that was red clay in linseed oil was also used on ships found in 18th century contracts. But mostly in the merchant service.
  9. Of course I knew what you meant Alan. Silly algorithms......... Wonderful spreadsheet. Of course, as you make your blocks, if you can tell the difference from a 8" from a 9" block at 1/64 scale you are a better man than I. 😅
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