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  1. Hi Just an update on my hunt for some replacement plans... Well, I persisted and after emailing AL in Spanish which I thought was impossible they have responded and I now have a brand new set of plans in PDF format. Thanks Artisania, also thanks Martin I found a few things that I'll change in the course of the build to create a more authentic model, due to the extra research that you prompted me to do. Cheers Bazz
  2. Thanks Martin I hadn't thought of going down that path, I'll have a look Cheers Bazz
  3. Hi I am currently building Artisania Latina’s Cutty Sark, I have had the model for years but finally got into it about 6-8 months ago, now after investing a significant amount of time, disaster has struck….. My set of plans and instructions have been mostly destroyed in a freak accident - “BUMMER” Now, I must be honest here, I was already on a quest to obtain a new set because I found the original set vague, misleading and anatomically incorrect, to say the least, 16 pages of instructions for this model, and 11 of them are parts list :-( I have most of the CS books and have spent hours on you tube, and great resources like this site, but I have to ask……… Can anyone suggest where I could get a current set of instructions and kit plans?????? My local distributor for AL came up blank! At the time of sending this, “my close personal friends” at Artisania Latina have failed to respond to my email… Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks Bazz
  4. Hi I just found this post and I got to say that I'm re-inspired, your work is perfect for me .......... I'll explain, 10 years (or so ) ago I bought this very same model , as I like the history of the CS. The model has sat on the shelf until we bought a house with a room which become dedicated to finishing the model. The original plans leave a lot to be desired, so now I can see some of the issues I had and how you have resolved them, thanks for posting your work. Cheers Bazz
  5. WOW!!!! I am in the very early stages of my own Cutty Sark build, trying to meet all challenges head on Thanks for sharing your build it's a great looking ship and very inspirational Cheers Bazz